Authors Note: This is an original story. I wrote this for english class two years ago, we were paired up and were assigned to write a story about the partner after asking them certain questions. I'm actually really surprised with how it turned out. I'm pretty sure it's a little confusing so i might be motivated to add more to it if i get suggestions..i already have a few ideas in my head, but not sure. What do you guys picture? Suggestions welcomed. Enjoy the story.

Artistic Apocalypse

A little boy and a dog play fetch in the creek. An artist stands by with his sketchpad and pencil in hand watching the scene intently. He's shading in the shadows when all of a sudden, "AHHHHHH!", a high pitched shrieking sound blasted his eardrums. It was his brother, the boy screaming at the sight of their dead dog. The dogs' beautiful heterochromia eyes, where glazed over and glass like. While his patchy border collie coat was lying in the mud all wet and muggy. Slowly, a slithering, hissing snake came out from the bush next to the collie. Now, it was the artist that screamed. The snake opened his mouth and started consuming the collie, fortunately for the artist he managed to cover his little brothers eyes in time to save him the sight.

"Can we go home now?" the artists', Jakes', little brother said.

When the brothers got home they were stiff as boards. So much so their mother even said, "Where's that mutt of ours?"

"He's gone..He died," Jake said in a disbelieving, unattached voice.

"He's only 2 he couldn't have possibly died," their mom said, "Not without a reason or an explanation."

"Easy. A snake ate him. He's in its' stomach now," the little brother, Max, said.

"Oh my," their mom was shocked now. I don't think she realized that Jake saw the little smile that had flickered across her face so fast that if you would've blinked you'd have missed it. Their mom went to the grocery store and left the kids alone, while their dad was at work. Jake was so distraught over the loss of his dog he started drawing gray clouds on a black background with rain falling upwards in his sketchpad.

"Crack!" suddenly thunder and lightning burst through the air, an earthquake splits the town in half, and a huge burst of colourful smoke erupted out of nowhere. Jake stayed silent as a mouse as this all happened. The only thing you could hear was his pencil falling to the floor and kids tumbling into the cellar. Jake had grabbed Max and pulled him down the stairs with him as he fell into their basement.

"Ok..we've got to get all the entrances and exits locked and stay down here for a while," Jake said. You can see him thinking to himself as he's doing all of this..I hope he'll listen and understand..he's too young to get all this.. ,"Ok..Listen. This is the apocalypse and all the people that have gotten affected by the eruption of the smoke are now mutants..they can't change that. Their brains have turned to mush and all they can think about is killing. It's most likely that we're not gonna survive and the odds aren't good for that. We've got a gun and little ammo, so we're gonna use it sparingly. Got it?"

"Yep I got it. Now, can I see the gun?" Hesitantly Jake handed him the gun. "Ammo?" Jake froze. What was his brother thinking of doing to the gun that involves ammo besides loading it which we don't need to do for a while?

"What the fuck? Why?" Jake asked in his normal tone. He was trying to act like he didn't know anything about what his brother could be thinking of doing.

"There's no point in trying to survive this thing. We're gonna die just like all the books said we will. Might as well just do it now." Jake was amazed at the fact that he even knew what the apocalypse was, let alone think that they should kill themselves now. "Why not? You even said yourself that our chances of surviving aren't in our favour and that the mutants were gonna get us. I say I'm gonna do it. If you don't want to you don't have to."

"No way is that ever going to happen. I won't let you! I'm gonna have us stay alive as long as we can." Jakes voice was still normal it just got a little mad and a lot more intimidating than usual. "Suicide is never the answer! Now go to sleep!"Jake slept cradling the gun like his teddy bear and using the ammo box as a pillow that night. Just to make sure his brother couldn't get to it.

The next morning, Jake found that his efforts of keeping the mutants and animals out hadn't been successful. Snakes were coiled around in wrists and neck in place of the gun and ammo box. He looked up scared shitless of the snakes and he was horrified at finding that the mutants were circled around him from all sides. Directly behind the mutant in front of him stood his brother, leaning against the opened cellar door smirking and laughing. He was standing on the ammo box with the gun in his hand. The mutants grabbed Jake and started pulling limbs from all sides.

"Ahhh!" Jake was SHRIEKING. His scream was so high-pitched that no one even knew anyone could go that high, let alone a guy. "Pow! Bang! Crack!" amazingly bullets started pouring out of the gun. They didn't seem to be aimed at anyone in particular, but they hit every mutant and my shoulder.

"We're even now. For you breaking my rib when you pulled me down the steps with you," Max said. "I'll see you in limbo."

"You know I don't believe in ghosts and the paranormal!" Jake yelled.

"I know!" Max shouted back, "But you will when you get there!"

Those were his final words to Jake. He had turned the gun on himself and died instantly. "I highly doubt he'll still be in limbo if I do ever get there," Jake muttered to himself. He finished his sentence in his thoughts, if it even exists.

In the end, the apocalypse everyone was so afraid of turned out not to be the end of the world. It just turned out that it was the end of a couple hundred thousand people that thought it was. Jake felt sick after hearing this. He lost his little brother, Max, and his dog because of this apocalypse and it turned out to have been harmless, well except for the mutants. Jake then decided to get his brother cremated and he dumped his ashes on all the great wonders of the world, splitting them, so that he could be everywhere at once and go wherever the weather takes him.

As for Jake. He ended up becoming famous for his art, instead of being the nobody in the art world that he had been. He even started doing more than just sketching and his sculptures are what got him discovered.