Authors Note: This is an original story. I wrote this for english class two years ago and i'm actually really proud with how it turned out. I might add more, might not, any ideas are welcome. Thanks

Greatest Fear


Face to face with my greatest fear. Sitting across the room from a mirror I look at myself. Pathetic. EVERYTHING...Everything caught up with me. I can't hide it anymore, can't hide it under the mask of laughter and not caring. I hid my anger, my steam, ALL of my emotions of life, problems, friends, stress, frustrations, and annoyances under that mask for so long. And for what now? All of it is now unmasked, revealed. Vulnerable. What do I do now? Now that everybody knows...My secrets, my LIFE, everything I haven't let anyone see, sometimes not even letting myself see at times. No one can understand me, not even myself. Nothing could even comfort me or keep me calm anymore except for my dog, Animal. But now, even that, the only thing that could keep me sane, is gone. They're looking for me. I had to run. It was my only choice. The only thing I could do so as to not hurt anyone else that I know. Hopefully I won't hurt anyone, even people I don't know. I can't stand the feeling I have during. I enjoy it. Or one side of me does. The side that takes over. It's the side that beats up the side of me that has all the guilt and self loathing for doing what I did. It's the side I'm trying to get away from...

A noise at the window pulls me out of my trance of self loathing. Ugh, just a stupid tree branch. The original owners of this house, the builders, should really have thought about proper landscaping. I punched through my bedrooms sitting room window and broke the tree branch off and shoved it through the beady eyed squirrel causing all the raucous of the tree branch. Guess I have to fix the window again. And go find some gauze to stop the bleeding of my knuckles. What does it really matter anyway though? I can just let them bleed. No one will see them anyway. If anyone even comes near my house they run away screaming at the front gate. They all still think it's abandoned. The legends about this house…haunted, disappearances, death to whoever steps foot on its grounds. Figures there'd be legends about a gigantic traditional old Victorian house like this. It is beautiful...too bad everyone thinks the legends are true.

That's why I moved in. It's perfect for me to disappear into. No one will bother me anymore. No one will find me here. No one even knows I am here. They have no idea where I went. After Animal died…I left, with nothing to keep me sane. So I moved to a place with solitude, not to mention where I can amuse myself with the people screaming and running away. I can keep myself limited here at least. I can't hurt anybody else anymore, except myself.

Creeeaaak. The front door is open, but why? No one ever comes here, so why is my door open?

"I don't think we should be here", a girls voice said.

"Relax. A bet's a bet and we need that cash sis. Besides, how can we get in trouble? Only 2 people know we're here and no one is hereafter all. It's abandoned and haunted, remember?"

Obviously a guys voice this time, but I have to make them leave! How can I do that though without blowing the fact that someone's living here? I NEED to stay invisible or else bad things will happen.

"Kill them", this voice is one I know. The one I've been trying to avoid by moving here, but now with people here it's back. Back into my head, my thoughts, it's back. It's hissing, controlling, and demonic voice. When it's in my head it won't leave until it gets what it wants. That's what happened every other time.

I move quietly back to my bedroom and shut the door, locking it from the inside. They still don't know I'm here and I plan on them not finding out. Maybe if I go to sleep now, when I wake up, it'll be morning and they'll be gone. That problem will be solved.

"You know it doesn't work that way. You know it'll happen whether you want it to or not. I'm back and I always get what I want. I always do. Remember your wife? Your daughter? And what about your son? You couldn't save them and they were family. It's not your decision on what you get to do or not. You should know that by now. Your father knew. He saved you from himself, but he couldn't save you from me like he wanted to. It's not a matter of wants. I win no matter what. I'll always find a way."

It's right. I wish it wasn't, but it was. I just need to find a way to stop it. Isolation was the only thing I could think of. That way it wouldn't go to anyone else and no one else would die. But these people…why? They're here now and it's back. I can't stop it now. They dug their own grave by coming inside. I don't want to hurt them, but I'm going to end up doing so because they're here and its back.

I need to find a way of restraint. I need to keep it from getting what it wants. I just need to stop it. Stop it from making me kill again. I don't know how I did it so long before. I don't know how I kept it from getting what it wanted for so long before. But even then I failed. It still got what it wanted. It just took longer. It was more agonizing when it happened and I knew that I did it and that it was always going to happen. I just couldn't stop it…I can try to stop it. It won't work. Never does.

Footsteps. Coming up the stairs. This is going to make it harder to control. They're not making it easy on me to save their lives.

The doorknob is rattling. They can't get in. Why don't they try another room?

"Why. Won't. This. Door. Open.?", the boy says in between trying to force the door open.

"Well maybe it's because no one is supposed to be here. Don't you see? It's a sign that we should leave," the girl says.

"Are you still going on about that? What don't you get? This place isn't haunted. This place isn't cursed. It's just a house that has legends to it that apparently people seem to believe."

The door slams open. I had no time to hide. No place to go. No time to think. I didn't have any time to have a chance to control myself. It took over.

But this time, instead of just being a thought in my head telling me what to do, it actually took over. It spoke out of my mouth. It operated my entire body. It took over my mind. It never was like this before. It got stronger since it was gone in my time of isolation.

"You're right. This place isn't haunted and it's not cursed, but your sister is right. You shouldn't be here. You should've started running as soon as you saw me."It's voice came out of my mouth in its demonic way. I couldn't do anything. It's like being a spectator in my own life. It clouds my vision. A haziness. Screaming. Blood. Running.


Where am I? I find I'm strapped to a table with no way to do anything. I see my brother in front of me… lying on the floor slashed open and nonmoving, a pool of blood around him. Tears come to my eyes seeing his distorted body here. Another person comes into view. It's…that guy…from the house… Are we even still in the house? We have to be… What's he saying? I can't hear him. Does he know I can't hear him? He has to know. Why can't I hear him? He seems to be talking to himself. No not talking, arguing. Oh no… Why is he grabbing a toolbox? Pliers come at my mouth. The taste of blood arrives. I try to scream, for help or mercy, just so someone can hear me and save me. No sound comes. I can't even tell if my tongue and teeth are still in mouth. He throws down the pliers and goes back to his toolbox. He seems to be digging around for something in particular. He must've found it because he's now walking towards me smiling with his hand behind his back. He pulls out from behind his back a monkey wrench and in the other hand a sledge hammer. I can't move because of the restriction of being tied down, but I try anyway. Why did this happen to us? What else will he do to me? The same fate as my brother?


Good thing nobody knows anyone lives here. It means nobody will know that there are 2 dead corpses in the basement. Nobody will know that the murder weapons are in the basement either. Good thing no one knows anything. Not even-

Its thoughts are cut off by flashing lights and noises. Sirens. A search team. What are they doing here? No one knows I'm here. Wait…the boy…he said only 2 people knew they were here…SHIT. At least I have control of myself back. For the moment anyways.

What are they going to do once they find the siblings? What about me? What'll happen to me? Is it going to take over again? I don't want to hurt anyone else…and it'll torture me if I have to live with what I've done any longer…I can't do it anymore. Too many people have been hurt by me. But..What'll happen to the voice when I'm gone? Will it do what it did when it made my father kill himself? Will it pass on to the closest living person?

I remember that day…My wife, kids, and I were visiting my parents house for Christmas. It was just too much for him to bare anymore. Too many people were around and it triggered it. It made him lose control…Control that he didn't have much of a handle on to begin with. He could handle it enough as to not kill my mom for years. It just…became loose…it was too hard to handle as it got stronger and made him weaker. He exploded and killed my mom. Then tried to kill the rest of us. He soon got a grip of himself and realized what he'd done. He couldn't live with himself, not anymore, so he killed himself. I walked into the kitchen to see what was going on with him. To make sure that everything was okay and that he had a grip of himself again. I was too late. I couldn't stop him.

A week later I heard it. Got the voice in my head. I knew it was the same one that had had control of my father. I was scared of it. I did everything I could to get it out of my head. Even things I knew wouldn't work because I remember my dad trying them. I just had to try. I failed. I completely failed and I know that now.

"You know what you must do", it's voice slithered in my mind, "It's your only option". "But what about your next victim? I can't leave them behind with YOU." "That's their problem, not yours and you know it."

Arguing in my mind back and forth. I can't win. I know it's right. I know what I must do. It's my only option and I have to do it even though it's selfish. I should've just done this from the very beginning. It would've saved a lot of trouble and a lot of people. I'm sorry.


In the basement lies two bodies. The missing brother and sister lying in pools of their blood. Clothes saturated red. Damage from torture and wounds that easily were identified as cause of death. No motive was obvious. Upstairs, in the bedrooms sitting room lays a note on the chair by the window. It's a note of confession and guilt from the owner of the house. A quick scrawled out crumpled mess of a note. It holds a story on the note. Of his past, his reasons, and his last thoughts. In the bedroom lays the third corpse in the house. Laying there with multiple stab wounds and the cause of death slash across his neck. A peaceful look on his face at long last with the voice of his head officially gone. It got what it wanted again. It always does, always will. I await in silence the week that will pass before the voice arrives. Enjoying all that I can before the evil comes. I wonder...I wonder that if i kill myself now before the voice comes, where it will go.