A girl standing with her friends

Who is she?

She looks happy, yet annoyed

Her smile falters

Her eyes drop sullenly

Then a fake smile plasters on her face

No one seems to notice

If they did they didn't say anything

Do they even care about her?

Does anyone?

Why does she act like nothing's wrong?

Does she think that no one can help?

That no one wants to help?

They make jokes about her

She laughs along with them

Then looks away with that look again

And does exactly what she did before

Why doesn't she say anything?

She acts like she doesn't care

But by the look hidden in her face it seems otherwise

Can no one really see that it's just a mask?

That she's just putting on an act?

Laughing and joking is her mask

So how don't they see?

It's not a very strong act being put on

All they have to do is pay attention

But they don't

Do they ever?

Why do they hang out with her?

All they do is make fun of her

And laugh and act like it's alright

It's not alright to do those things all the time

They say that they don't mean it

But then they talk behind her back

Say she's mean

For doing the same thing they're doing

Or say that she's joking back when she talks to them about it

Are they real friends?

Real friends wouldn't be as mean as they are

She's putting on this act

And no one even notices

Real friends would notice

Real friends wouldn't make it worse

Real friends would help

They don't look like real friends

They don't act like real friends

When they try to listen they don't help at all

They complain that she's self-centered

That she's making it up

They pretend to listen

But they don't even try

Don't try to help

Don't try to listen

Don't try to even care

That's not what real friends are

That's not how real friends act

Why do they hang around her then?

Is she just a punching bag for insults?

She doesn't deserve that

No one does

It's unfair

A blow to her self esteem

And an inflation of theirs

It just means that they're lower than people think they are

They're only making it worse for themselves

Which makes it worse for her

And the cycle then continues

Going in a circular motion

Repeating and repeating

Over and over again

Her act is fading

It can't last much longer

What are they going to do?

When they see that she's putting on an act

That she was telling the truth

And that they made it worse?

What will happen?

If something happens that they didn't know would?

That they didn't mean to happen but does?

They will pity her

That's what

They'll be too nice

Accept her back in and watching what they say

They won't be like friends then

They will be like the guilty party trying to clear their conscience

Being the self centered ones

So that they could feel better about what they did

Either way she can't trust them

Not what should be happening between friends

Her opinions matter

Her voice matters

It should be an equal friendship

Not one sided like it's been

How do I know this inside information?

How do I know these people so well?

And about this girl I don't even know?

I ask myself this everyday

When I look at her friends and see it

When I look in the mirror and see myself

I ask who is she?

This girl that I don't know

Who is she?

She's putting on an act from what I can tell

But if I can see it

Why can't anyone else?

Why can't her friends?

My act is fading

My act wasn't strong to begin with

My mask is falling

I can't help it

I'm having trouble staying in hiding

When will my group finally begin to see

That I'm only just wearing a mask

Just putting on an act