Tell Me Everything

I brought my knees up to my chest and hid my face, trying to muffle my sobs. I wanted to go into the bathroom, to be alone, but there were too many girls in there right now. Before I knew it, I had collapsed on the floor. My tears spotted my jeans, expanding into small spots.

I dropped the hall pass to the floor and placed my hands over my eyes, hoping for them to act like dams, stopping myself from crying a river. I prayed that my teacher didn't come looking for me.

But that's when you came right around the corner. You made your way down the hall and sat with me against the lockers. I tried to stop myself from crying in front of you. I was embarrassed.

But you put an arm around me and held me, despite the looks of passing students. You kindly thanked and waved off the questioning teachers. You said, "Tell me everything."

A floodgate in my mind opened. I had so much to say, so much to get off my chest. But I was afraid if I did, I would lose you.

So I changed the subject. "You don't have a pass." But I knew that you had seen me leave. You had asked the teacher to check on me. You cared enough to come. So I leaned my head on my shoulder and told you…

"Yesterday my father was diagnosed with cancer, and I don't think I should've come to school today. And I can't go to my best friend. She won't talk to me because she thinks her now ex-boyfriend left her for me. I honestly can't stand this place for another second." I cringed, half expecting you to get up and walk away. When you didn't, I looked up at you through still streaming eyes.

You slipped your free hand into mine and shifted so you could look me in the eyes. "First of all, I'm so happy you could make it to school today, because you keep me coming every day. Secondly, if she's not here with you when you need her most, she's not being a very good friend." You wiped the tears from my face. "Finally…" You leaned in slowly and kissed me. I forgot about everything for just that small moment. You pulled back, maybe scared that I would reject you. But I smiled at you.

You laughed and repeated, "Finally, her ex better not be planning anything funny."

It was my turn to laugh. I leaned my head on your shoulder and you hugged me for awhile longer. A few more awkward passerby stares and questions later, you stood up. You held your hand out to me, and I took it, the hall pass still in my other. "Thank you so much," I said.

You nodded and said, "How about we get you out of here?"

"What about the hall pass?"

You took it from my hand. "Don't worry, I'll take care of that." You took the hall pass and slipped it under our classroom door then ran down the hall, taking me with you.

"We're going to get in trouble," I said.

You looked back at me without stopping. "Today, we're not going to worry about that." You smiled and opened the exit door.

I looked around, struck by paranoia. Someone was sure to see us. But still, we made our way across the parking lot, stopping at your car. We had made it.

We doubled over to catch our breath, overtaken with relieved laughter.

"Let's get out of here," you said.

I agreed, happy to have a break, and happy to have you.

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