Out of Reach

I love you so
But it's hating me
It's like dying of thirst
When you're surrounded by the sea

I dream of you
But toss and turn
It's like trying to tan
When you know you'll only burn

Why did I dig in so deep?
I'm a fool to let myself think
You were just within my reach

I know the truth
But hide inside a lie
It's like painting a tee
Without a single drop of dye

My feet are aching
And I try to sprint
It's like planning a heist
Without the blueprints

Why did I dig in so deep?
But who am I kidding?
I fooled myself into thinking
You were just within my reach

My heart is bent in woes
And it kills to dream of close
When I can clearly see
You are far out of my reach

This is one of the oldies (maybe goodies?) from years ago. I think I posted it before (but then got rid of everything including my account), so if you've seen it, I apologize. If not, I hope you enjoy. :)