Epilogue: I am Supergirl

So there you have it. That's the story of how I fell in love with the President's son. I bet you were expecting something a little more glamorous, but as you can tell from my story, I'm not exactly a glamorous kind of girl.

Life got a little tamer after that. I recovered after several weeks and this time the president threw a huge ball in my honor. I was even inducted as an honorary member of the Secret Service, which didn't mean much because I still didn't go to their fancy meetings or wear one of their sweet secret earpieces. But I didn't really beat myself up over that.

Predictably, the media jumped all over my selfless and heroic rescue of the man who had allegedly dumped me once before. After everyone found out that we were dating (for real this time) we became the newest celebrity couple. Paparazzi would try and follow us on dates and reporters would call my house nonstop for interviews. But Tyrone got fed up one time when we were out on a date and ended up snapping a paparazzo's camera in half and promised it would happen again if they didn't back off. Needless to say, the media left us alone after that.

Drew, Laney and I finished out our senior year at Xavier with a bang. Literally, because on the last day of school, Drew set off a bunch of firecrackers in the parking lot and nearly got expelled before he officially graduated.

Johnny graduated from Gonzaga as president of the National Honor Society, president of the student council, president of the Foreign Affairs club and valedictorian. Everyone thought that his show of leadership in high school would mean that he would follow in his father's footsteps, but Johnny had no political aspirations whatsoever. Instead, he wanted to major in English Literature and become a high school teacher, and I supported him wholeheartedly in the decision.

As for what college he finally decided on, it came down to my own college decision. I had gotten accepted to all the other design schools I applied to, including NYU. After I chose to go to NYU with Drew (because he got accepted into their political science program), Johnny's decision between Columbia and Cambridge became a no-brainer.

As for Laney, she got accepted to Juiliard (despite all her raging fears), so the terrible trio actually ended up in the same city. In fact, Drew and Laney both decided to start rooming together in their own apartment after their freshman year. And don't tell them I said this or anything because Laney would deny it vehemently and Drew would growl in feigned disgust, but I'm pretty sure they're in love with one another. They just refuse to acknowledge it. But that's a story for another time.

My mother and Cater ended up getting engaged after a year of dating. I came back after the summer of my freshman year of college and they held a small, private ceremony in Laney's backyard. Laney and I were both bridesmaids, Drew and Johnny were both groomsmen and Alana was chosen as the flower girl. And since both their children were in the wedding, the President and his wife took the time out of their busy schedules to attend the wedding. But my favorite wedding guests (aside from my friends, of course) were Mason and Mario, who catered and inadvertently provided the entertainment due to their raucous yelling.

All in all, life was pretty tame. That was, until "the interview." After "the interview," my life got turned upside down once more…

"Miri, Johnny, so great to have you," Matt Lauer grinned at us as he took his seat across from us.

"Great to be here," Johnny said easily. I envied him his composure; he was much more used to the cameras than I was, having practically grown up around them. I, on the other hand, was a sweating, nervous wreck.

"I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with us for a little while," Matt continued with his congenial, newscaster smile. "We know that the two of you are busy, what with being in college and all. Studying, right?" He winked.

We both laughed. "Of course," Johnny said in a virtuous voice. "What else is there to do in college?"

We all laughed some more and Matt dove right into the interview. Most of the questions at the beginning were geared toward Johnny, since he was the president's son and all and it was an election year.

"Has your father's campaign schedule affected you at all?" Matt asked. "Have you been asked to help him campaign?"

"Not really," Johnny said. "My father knows that I'm busy at school, but I do help him when I can. I just do it in little ways. Like when some of the kids in my classes ask me about it, I try and convince them to vote for my dad. I actually think he's been asking Miri for help more than me."

"Is that true?" Matt asked me.

"Oh, uh, yeah," I laughed nervously, but Johnny stroked the back of my knuckles. I looked up at him and saw his reassuring smile, which melted away the majority of my uneasiness. It still wasn't completely gone, though.

"How so?"

"Just designing fliers and buttons and things like that," I shrugged. "It's actually a project for school. When I mentioned to President Hammond that I had to do designs for a mock ad campaign for one of my classes, he suggested that I do the designing for his campaign. My professors thought it was the coolest thing, so I'm actually getting graded for all of it."

"Really?" Matt laughed. "Is that allowed?"

"Yeah. And I'm saving the campaign loads of money because I'm doing it for free."

"So I take it you're good friends with the first family?"

I couldn't help but laugh at the question. "Well when you've saved both of the first children from certain death by wayward motor vehicles, you tend to get pretty close to the their parents."

"I can imagine," Matt chuckled. "And when exactly did the two of you start dating? I know that the timeline between rescuing Alana and rescuing Johnny is kind of mixed up, so if you could clarify that for me…"

Johnny and I exchanged glances. "Uh, well I met Johnny after he came to visit me in the hospital after rescuing Alana," I recounted. "After that we got to be really good friends. Then I saved him and after that we started dating."

"Wow," he said as if he didn't quite believe my over-simplified version of the story. "How do you get from point A to point B?"

"It's a very long and complicated story," Johnny laughed. "And we don't have nearly enough time to give it justice."

Matt sensed that we weren't willing to put our private lives out on the table for the whole world to see, so he respectfully left it alone. "Okay, so a lot of people in America kind of look to you like the ultimate, perfect high-profile couple. How do you feel about that?"

"Uh, well I don't know about high-profile," Johnny grinned at me as he said it. "I like to think we're pretty low-profile."

"Yeah, and perfect's not a really good descriptor either," I added. "Well, not for him, anyway."

Matt laughed and Johnny shot me a long-suffering look.

"Yeah, but um…I guess I just thinks it's a little bizarre," I continued. "But it's kind of funny at the same time. It's like we've got a whole country rooting for us to make it. The support is really awesome."

"It's also humbling to think that people like us together," Johnny added. "Everyday I wonder to myself how I could possibly deserve someone like Miri." He turned to me and grinned and for a second I completely forgot that Matt was even there. "But an entire country thinks I I'm good enough for her, so it's like constant reassurance."

"Tell me a little about that," Matt prodded gently. "What do you mean by not good enough for her?"

Johnny shrugged. "Miri is honestly the best person I've ever met. She doesn't have a mean or bad bone in her body. I mean, heroism aside, she goes around doing good deeds for random strangers. And she volunteers all the time. She'd give her kidney to someone she didn't know if she could. I've never met anyone better than her."

I blushed at his glowing words about me. He'd told me all of this before, but I felt embarrassed every time I heard it.

"I wake up everyday wondering what I could have done to possibly deserve her and what she could possibly see in me. I'm just a normal person and she's…she's like this superhero. I'm just grateful for everyday I get to spend with her."

Unwanted tears started spilling out of my eyes and Matt noticed it immediately.

"How does that make you feel, Miri?"

I laughed as I wiped them away. Johnny was smiling at me with those gentle blue eyes and it made it hard to concentrate on the guy leading the interview. "Well first of all he's crazy if he thinks he's normal. He's the smartest, most attractive man I've ever met and I know there are a million women in the country who agree with me."

Matt chuckled and Johnny scowled. But I continued. "But Johnny's a good person, too. He's gentle and he's so patient with everyone, including me. And he's loyal to a fault. Whenever I'm with him, I feel safe. I feel protected. I never have to worry about anything when I'm with him because I know he'll always be in my corner."

Matt smiled. "Aww! Being in close proximity to such inspiring love makes me feel like I'm a thirteen-year-old girl!"

Johnny and I laughed at that.

The interview continued on a little longer, and the questions covered everything, including more of President Hammond's campaign to Johnny's opinion of the NBA this season. But Matt spent a considerable amount of time on our relationship, especially since we were in college.

"So you go to NYU, correct?" Matt asked me.


"And Johnny," he turned to address my boyfriend, "you're going to Columbia, right?"


"So the two of you really aren't that far from one another."

"No, not at all. We're a couple miles away. We're even living together in the same apartment right now."

"Really?" Matt's eyes lit up and I began fidgeting uncomfortably again. "And how do your parents feel about that?"

Johnny just shrugged. "They understand. Living in New York is expensive and good roommates are hard to come by. It just makes sense for us."

"So the two of you really are making it work." Matt definitely looked impressed. "I guess I'm just so used to the idea that relationships in high school never make it past eighteen, but the two of you are just turning that convention on its head."

"We've never been very conventional," I said and Johnny nodded solemnly in agreement.

"Why do you think your relationship has been so successful so far?"

"Well I think what makes any relationship successful is how a couple grows together," Johnny explained. "Miri and I just grow well together. We make each other better people."

"And do you think you two will be growing together for a long time?"

Johnny shot him a sly smile, one that made me very, very wary. "Funny you should mention that, Matt…"

Oh, God. He had something up his sleeve. I could feel it coming.

He turned to me and took my hands in his. "Miri." He addressed me directly with those damn eyes that he knew I could never say no to. "I love you."

I frowned in confusion. "I love you too, Johnny."

"As you know, we've been together for three years and these three years have been the best of my life. You have been there with me through thick and thin. You're beautiful, you're amazing and you're inspiring. You inspire me everyday to become a better person."

He released one of my hands to reach into the inside pocket of his coat. Then he pulled out a tiny little box and opened it in front of me. I gasped when I saw what was inside.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to spend everyday until I die becoming a better person for you."

I glanced up at Matt Lauer as Johnny got out of his chair and on one knee in front of me. Sure enough the interviewer was grinning broadly and I knew immediately that my rat of a boyfriend had this planned all along.

"Miriam Grace Porter…will you marry me?"

I really didn't know why he thought he had to ask.

"Of course!" I burst out. Tears started to stream out of my eyes again.

Johnny beamed at me and stood from his position to wrap me in his arms.

"You did this on purpose, didn't you?" I demanded when he released me. "You and Matt had this whole thing planned!"

"Well I wanted to make sure you couldn't say no," Johnny grinned as Matt Lauer just laughed. "I mean, what kind of jerk would you be if you turned down the president's son, America's prince on national television?"

But instead of feeling tricked, I felt overwhelmed with joy. And to properly express that joy, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his.

It was the first of many more perfect kisses that we would share, for the rest of our lives.


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