The club was packed that night and the music was pretty much the same but it didn't really matter to me. I was there to see my club friends. My raggedy trench coat flapped briefly against my black slacks and the black dress shirt I wore, as I walked briskly to get out of the cold. I was dressed simply tonight. A black ring with flames on my left index finger, a silver ring on right index finger with spiders joined by a single web, and finger armor of a scorpion with its tail slightly raised, its tip I had sharpened myself and an ankh around my neck to the top of my chest with black design in it and my top hat.

We didn't have to show our identification to the bouncers. They knew who we were. I paid at the door and was assaulted with flashing lights from my peripherial vision and a song I did not recognize with a decent dance beat. The area infront of the bar was flooded with patrons as usual. I looked to my right to see the tables and couches filled with patrons as well as a throng of people linning the dance floor while the dance floor itself was packed. To my left was the patio which was crowded with patrons, many smoking, huddled around the heater lamps.

I made my way to the patio, ignoring the dance floor for the moment not in the mood to dance and almost had to push my way past the people.
I made my way through the throng saying hello to different friends taking a few minutes to chat with each. That's when I saw her making her way from inside. She was wearing a black and purple baby doll, that held her breats perfectly accenuating her shoulders and neckline, beautiful dark hair resting lightly on her obviously soft shoulders. Black leather come fuck me boots past her knees. She had a wonderful tatoo of flowers on her right shoulder. I felt the energy from her the moment I saw her, strong and drawing me to her. Her eyes caught mine and we made a bee line towards one another.

I introduced myself. We began talking and chatting easily, openly, laughing, hands touching shoulders and waists, smiling, looking into one another's eyes.

I asked her if she wanted to dance and she said yes. We spent a good portion of the night dancing and enjoying one another's company on the dance floor. I took hold of her hand and led her out to the patio away from everyone else and pulled her into my arms and our lips touched passionately our tongues dancing in one another's mouth, our arms wrapping around one another.

"Come home with me," she said before I could ask the same.

Her and I left the club hand in hand with envious stares following us. The ride to her place was about thirty minutes. My hand was on her thigh and hers on mine just brushing between our legs, teasing one another but leaving the real touching for inside.

We hit the inside of her place making out, hands all over our tongues furiously dancing as she pushed me to the bedroom her hands working on at my clothes. I went to take off the babydoll and she slapped my hands away and shook her finger with an evil grin that made me moan. I fell over onto the bed and she took off my shoes and socks and finished with my pants and underwear.

She surprised me by producing ties, asking if it bothered me. I said no and my wrists and ankles were lashed to the bed. She remained fully clothed, rubbing her hot body against mine her hands runnng up from my ankles to my chest, her face nuzzling and kissing my thighs near my groin and drawing shivers from the anticipation, always careful to let nothing but her hair touch my cock or balls at first. I moaned at the feel of that baby doll the instant it touched me, since I loved fucking such things, and the feel of her boots on my legs.

After a minute or so of this she began raking her nails along my arms, then my chest as I gasped at the pain and pleasure writhing beneath her. She pinched and nipped at my nipples then bit and clawed her way down my body her hair once again teasing my cock as I shook beneath her, gasping at the pain. I was criss crossed in red, some bleeding, shivering and gasping beneath her, that wicked smile still on her face. She slapped my cock twice, which shocked me. It was enough pain to notice but nothing that truly lingered and made the rest of the evening unbearable.

She stradled my chest and made me suck on her fingers, a taunting hand running up and down her body carressing her neck, her breasts, down her stomach to rub between her legs. She leaned over me putting her cotch in my face and I moaned into it and she stood looking down at me. She laughed pulling away and turned her back to me as she slid the straps off her shoulders looking down at me. The baby doll slid to her ankles to reveal purple silk panties. She sat on my chest and leaned down rubbing her luscious breasts on my cock and fondling my balls as I moaned her name.

She got up and turned around so and slipped the panties off as I stared at her. She leaned down as if to kiss me and pulled away as I went in for the kiss and she licked my lips with a teasing smile. She clawed and bit her way down by body as I writhed under her again and breathed on my cock and leaned as if to take it in her mouth but pulled away once again.

"Do you deserve it?" her tone wicked.

"Yes," I choked.

She laughed and crawled up to me and kissed me passionately. My body rose to meet hers and our tongues danced in one another's mouth and just as quickly she pulled away and rose non-chanantly and left the room. I figured she was going to the restroom and waited a few minutes and she didn't return. I wondered if she had left me stranded like this as I'd seen in the movies. She did return eventually her hips swaying as she walked to me and got on the bed. She slowly slid her body against mine as we moaned and kept going till her smooth lips were in my face and she pressed them to my mouth.

I began kissing and licking, my tongue probing her. I finally began licking her clit. My tongue moved in every direction I could think of and then some. Her moans reached my ears as I was almost desperate to get her off, knowing my performance depended on my own pleasure. I varied my pace at times working furiously on her clit and her pussy. I was vaguely aware of her clawing at the sheets. I was at it for quite a while before her moans became screams and she rocked her hips and I felt her juices on my tongue and she leaned back her nails racking my arms drawing blood. She lay in that seemingly awkward position for a few minutes panting. She got off me and kissed me again, this time a much longer kiss.

"Not bad," she mocked me again.

She released my left hand and scooted so my hand could easily reach her. I knew what she wanted. My two fingers began to pleasure her clit and she moaned, eagerly pressing against my fingers urging me to be rougher. After a few minutes I slipped a finger inside her and pleasured her clit with my thumb. She began moaning louder rocking against my hand and I slid a second finger inside her, relishing the wetness. Everything seemed to drift away as I focused entirely on what I was doing. I was barely distant of her moaning that turned into screams as she cried out in pleasure as I brought her to pleasure once again. She scooted away from my hand and rested on the bed a few minutes lazily stroking my sides.

She got up and went to between my legs and begin licking my cock slowly from balls to tip and reverse. She took only the head in her mouth, sucking and licking softly then harder, her hand stroking me as I moaned and writhed and clawed at the sheets. She played special attention to the part of my cock facing me and the head enjoying watching me almost whine in pleasure. She did this for quite some time before taking all of me in mouth. Her hand reached beneath and began playing at the base of my balls stimulating me further as she continued to give me head moaning into my cock and making small whinning noises. My hips rose to meet her mouth slightly as the pleasure built and built and she could tell from the sound of my breathing how close I was. I thought I would cum and was going to enjoy the release when she quit and began biting and nipping her way to mouth. I whined into the kiss. Ours tongues and lips intertwined for quite some time before she returne to giving me head. After everal minutes I finally came in her and she eagerly swallowed as I groaned at the release.

She released my hands and ankles for I was greatful and thanked her profusely, which made her laugh again. I turned onto my side and we cuddled for a few turning to the kissing. My hands caressed her lithe luscious body taking time to enjoy her legs, the curve of her buttocks and the swell of her breasts. I pinched and twisted her nipples rewarded with a gasp and a grin. I leaned in and took one in my mouth while my free hand began smacking her ass lightly at first. She jumped in my mouth and I began smacking her harder making sure each cheek was eagerly red before stopping.

It was my turn to rake my nails across her skin and slap her breasts. She writed beneath my touch as I continued to scratch and caress her body. I pulled her hair and went for her throat my teeth first grazing then biting. She cried out in pleasure her hands holding me in place for a few. I released her throat and we kissed passionately my hands in her hair and all over her body enjoying her beneath my hands.

I was hard again and she pushed me on my back and straddled me and I slipped easily into her but she was still tight around me. Her hands pinned mine to the bed as our hips worked out the rythm. She pushed down on me hard and I rose hard against her, gasping escaping both our lips as we became in tune with one another. She rode me that way for a quite a while and I surprised myself as she arched her back and screamed in escatsy raking her nails down my chest. She got off me and turned around so her back was to me. She rode me like that for a while, rocking and twisting her hips till we both climaxed our backs arching.

She got off me pulling me to her as we kissed passionately. We caressed one another till was ready and then she got on her hands and knees. I growled as I entered her pulling greatly on her hair as I thrust into her. She cried out each time I thrust into her, as did I. I rammed myself hard into her. We were at this position longer our breath ragged, sweat dripping from our bodies till we both climaxed as I pulled on her hair as hard as i could forcing her hands off the bed driving hard into her. She collapsed onto the bed and I lay atop her for a few before finally moving.

I flipped her on her back, ready to go sooner than I thought. I put her legs on my shoulders and entered eagerly again. I started out slow and easy, slowly working myself up to hard and fast. My hands gripped her breasts, pulling on them as I slammed into her as she cried out. She told me she was going to cum and I put my hands on her throat and she grinned up at me. I squeezed harder as she came onto me, her back arching, her nails raking my back. Mine arched in response and I hissed against the pain, knowing there was blood. I released her throat and put my hands on her shoulders and continued to slam into her for a few before finally climaxing myself.

I pulled out of her and lay behind her my arms draped around her. Our next position was obviously determined. I carresed her face, her neck, her breasts, her legs, grinding my softeness against her, which she responded in kind. When I was ready I entered her and she bucked against me moaning. My arms were around her and her arms on mine as we fucked this way. She reached back to rake my legs and I raked her body. Our nails digging in each other's skin. I nibbled her ear and bit her neck, never once letting up my pace. She told me faster and harder and I replied eagerly for her. She slammed against me arching her back. She cried out my name as she climaxed not letting up. I climaxed a few minutes after my breathe in her ear whispering her name over and over again.

"Shower," she announced after we'd lain there to catch our breathes.

The water was hot and stung against our skin. We made out as the water cascaded around us, our hands wandering over our bodies. I slammed her against the tile and she cried out. She raised her legs, putting them around me as I entered her, pinning her to the cold tile with my weight. I worked furiously growling and snarling as I thrust into her. We seemed to be at it forever in that position, my body burning from the exercise. I arched my back and pushed her down onto my cock hard, she cried out, as I came into her. I did not let up and she kept herself clenched tight around me to keep as hard as possible. I worked even more determined thrusting into her and her nails clawed my shoulders and my even more sensitive sides as she climaxed her scream in my ear. I pumped her furiously till she whimpered and slowly pulled out of her.

We lay on the floor of the tub, our feet propped on the edge smiling and kissing one another. I was not sure how long we lay there till we stood up and took turns washing one another. She washed my hair first then I hers, which I enjoyed running my fingers through her log silky tresses. The soap was lathered and we took turns washing one another until we were satisified we were both clean.

After we towled off I helped her strip the sheets and make the bed. We snuggled under the covers our arms draped over one another, our legs entwined.