I hope everyone enjoys this oneshot collection. All of the little oneshots center around Blake and Lex. This story isn't meant to be realistic towards mafia life, as I have no idea how the life of a mafia guy works.. Enjoy!

The man lay in the middle of the floor, shuddering from pain. Blood wet his hair and his face and he lifted his head slowly to look at the door as it opened. Two men walked in. The second man held his attention as he entered the room, dark shoes clicking loudly against the tiles. He removed his dark suit jacket and draped it over the back of the wooden chair that sat in front of him, before taking a seat. Blonde hair obscured one of his eyes from sight, but the eye he could see was blue and cold like steel. He held up a pale hand and the first man handed him a file from his briefcase. He opened it and looked over the pages inside, before stopping and smiling, looking up.

"So Jerry, your blood type is AB negative right?" He asked, voice slicing the air like a blade. Jerry flinched and nodded, not trusting his bitten tongue to speak. "That's good. Do you know the going rate for a healthy liver of that blood type Jerry?" The man handed the file back to the first man, who accepted it and slid it back into his briefcase. He shook his head as his insides turned to ice. "What about a kidney?" He shook his head again, eyes wide. "Well let me tell you this. Those lovely organs of yours are going to pay off your debt today. Unfortunately with all the money you owe is you won't be able to keep any of them." Jerry's eyes widened and he struggled to speak. "Don't worry. You'll be dead before they take them from you. They cost less if they get… damaged." He stood and walked towards the door and the first man picked up the suit jacket with slender fingers.

"Please… Don't do this." He begged, voice hoarse from screaming. The man stopped, turning his face to look at him with a cold amused smile.

"Don't beg for your life. Not from me." He said, taking the jacket from the other man. "The decision has already been made. Begging will do nothing but waste your breath. Take care of it Blake." With that he left Jerry in the room with the pale slender man with the briefcase. He reached into the briefcase and pulled out a sleek black handgun. The slender man pressed it to his temple, eyes emotionless behind his rectangular framed black glasses.

"Do you need a moment to pray?" He asked. "Just say so." Jerry squeezed his eyes shut and prayed softly. When he was done he heard the click of the safety of the gun. Then it was over. Jerry's body fell to the floor as the empty bullet casing rolled across the floor, smearing blood in its wake. Blake picked up the casing and the bullet, ears ringing from the noise of the gunshot, before lying Jerry on his back and closing his eyes. "Rest in peace, you poor soul."

Blake closed the door behind him and walked over to Lex. Lex's cold expression had vanished, as it always did when there wasn't anyone else around. Blake felt his heart flutter at the sight.

"He's dead?" Lex asked, putting his coat on. Blake gave a small smile.

"Yes boss." He replied. "I put him out of his misery quickly and the others went in to get him ready for organ removal." Lex smiled as they excited the building. A sleek black car was sitting by the curb, and Lex gave it an appreciative once over as they walked by.

"I should get one like that." He said with a smile. "But it might make my occupation a little too obvious." Blake nodded in agreement as they climbed arrived at a blue sedan. "This car certainly is a buzz kill."

"But it does decrease the probability of someone attacking you while we're out." Blake put in. "No one would expect you to drive this." Lex shrugged.

"What else is on my schedule today Blake?" He asked as they climbed in the car. Blake pulled out his notebook as Lex started the engine.

"You have a meeting with the men from the East side at 3 and a coffee break at 4:30 before you head home for that dinner at 6 with your business partners. Hunter will be done at the groomer at 4:45 so you can get him on the way home." Blake read. "I already called the caterer and double checked that everything is prepared and the food will be dropped off at 5 while the set up for the dinner starts. The cake should already be dropped off around 4:30." Lex smiled as they pulled away from the curb. He slid one hand over and rubbed Blake's knee.

"What would I do without you?" He asked Blake, who smiled shyly.

"You would get along fine Boss. You're more than capable." He said softly, putting away the notebook. "May I turn on the radio?" Lex nodded and Blake turned the knobs, stations flickering by like candlelight. He finally settled on a jazz station, smiling faintly and looking back out the window. When Lex looked over again, he noticed a blood splatter on his assistant's cheekbone. It was hard to picture his shy blushing assistant as a cold blooded killer. He grabbed his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the blood off of Blake's face gently. When Blake blinked his big blue eyes at him, he only smiled in return. Blake's cheeks flushed and he covered the spot with one hand. From emotionless killer to adorable lackey to blushing virgin.

What an odd man his assistant was….

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