1. This story contains mxm content (*gasp*) so if that's not your thing steer clear. It's rated accordingly. You have been warned.

2. This story, involves prostitution, self-harm and abuse. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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4. Contains some instances of strong language & some very messed up clients ;)



I'd learnt at a very young age that pain is far more bearable when you found pleasure in it. So as the aristocrat dripped hot, crimson wax on my belly, I found it hard to constrain my writhing, moans of ecstasy falling unbridled from my freshly rouged lips.

"That's it, Cookie, moan for me." The lord leaned over, tugging on the chain linking my pierced nipples. I moaned louder at the sweet pain.

"Beg for me." He growled.

"Oh God please! Please Lord Damien, give me more!"

"You want me baby? You want my cock in you?" He hummed, pressing his lips to my sweat slicked neck.

"Yes, in me!" My moan turned into a scream as he plunged in deep, with no preparation, thrusting deep. He set a torturously slow pace, sliding out gently, leaving me clenching as hard as I could around him, in the hope he'd fill me again.

"This OK for you honey?" He purred, leisurely sinking back into me.

I whimpered, shaking my head slightly, my eyes begging.

"What was that?"

"M-more. Fuck me harder, master Damien!" He growled, satisfied before ramping up the pace of his thrusts, beating himself against me as he hammered away at my insides. I groaned, tipping my head back into the pillows, tightening my grip around the chains of the cuffs attaching me to the headboard as I arched my back in pleasure. His breath was ragged above me, and my own came in rapid pants.

His thrusts became more erratic, and he shivered against me with each harsh thrust, finally shuddering as he emptied himself into me, a splash of heat against me insides.

He lay over me, still for a while, before I whimpered, intently aware that my own orgasm had not been reached. He grinned at me, reaching up to tug at the chain connecting my nipples once more. The combination of the harsh pain and sweet pleasure quickly pushed me over the edge, and I coated his hand in my own creamy seed.

Sated, I sank into the plush mattress, licking halfheartedly at the hand he raised for me to clean. He pulled out of me eventually, undoing the handcuffs so I could be sat on his lap while he fed me grapes from their dish on the side table.

"Hmmm that was fun, Cookie." He smiled lazily at me, popping the last of the grapes between my lips. "I think you deserve a treat."

"You always leave the best tips." I smiled.

"Well, I can't have my favourite whore in town losing his place at the top now can I?" He grinned, pressing his lips to mine before leaving the room, replaced by a trio of servants who hurried around the room, changing the seats, restocking the grapes and wax pot and blowing out the candles and incense sat in holders about the room. I grabbed my long silk kimono from where it had fallen earlier and wrapped it around me, heading for the bathing chamber. There were three more of Gilvani's whores there when I arrived.

"Cookie!" Squealed Dove, throwing herself into me arms as I stepped naked into the water. I smiled, spinning her around.

"Hey pretty lady! How was your night?"

"Same old, same old, the usual list of regulars. Broke in a new client, first time at a whore house, let alone Gilvani's. Sweet enough, little too much foreplay in my opinion but, they've got to start somewhere y'know? How were you, Mr. Highflier? I don't know how you cope, number of men you entertain! Longest shift in the entire place and you still get the best tips!"

"Nah, it's not that hard, it's just training and a pretty face. Plus they like you young, that's why I leave you behind on takings, dinosaur!"

She gave me an evil look, smacking me around the back of my head. Then her expression grew somber. "I've always thought you were too young for a place like this. You're still just a babe."

I sighed, turning away and starting to clean the remnants of clients off my skin. I wasn't stupid. I knew fourteen was a very young age to be the most popular and famous whore in the country, but it was all I'd ever known. My family sold me to Horatio Gilvani when I was too young to remember any life before, including my previous identity. I had taken on the whore-name Gilvani had given me as my own -'Cookie' short and sweet. Pun intended. My training had begun at the tender age of four, my first customer visiting five months later. I'd had a steady stream of visitors ever since. My long red hair and over-large green eyes set into a small, pretty porcelain face and my small, lithe body attracted men like a plague. I'd learnt to enjoy it. It was all I had ever know and I never wished for any different. I was content to live out my days here, until my body would no longer sell.

An assistant broke my stupor, slamming the door and warning us there was little more than half an hour before lights out. The four of us clambered out of the steaming bathing pool, wrapping the thin white cotton bath robes around us before moving towards the door. The assistant reached out a hand, flattening her palm against my chest.

"Not you, Cookie. The master wants to speak with you."

...To Be Continued...

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