The walls

Are closing in

On me again

My paranoia

Is taking control

My heart beats faster

And my thoughts

Start to race

As the life

Is being beaten

Out of me

By their



Their hate

I am being

Pushed to

The brink

Of insanity

There is nowhere

Left to run

And nowhere

Left to hide

I can't

Be fearful


I have been


Of the option

To back down

With bloodied knuckles

And open wounds

We all chose sides

And I stand

Alone on mine

Because I am

A danger

To the world

And to myself

Most of all

So now

You can see me

For who I really am

Take me

Or leave me

It doesn't matter anyway

Because in this world

So hostile

And cruel

The only one

Who will always

Be your ally

Your rock

Your lifeline

Is you