Remember all the good times that we've had

Remember all our inside jokes

Remember crashing at each other's pad

And all our facebook pokes

All our IMs and chats

And the funky looking hats

The times at band

All our geeky musical ways

With our instruments in hand

While no one ever plays

There's still more memories to be had

So why is everyone already sad?

What happened to the world that we lived in?

Why are we at a standstill?

Everyone's just sitting

Looking out at the world from behind a windowsill

Our group of friends has always been dysfunctional

But now, no one's even comfortable

We're confused and lost

No more even in friends we trust

But at what cost?

So that no one who can help will be fussed?

Friends will always be there

So why do the needed to be helped act like we don't care?

Friends are the people we can vent to

They don't think we're being self-centered

They are the few people that won't look down on us like we're poo

All we need to do is allow ourselves to be heard

If we do it'll get rid of the frustration and confusion

And we can all start the diffusion

So keep all these moments in your memory

Keep them to make life easier for the future

Remember you, me, and everybody

Remember everything blurry or pure

Times good, sulky, or bad

Times painful, brave, and mad