One shots are like one night stands. They're all the fun without the strings attached.

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even if you find this read LAME

"Lucy, I think it's time."

I stuffed a spoonful of frozen yogurt in my mouth, savoring the lingering tang and sweet coolness as it slid down my throat.

"Time for what?" I gurgled.

Angelica gave me an "are you kidding me" look. "Don't play dumb, Lu."

I looked at her seriously. "I'm not." I pointed my spoon accusingly at her. "And I don't appreciate you calling me dumb, indirectly or not."

Angelica, who was unfortunately my best friend, and I were lounging around on top of her car at the local skate park watching random guys perform amateur tricks on intimidating-looking ramps. I swear, my heart stopped a couple of times when some kids fell off their boards and laid unconscious. Boys and their excessive need to put their lives in jeopardy for no apparent reasons. Disgraceful.

"I'm not calling you dumb, per say," Angelica said, twirling a corkscrew blonde curl around her finger. "I'm calling your actions dumb."

"Okay, now that doesn't make sense," I said bemused. "Actions aren't living things. How could they be deemed stupid? Besides, actions are reflected on the being who acted—"

"Okay, okay, I called you stupid. Happy?"

"Now that is just ludicrous. Why in the world would I be happy?" I frowned.

"Let's just drop this, alright?" Angelica said exasperated. "Damn. Must you overanalyze everything I say to you?"

"Of course," I stated as-a-matter-of-factly. "Anything coming out of your mouth is questionable."


"Are you calling me stupid now?"

I chortled unattractively. "Relax, dear. Nothing you need to take offense to. You called me stupid first anyway."

"Whatever," she said in a brat-like manner. "Holy shit, why is it so damn hot?"

"You should've gotten frozen yogurt like I did before we stopped here," I pointed out. "And don't say holy shit. Shit's not holy."

"Oh shove it. Just because you have this really cute bob cut with flawless side bangs doesn't mean you gotta hate on me, okay?

"Wait a second. How did the topic switched to my hair?" I took another bite of yogurt before answering. "And you're hating just because I'm exotic."

"Honey, you're not exotic. You're a nerd," she said inspecting her nails distractedly.

"That is such a stereotype. Not all Asians are nerds," I snorted. "If you met my aunt in Vietnam, you would know. And don't get me started on the blonde jokes."

She tossed her bountiful golden curls over her shoulder and scoffed. "Well, at least then I'll admit that blonde stereotypes are true."

"Maybe for you," I snorted. "Anyway what were you saying earlier before we went off topic?"


"Now look at what you've done, Lu. You upped and made me forget what I was going to tell you."

"Oh please. You're blonde. Put the pieces together. Do they make sense?" I slapped my hand to my forehead. "Of course they don't. Okay, Angie, I'm going to explain this to you slowly…"

She backhanded my boob. "I remember now!" she exclaimed.

"Fire away before you forget again," I sniffed, rubbing my sore chest area. "Bitch," I added super quietly.

She ignored me, but a wicked grin spread on her face. "It is time," she said, refreshing my memory of what she said a couple minutes earlier.

"Time for what?"

"Our weekly dare, that's what," she smirked evilly.

I groaned, not bothering to hide my frustration.

This tradition of ours (more hers than mine, really) started last year in our sophomore year. Angelica was always the outspoken flirt who got any guy she wanted if she tried hard enough. And I was the prude who thought studying and school was the most important thing in the world. Even though I was a nerd back then (and still am), she thought I was one of the prettiest girls she's ever seen. Therefore, it was puzzling to her that I haven't had a boyfriend. In like, ever.


She came up with the dare idea to get me to "open up and show them boys what they're missing out on".

She says she's looking out for my best interests, but I think she has a sick pleasure of watching me humiliate myself in front of the opposite sex.

"Noooo," I whined. "No more! I am sick and tired of this crap like no other! Have mercy on me!"

"No way! I'm not going to give up until you land yourself a boy toy," she declared.

"I don't want a boy toy," I griped moodily. "Boy toys are boring. Reading is funner."

"Now that is just nonsense, you self-admitted lesbian," she snapped. "And 'funner' is not a word. I know that, and I'm blonde."


"My point exactly. Now, what you have to do toda—"

"NO. I am done with your sick games and your obsessive desire for me to be romped by a total stranger!" I argued.

"Who said anything about romping?" Angelica said confused. "Unless, you want it..."

I threw my now empty yogurt cup at her face. She slapped it away just before it impacted with her eye and glared at me.

"Besides, what I'm about to tell is way milder than what you're thinking. I promise," she assured me.

I doubted it. When you've known Angelica for as long as I have, you'll know what I'm talking about.

"You gotta kiss somebody at this skate park."

"You said something about romping, right? You know, I think I'll take you up on that offer."

I am sixteen and never have been kissed. That's why I'm freaking out, 'cause you know, I don't know what to do. I always thought it was just lip-to-lip contact, you know? All simple. Until I heard about the technique of tongue and my simple logic flew out the window and crashed into my mother's mint garden.

At least I knew what to do when it came to sex. I think.

Angelica gave me a saccharine smile, overly sweet and obviously fake, and ignored me. "See that brunette over there?" she asked, pointing her red fingernail. "The one with the shaggy brown hair and dark eyes?"

With eyes still narrowed, I looked at where she was pointing. "Yeah, the one laughing pretty attractively?"

What? He was.

Angelica sighed beside me. "Yes, and lucky for me, I call dibs."

"What?" I uttered unintelligently. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," she said, "that he's off limits to this dare because I called dibs. Therefore, you have to kiss his friend."

"Friend? What friend?" My eyes peered to the figure sitting with his elbows propped next to the pretty boy brunette. My eyes bulged out of my sockets. I think my eyes may've have exploded. Or something.

"So," Angelica smirked widely, "like what you see, Lu?"

NO! my mind screamed.

I liked guys who had disheveled sex hair. This guy sported a buzz cut.

I liked guys who were piercing free. This guy had an eyebrow piercing, a ring in one of his nostrils, two hoops on opposite ends of his bottom lip, and black gauges in ears which were large enough to put my pinky though. And I'll bet he has a silver ball on top of his tongue.

I liked guys who had flawless, clear skin. This guy carpeted himself with tattoos.

I liked guys who were somewhat built. This guy…never mind.

So you see my dilemma. I can't even stand near this fella simply because I have high standards, and he didn't meet any of them. Except for one, but that doesn't count.

"NO!" I finally voiced my thoughts. "Are you CRAZY? And that's a rhetorical question so don't bother answering it!"

"Oh, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy," Angelica chanted calmly, almost as if she knew I would react like this. "We're going on a different train track this time. You know, change of scenery?"


"Well, I'm getting bored! All I've done so far was try to get you to flirt with the generic American boy, and they all end up the same. They're all duds!"


"And besides! This guy's not so bad-looking if you get past the tattoos and snakebites."


"Lips piercings, dear, no need to worry," she assured me, looking a bit concerned at my outburst. "Look on the bright side, Lu. He's got great arms! I know you're a sucker for nice arms."

"…he does have nice arms…"

"Then what are you waiting for, tiger? Go kiss him, Lucy!"

And with that, she pushed me off her car and shooed me away menacingly with her car keys. I cringed. If you were ever stabbed by her car keys, you would understand my pain. Therefore, I had no choice but to face with the challenge she's thrust upon me.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, I crossed my arms in an attempt to cover myself (which was ridiculous because I wore a green v-neck that didn't even plunge that low and khaki Bermuda shorts that went past my knees). I glanced back at my best friend pleadingly, but she was still waving her keys manically in my direction. I sighed solemnly.

Stupid Angelica and her stupid bets and stupid me for being a damn prude.

Shaking my black fringe out of my eyes, I marched up to the group of boys as a sudden surge of adrenaline numbed my limbs. My arms uncrossed themselves, my non-existent chest stood out proudly, and my long naturally tanned legs advanced with a strong sense of dignity. These boys will never know what hit them. Hell, I don't even know what's going on.

Pretty boy brunette noticed my advancement and raised his eyebrows, curious. His companions mimicked his actions, including the boy I targeted. Up close, I saw that his eyes were a lovely shade of hazel.

I clenched my jaw in determination and strode the final paces with a hint of haste. When I got close enough, I plopped myself down on his lap, straddling his narrow waist. His eyes widened in shock before my hand reached the back of his head and pulled it into mine.

Ow. I think I might've pulled too hard.

When I got over my momentary pain, his lips actually felt kind of nice, so my hands started gripping his hair to make him stay-put. Then I realized that he barely had hair (it still felt really nice though, all fuzzy and stuff) so I gripped his head in my hands instead. The blissful and immobile kiss didn't last as long as I would've liked though. Because he started responding back.

His rough hands gripped my waist gently, giving it a slight squeeze, before they started trailing slowly under my shirt. His hot hand on my warm bare skin felt unpleasantly delightful. He moved his lips urgently against mine, and since I didn't anticipated this action, my mouth opened. And his tongue slipped inside.

Crap! Tongue!

I pulled away from him sharply, breathing heavily. Staring at his face, I noticed that he was also breathing pretty intensely. His cheeks were flushed from exertion, and his eyes were half-lidded with desire. I also noticed that he was pretty cute if I got over his piercings and tattoos.

Crap! I made a fool out of myself with a cute guy!

I chuckled nervously before leaping up from his lap and ran towards Angelica. She stared at me with her jaw dropped opened, as if I was bathed in new light. I climbed into her car and screamed at her to drive away as far as possible. And when she finally drove (after she got over the shock that I basically made out with a guy I would never touch), I couldn't stop myself from glancing back at the skate park.

I found him standing in the middle of the parking lot, scratching his head and looking adorably confused. I suddenly felt like jumping out of Angelica's red Volvo to run back to him (even if she's driving at 40 mph). I shook my head at the thought and returned my attention to the road in front of me.

My fingers reached up to touch my lips absentmindedly, and I couldn't help but remember the feel of a certain metal ball.


I sighed.

It was a Friday night. Angelica was out partying and decided not to drag me along (she thought it was time I had a "break"), so I resolved to take up an extra shift at the local ice cream joint. But if I had known that the night was going to be this uneventful, I might've considered on crashing that party with Angelica. Rats. I glanced at the clock and cursed in gibberish under my breath. I still had two more hours to kill before I could go home and drop dead. Not literally of course. I want to live to go to college.

I grabbed the nearby rag and resorted to wiping the counters again. I thought that the mindless circle-like motions would occupy my mind and entertain me in some lame way.

It's been two and a half weeks since I last stepped foot in a particular skate park. And honestly, I couldn't stop thinking about a certain tattooed boy and how he had ridiculously soft lips. Or how rough and hot his hands were when he trailed them up my sides. I shivered. Imagining his intimate touch made me kind of ticklish.

Oh shucks. I sound like I'm in love or something. Which I'm not of course. I mean, why would I be, you know? So, I kissed a boy. A really good-looking multi-pierced and tattoo-covered boy. And so what if I kind of liked it, you know? It doesn't mean anything. And my mom would freak if I ever bring this type of guy home anyway.

I muttered more incoherent gibberish nonsense under my breath. What. The. Heck! Why in the world was I thinking about bringing a boy who looks like a legitimate delinquent home? I must be going crazy. Or maybe I'm just sex-starved, like Angelica said. Ew.

I shook my head. Nope. Definitely not in love or like, for that matter. My body is just finally going through one of those strange, hormonal, teenage stages. It has nothing to do with the boy with the pretty hazel eyes or the fact that I might have an interest in him.

Damn it! I'm just going around in circles.

I think I need whipped cream.

I grabbed a nearby can and started shaking it. I sighed again before opening my mouth and swirled a generous amount in it.

I heard the entrance doorbell jingle and out of reflex, spat out the wasted dairy cream. When I looked up, I choked on the remaining cream that was still in my mouth.

I quickly cleaned up my mess (and my face) as I heard more footsteps piling into the ice cream shop. Just when I decided to revel in the peaceful inactivity, customers decide to show up. And not just any customers.

Sweet, beautiful, merciful Mother Theresa. It was the same gang from that fateful day.

Having heard the bell from the door, my manager, Rachel, yelled from the office. "You got it, Lucy?"


"Good. Glee just came on. I hope you don't mind."

I started to protest but one of the guys interrupted me.

"Do you guys have those waffle bowl thingies?"

With my fingers, I rearranged my face into a mask of complete professionalism. I turned around and greeted him with a smile.

"Why yes, we sure do! We have plain, chocolate-dipped, or chocolate-dipped with sprinkles. What would you like?"

Faint snickers rang in the background, but I ignored them. Tried to anyway. Instead, I focused my attention on the boy in front of me. All of my attention. He stared back at me oddly, as if I was creepy or something.

"Uh, I'll take the sprinkles with the Mud Pie ice cream, I guess," he decided, still staring at me uncertainly.

"Yum! I'll get that ready for you!" I chirped. I promptly turned around and slapped myself.

WTF. Yum? Even Angelica would be disappointed in me.

After I handed the frozen treat to the boy who was still staring at me awkwardly, I made a turn to escape to the bathroom as if the world hated me or something.

"Do I know you?"

I was going to ignore him, but you know, his voice sounded so kind and warming. I just had to turn around.

Oh dear.

I squeaked and spun around, standing as still as I did that one time when I encountered a bear while camping with Angelica's family. I heard the special employee's swing door swish back and forth as a pair of feet approached me from behind. A rough hand lightly gripped my shoulder and slowly turned me around. I squeezed my eyes shut.

I peeked through one of my eyelids, but seeing how I can't see well while squinting (I may be Asian, mind you, but my eyes aren't that small. Really.), I slowly peeled back my eyelids. Golden hazel eyes stared back. And before I knew it, my face was buried in his, our lips fused together.

Cat calls and hoots erupted in the small shop. And unlike the usual me, I didn't care. I was kissing Tattoo Man again! That's why I didn't care.

Lost in the moment, I moved my lips against his while wrapping my arms around his neck. Tattoo Man lifted me by the waist and wrapped my legs around his torso. If I had been in my right mind, I would've done something about my shameless position. But I wasn't, so I didn't do anything about it. Except maybe hold on tighter.

He pried my mouth open with subtle flicks of his tongue and gentle mouth nudging. His warm tongue darted in. His arms held on to my waist tightly in case I decided to run away like the last time. And I was right about my assumption. He did have a metal ball punctured through his tongue.

He ran it slowly and delectably along the roof of my mouth before tasting my own tongue. I hesitantly prodded my own tongue between his lips to explore the depth of his cavity. When I stroked my tongue slowly over his, feeling the unexpected smooth bump of his tongue ring, I shivered. The feel of his metal was strangely erotic and made my insides turn to mush. We both pulled away to breathe. I leaned forward to rest my forehead against his, and he propped my body on the counter with my legs still wrapped around him. He pulled back to look at my disheveled appearace: my flushed, rosy cheeks; my bruised, cherry-colored lips; and my short hair which had random layers sticking out.

He gave a quick lick to his thumb before trailing it slowly along my jawline. Smirking, he returned his thumb to his mouth and sucked. I swallowed, realizing that I didn't wipe my face as well as I thought I had.

"I'm Sloane," he said finally. "And you are a terrible kisser."