SO. with the, writers block. sucky crap.
I haven't been able to write anything. I've been wanting to add onto Disappeared, but I just, had no ideas.
Stupid writers block.
BUT. tonight, one of my facebook friends said something about "was it all a dream, the photo of you and me" and that, got me to this.
It's an odd story like thing. I've never written anything like it, I don't think.
It's strictly M rated, for well... reasons. so, yeah(: Enjoy, lovelys.

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I woke up in a bed.

A bed, that I did not know.

A strangers bed?

I look to my left.

Laying beside me, a shirtless man.

With only boxers on.

Toned abs, gorgeous muscles.

Who is this man?

Do I know him?

Why was he in the bed with me?

I look down at myself.

I only bare a bra and black lace panties.

I flop back onto the bed.

What the hell happened last night?

I ask myself, trying to remember.

After twenty or so minutes.

I sit up in frustration.

Once more, I look over at the half naked gorgeous man.

I get up and walk over to the door, where there hangs a silk robe.

I slip it on, and walk around the room

There's pictures, everywhere.

Of myself, and that man.

Why don't I remember anything?

I start to remember, the night prior.

It was my eighteenth birthday.

I notice there's a ring, a sparkly ring on my wedding finger.

Holy shit. I'm married?

Maybe, engaged.

I turn and look at the passed out hunk in the bed again.

Dear fucking god.

I'm engaged, to THAT gorgeous thing?

Holy shit.

WHY don't I remember any of this?

I walk out of the bedroom, which is still hazy in my memory.

Fucking memory.

I walk down a hall and find myself in a gorgeous, massive bathroom.

Maybe, taking a cold shower will refresh my memory.

I slip the silk robe off, and unhook my bra, then slip off my panties.

Turning on the shower, to full on cold, I step in.

Good lord.

The water's freezing.

But it feels good at the same time.

Fresh icy water, running over my skin.

I close my eyes and picture myself standing under a gorgeous waterfall.

After a while, I decide to turn on some hot water, so I won't freeze.

Still, no regaining memory.

I close my eyes again, just letting the water run over my body, completely closing out reality.

I stand there with my eyes closed, zoned out for who knows how long.

Then, I suddenly feel warm, strong, toned arms wrap around my waist.

I snap out of the trance I was apparently in and my eyes open.

This feels familiar.

I smile as he leans down a slight bit, and whispers in my ear, then kisses my neck.

"Good morning, beautiful. Have a good nights sleep?"

His voice sends chills up my spine.

It's so deep and velvety.

Sexy, to say the least.

I lean up against him.

The warm water running over us both.

He's now leaned up against the shower wall, me leaning up against him.

He slips his big hand into mine and intertwines our fingers, then twirling me around, so I'm facing him.

Our bodies pushed together, both naked.

Never felt so right.

He leaned down and kissed me, with so much passion, it totally blew me away.

The kiss, felt familiar.

Still, I remember nothing.

I kiss him, then look up at him and whisper.

"What, happened last night? Remind me, baby?"

A grin came across his face.

"I figured, you'd ask."

He paused and kissed me.

"It's all in the letter, on the table downstairs. Read it, while I get dressed. For now, live in the moment"

I was puzzled for a moment, but I shrugged it off and took his advice and lived in the moment.

After the, steamy shower, I got out and put my silk robe back on.

He kissed me once more, before walking off to change.

I did as he said and walked downstairs, to the kitchen table.

And low and behold.

There was the letter.

I picked it up and sat down in a chair.

I opened the envelope, then opened the letter slowly.

"My love, I figured, last night was a bit much to remember. Since your whole life totally changed in that one moment. It was the longest, best day of our lives. For one, it was your eighteenth birthday. Your father gave me permission, to ask your hand in marriage. He knew, I meant well, and I honestly meant it when I said I wanted to be with you forever. So, during the full swing of your party, I shut every one up and said I had an announcement. I took you up on the table, got down on one knee and asked you to be mine. Without hesitating, you said yes. I was so very happy. I slipped the ring on your finger, and hugged you tight, picking you up and twirling slightly. After the party, I helped you pack the last of your stuff up into the moving truck. You moved in with me that night. You're going to be mine forever and eternity. Till death, do we part. Now, look up from the letter, and kiss me. I love you."

Tears welled up in my eyes, as I remembered everything perfectly clear.

I set down the letter on the table, and there he was, keeled down right in front of me with a gorgeous sweet smile on his face.

I put my hand on his cheek and kissed him.

He then made me the best breakfast, I've ever had.

When did I get so lucky?

I guess, you could say.

It was fate.