Just a note before I begin. I'm not so sure about the tenses I use. Mainly it is past tense, but sometimes the story switches to present tense. I'm sorry if this confuses/bothers anybody. I didn't really see any way to fix it.

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The Glasses Thief

Sometimes it's like the Universe just wants to watch me squirm.

And yes, I have capitalized 'Universe'. Mainly because I believe it to be a single entity that behaves rather like a bully. Now, I'm not turning myself into a victim. I'm just pointing out that the Universe has a cruel sense of humor. Particularly geared towards me.

I mean, what kind of caring and benevolent Universe would want to constantly test my limits like this? Sticking a girl who likes girls in a locker room full of them for the entire school year? The Universe is just a sadistic bastard to me at this point.

"Caaaaseyyy," a voice sang in my ear.

Out of a nervous reaction I've become accustomed to experiencing, I pulled up my jeans, tugged my shirt down, and whirled around to sit on the bench anchored into the lockers behind me before replying.

I cleared my throat. "Yes?"

"You're such a nervous little thing!" Brie laughed. "Every time I say hello, you do that!"

That's because every time she talks to me, she cavorting about in a bra and panties.

"Chalk it up to paranoia," I shrugged, my behavior becoming a bit more normal.

Brie plopped down next to me, crossing one slim leg over the other. As if half-naked conversations were normal. Well, with Brie they were. Growing up in a house full of women made her very comfortable with her body. She brushed her silky-straight blonde hair to the side and stared at me.

"I hate soccer," she sighed. "I always miss the ball."

"Maybe you shouldn't keep playing goalie then," I suggested.

"No way!" she burst. "That would be even worse! I'd get all gross and sweaty."

Brie is not exactly the athletic type.

"You're screwed, then," I laughed.

"Well I'd hate to be you," Brie admitted teasingly. "At least I get to use health class as a cop out for half the year. You're stuck here in gym all sophomore year."

I made a face. Brie took this expression as a challenge and placed her hands on either side of my face, her touch creating a blush along my cheeks. Brie is a very pretty girl, with the type of body everyone drools over. Coupled with the fact I'd fallen for her, and yeah, I was liable to go crazy every time she came close to me. She pulled at my cheeks. It felt as though her aim was to get me to smile.

"What are you doing?" Kiki walked up to us, completely dressed.

Kiki has beautiful chocolate skin and deep, almond-shaped eyes that stare straight into you. She has a bit of a severe personality at times, but she's still got a nice streak. Her no-nonsense tone is refreshing.

"Help me, Kiki!" I pleaded.

"Don't you agree that Casey should smile more?" Brie questioned. Bingo.

"All you white girls ever do is smile," Kiki laughed.

Brie rolled her eyes, taking the joke well. I fought against her and got about two inches off the bench before Brie pulled me back. I happened to land in such a way that her legs were on either side of me and her head was right next to mine. I felt her breath on my ear; I moved my hand and brushed her thigh; my arm squished into one of her breasts. Call it raging teen hormones or whatever, but all I knew in that moment was that I wanted to turn around and kiss her, and have her kiss me back. My skin burned with that want.

You can see why I have such a low opinion of the Universe.

I was just about to give in to the desire when Kiki pulled me away with two strong hands. She plays field hockey. I stumbled a little and got myself together, my back to Brie. I was sure that everything was written on my face.

"Quit messing around," Kiki told Brie. "Bell's gonna ring."

"Oh, right," Brie came to her senses and stood. "Thanks. Bye, guys!"

As she bounced back to her locker, Kiki turned to me. I didn't look at her.

"You like her," she whispered, light as air. Considerate.

"Let's walk outside," I proposed.

She and I grabbed our book bags and left, unconcerned with being marked late.


"How'd you know?" I asked. She understood my line of questioning perfectly.

"Way you looked at her," she answered. "Your gaze was dark and hungry."

Only Kiki could seriously call someone's gaze' dark and hungry' without sounding idiotic or false.

"Not the way you'd look at a friend," I agreed. "So why did you help me out like that? You could've just ignored it. Or offered a half-assed comment for Brie to relax."

"Mistrustful," Kiki smirked. "That's understandable. Then I'll just say I know what it's like to fall for somebody you shouldn't. To find love more painful than pleasurable. I couldn't leave a fellow comrade hanging."

"Comrade?" I repeated skeptically.

"We're both lesbians," she stated, plain as day.

I didn't agree with her verbally. I didn't like saying it outlaid. But it wasn't like I really had to confirm her suspicions.

"It's rare to see a gay black woman."

"But not unheard of."

I stared ahead. We were walking back toward the school now. "So now what?"

"Come to Room 22 after school." I raised my eyebrow, again skeptical. "You'll be glad you did," she assured me.

She snuck back into school first. I went to lie down on a grassy hill for a bit. I needed mental preparation and relaxation before I did anything. Luckily, it was still warm enough outside to do this. If it wasn't, I;m not sure what I would've done. I smelled the sweet and lemony fragrance of the light green blades beneath and around me. The sun sank into my clothes and warmed my skin in a much more comfortable way compared to how it burned around Brie. I closed my eyes and exhaled.

I've never told anyone I'm gay. I just kind of realized it and adapted; keeping it quiet, but not necessarily secret. No one has ever asked, and though the Universe likes to fluster me, I've never been found out. I know I said I don't like labeling myself as a skirt chaser earlier, but I do not reject what I am. I simply have zero experience saying it aloud. How are you supposed to say 'I'm a lesbian'? Casually? Seriously? Laughingly? Off-handedly? I got no idea. So I've simply never tried it.

But alone, in this peaceful state, maybe I could try it out with the grass as my audience.

Casually. "Oh, I'm a lesbian." Seriously. "I'm a lesbian." I sighed, felling silly. "What does it matter if I'm a lesbian? I don't see why I need to state it. Straight people don't go around saying 'I'm straight'! This is stupid."

"Preach it, sister!"

Universe, you have crossed the line. You gotta be fucking kidding me.

I sprung up into a sitting position, snapping my eyes wide open. Heart racing, I swiveled my head to find a surprised blonde staring back at me. She looked like-but she wasn't. She looked like and sounded like her, but she was not Brie. I exhaled and fell back to the earth.

"Don't stop there," she pouted. "You were on a roll."

"It's rude to sneak up on others," I admonished the stranger.

"When I hear someone accepting their lesbianism, I like to offer my support," she replied.

"Don't tell me you're one, too?" I scrutinized.

She flashed me the peace sign. "100%."

"What are the odds," I remarked. She wiggled closer to me.

"I'm Nikki," she introduced herself.

"Casey," I replied. Yay. New friends.

"Why are you skipping?" she asked, stretching her arms past her drawn-up knees. Each of her fingernails were painted a different neon color. Brie would've picked French tips. As I contemplated this, Nikki reached over and pulled my glasses away from my eyes. Her hair spilled over her shoulder, onto me. She drew in a breath, seemingly mesmerized. "They look gold…"

"Yeah?" They were just eyes.

"You shouldn't hide them," she frowned, taking my glasses away. I drew a hand over my features.

"I like my glasses. Please give them back."

She stared down at me hard. Brie's blue eyes were not so searching and deep as Nikki's. "You can see me just fine," she said without hesitation. "These glasses are fake."

"I told you that I liked them," I replied softly, reaching up for my eyewear, "not that I required them."

"I bet you would knock the socks off everybody in school if I kept these," she mused, falling back on her heels. Oh, shit. "So I think I will."

She grabbed her stuff and bolted. "Get the hell back here!" I screamed after her. "Thief!"

Now that had been a Brie move. I should've seen it coming. But I hadn't, so I picked up my things too. At least now I had an excuse for being late, however lame 'I lost my glasses' sounded.

And there's chapter one! I plan on breaking up this story into three parts. I'll post the next one sometime tomorrow, hopefully. Thanks for reading!