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Dr. Mortimer let himself into Lex's house as usual, punching in the security code with swift fingers. Usually Blake called about Lex being injured, panicking while Lex shouted at him to stop freaking out. When Lex had been on the other line he had dropped everything and headed straight there. Blake was a very sweet man, and Mortimer often found himself thinking what a shame it was that he ended up in this life instead of another one. If he was injured enough for Lex to call without Blake intercepting him like last time, it must be serious. He strode up the stairs into the guest room at direction from the guards, stopping in the doorway for a moment.

Blake was lying in the bed, poorly bandaged and covered in blood. His face was pale and he was unconscious, breathing shallowly. Lex was kneeling next to him, face a mask of anguish. His clothes were covered in blood as well, and it was clear he had carried Blake up the stairs and tried to wrap his wounds.

"You listen to me! You aren't allowed to die on me!" He hissed, staring at Blake with horror. "Not after everything we've been through! I love you…."

"If only he was awake to hear that." Mortimer said, arriving next to the bed and getting out his instruments. Lex looked up sharply. "Do me a favor, tell him that when he wakes up. I'm sick of watching the two of you dance around each other like school children." He handed his phone to Lex. "Call Anna and tell her to bring B positive blood for Blake. He's going to need a transfusion." Lex nodded, making the call, one hand holding onto Blake's so tightly the color drained from his knuckles.

Aaron carried the clean bandages up stairs at Mortimer's orders, glad that Blake was alright. Everyone who worked under Lex could clearly see the way the slender man affected him. Before Blake was hired on, Lex was the angriest man Aaron had ever seen. He took his rage out on anyone who did anything slightly wrong, usually Aaron and his fellow guards and the maids at the house. Blake had made him into a new man, and ever since Lex had carried him in covered in blood the employees had been silently fretting. Aaron peered into the open doorway of the guest bedroom, smiling at what he saw.

Lex was lying next to Blake as the blood transfusion worked. He was gently stroking Blake's cheek with the back of his fingers, eyes tender. Blake looked worlds better after the Doctor had come, and he allowed himself to sigh in relief. The sound drew Lex's attention and Aaron carried in the supplies, putting them next to Lex on the bedside table.

"These are for when he wakes up." Aaron said. "Mortimer says he'll be back in the morning to check in on him, and that he should rest for at least three days. A week would be best but we all know how well that will work with Blake."

"Thank you." Lex said, returning his attention to Blake. Aaron smiled again and left the room. The maids were going to love this….

Lex was dozing when Blake began to stir. He sat up and watched Blake shift, before his eyes fluttered open. Relief and joy flooded him.

"Blake, how are you feeling?" He asked, leaning in closer. Blake smiled sleepily at him.

"'M fine…." He murmured.

"Thank goodness-" Lex said, stopping when Blake reached up and put a hand on his face; before he leaned up and kissed him deeply. When Blake pulled away Lex dove forward, kissing him again. Blake shivered as Lex's tongue slid across his, toes curling. Lex pulled away, panting, and looked down at Blake. He smiled again, face flushed adorably.

"I love dreams like these." He said. Lex stopped, blinking in shock.

"Dream? This isn't a dream Blake." Lex said with a smile. Blake laughed gently, eyes fluttering closed.

"It has to be…" He murmured, before closing his eyes all the way and snuggling back into the pillows. Lex tucked him in with a sigh. It was time to talk about their feelings… This had gone on long enough.

Blake woke up lying in a warm bed, tucked in. He barely remembered being captured and tortured, and passing out as Lex carried him to the car. As he looked around, he realized he was lying in Lex's room, bandaged and stitched in all the right places. That means he was most likely unconscious for at least 12 hours, with the time it took to call the doctor and get him home. Sitting up slowly, sharp pain lanced through him and he winced.

"Damn it Blake!" Lex's voice startled him and he glanced up as Lex walked into the room, rolling up his sleeves. "You were just tortured yesterday, can't you just lie down?" Blake winced again, lowering himself back down onto the bed.

"Sorry Boss." He said softly. Lex sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"No I'm sorry I shouldn't snap at you." Lex said. "It's just…. You were so close-" He halted the sentence and shook off a tormented look. "Blake…. I'm sorry. This is my fault."

"No!" Blake sat up swiftly again, face draining of color as pain tore into him. "Boss… This isn't your fault… I should've been more prepared." Lex grabbed his chin and leaned in close to him.

"It's my job to protect you." He whispered. "And I failed at that after everything you do for me. What kind of boss does that?" Blake's eyes became wet at the sight of Lex's somber face.

"Boss… Please don't blame yourself… I-I love you…" He said softly. Lex's eyes met his and he realized what had just slipped from his mouth, again. He slapped both hands over his mouth.

"Say it again." Lex said, eyes intense. Blake shook his head and Lex pried his hands off of his face. "Say it Blake." He took a breath and looked into Lex's steel blue eyes.

"I love you." He said, blue eyes intense. Lex smiled and leaned forward, capturing Blake's lips in a gentle kiss. Blake's heart slammed into his ribs, trying its best to get as close to Lex as possible as he returned the kiss.

"I love you to." Lex whispered against his lips. "And I'm an idiot for not telling you sooner…" Blake smiled, leaning forward again but stopping as pain made itself known again. Lex gently laid him down, brushing hair away from his face. "Lay down. Mortimer will be here soon, we can kiss when you're better."

"Is that bribery Boss?" Blake asked. Lex frowned at him.

"No more of that Boss stuff. If we're going to be together than you should call me Lex." He said, taking Blake's hand.

"Okay…. Lex…." He felt his face flush a shade that would no doubt put anything red to shame. Lex chuckled and leaned his forehead against Blake's, feeling content to the root of his bones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three days of peace had passed when Lex got the call. He was snuggled with Blake in bed, since it was the only way he could stop the other man from trying to get up and work around the house. Blake was drowning in passionate kisses when the phone rang. Lex continued to kiss him, ignoring the ringing.

"Lex…" He murmured in between kisses. "Lex… Mmm- the phone…"

"It's fine." Lex replied, kissing his jawline. Blake leaned over, wincing slightly as he grabbed the phone. Lex sighed and took it from him, pulling him up against his chest. Glancing at the phone, a sigh escaped him, before he answered it. "Hello Victor…"

"Hello Lex, how's the honeymoon?" The smug victory in his boss' voice met his ears.

"It'd be going better if we weren't getting interrupted." Lex replied wryly. "What's wrong? You never call me."

"It seems a small group within the organization has begun an insurgence. They've killed several higher members and they are headed to your place as we speak. Normally you can handle morons like them, but with Blake in his condition I thought it best for you two to leave and let my men handle it." Victor said. "I wouldn't be opposed to you killing a few of them on your way out however." Lex sat up.

"thanks, will do." He said, hanging up. "Let's go Blake. We've got to get you out of here." Blake sat up slowly, blinking in confusion as Lex buttoned up his shirt.

"What's going on? Victor never calls you at the house." Lex helped him up and headed for the door. "Lex?"

"Nothing that Victor can't handle, just taking some precautions." Lex replied. Blake frowned at him as they reached the landing of the stairs.

"Lex, I'm fine. We don't have to leave or anything." Blake said. "I've healed mostly." Lex shot him a look, opening the garage door.

"Get in the car please." He said, opening the passenger side door for Blake; who sighed and climbed in. When Lex walked around the car, a gun came in the open window and pressed itself to Blake's jaw.

"Get out." A voice ordered. Blake looked around the car through the windows, swiftly assessing the situation. Two other men were in the garage, one of which was struggling with Lex. They didn't seem to have much of a plan worked out, and their teamwork held much to be desired. Whoever was in charge had certainly screwed up, sending these men to take hostages. He turned and looked the man holding the gun to him in the eyes. "I said get out!" He seemed confident, he thought the gun he held was scary. That confidence was his weakness.

"Why don't you come in?" Blake replied, grabbing the man's arm and pulling him into the car partially, slamming a hand into his chin and twisting his arm so he smashed his head on the car roof as Blake pulled him forward. Grabbing his gun after that was easy enough, and Blake opened the door with enough force to send him flying into another car. Blake climbed out past the horribly fired bullets and shot the other two in the head with cold precision, before firing one more shot into the right knee of the man lying on the floor. The man screamed, grabbing his knee and writhing.

"Have I ever told you how hot you look when you do that?" Lex asked, making his way around the car and wrapping one arm around his waist. He kissed his cheek, before kneeling in front of the man on the floor. "You really are an idiot to think you could take Blake, even injured. Now tell us who orchestrated this whole thing, and we won't take you to Malcolm." The man pulled a knife and swung wildly, slashing a wide arch on Lex's chest.

Rage cooled Blake's blood and he shot twice more. Once in the shoulder, and another into the man's other knee. Lex stood up, eyebrows knitted together as he frowned.

"Lex are you okay?" Blake asked, turning him to examine his chest. Lex smiled at him, holding out both arms to show him the shallow cut.

"It's fine. I won't even need stitches." He said. Blake turned to the man on the floor, eyes narrowed. "Why don't we take him to Malcolm? I'm sure he'll be happy to help us get the information we need." Blake nodded, slamming the butt of his gun into the man's skull. He crumpled backwards onto the floor.

Malcolm sat down in his rolling chair as the man stirred, smiling at him.

"Good morning." He said. The man lifted his head, eyes wide. "That's right you little bitch, you failed at what your boss sent you to do. And you're the unlucky man who survived. Now you're going to tell me everything I want to know."

"Or what?" The man asked with a sneer. Just a little bit to show he was serious then…. Malcolm chuckled, shaking his head, before swiftly punching the man in one of his gunshot wounds. He doubled over, gagging with pain.

"I think you get the picture, don't you?" Malcolm asked with a smile. "Now let's get this done swiftly. I've got a hot date and I really don't feel like changing clothes before I head home, but if you're going to be stubborn I can use more efficient methods to get the information I need." He picked up a large hunting knife, twisting it in the light. It usually pushed the squeamish ones over the edge, and it did the trick.

"I'll tell you anything…" The man gasped. Malcolm dropped the knife back onto the tray.

"Isn't that better?" He grinned widely, pleased to not have to get blood on his clothes today.

"Thank you very much for your time." Malcolm said, heading for the door. "Lex will be here in just a moment to take care of the last bit of business."

"W-wait! I told you everything!" The man begged. Malcolm stopped with one hand on the doorknob.

"I know, and maybe if you hadn't threatened Blake he would let you live… But I've always liked Blake and Lex, and frankly I don't think a miserable little shit like you deserves my mercy." Malcolm replied coolly. "Pray or do whatever you need to before he gets in here." He slammed the door behind him, grinning at Blake and Lex in the other room. Blake was smoothing the bandages he had put over the long arching cut on Lex's chest, slapping away Lex's hands occasionally. Lex finally managed to grab Blake's face and said something slowly, before kissing him. Blake's face flushed and he laid his head on Lex's chest, closing his eyes in bliss. "What an adorable couple they are…"

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