Alfheim 15 Of Water elves, humour and Hawaii five o!

*I've done an illustration of rockstar elves. Dedicated to Ms Phua my college mandarin teacher, I will never forget her kindness! She always wanted to make sure I got home safely and to call once I reached

I am listening to Xandria which has a heavy tempo.

To us elves would never fall ill but Ilkar did when he overstrained his voice. I felt sorry for him- he had been quieter and coughed when we spoke on the line. On my free day, I went to visit him, about a week after we had gone window shopping together. I had shrugged off being escorted home as I didn't want the Julatsan to be lost, the place was near to his dorm area.

He had been so considerate, "All right, call me when you are safely home, Reslin." I beamed and promised.

Algrim was away for a month or so, meaning I had more time to spare. Of course, my tutor didn't want me idling, more's the pity and had homework set for me. I finished up one set of algebra and decided to visit Ilkar! Yay! Hallien said the elf would likely be sleeping in so I turned up much later with fruits. That was a perfect present for an unwell friend.

His neighbor was a Water elf- indeed I almost got a heart attack seeing his scaly neon blue skin, webbed ears and general bright appearance. Junos came from a tributary planet near to Svart√°lfarheim, thus he didn't feel the cold much. I still got a shock seeing him naked- not a single scrap of cloth covered his waist! Today he was outside watering the plants.

"Hello there, I've seen you before. Shall I tell him you're here?" Junos offered, waving a hand. The water flow trickled and dried up.

"Is Ilkar awake yet? I don't want to inconvenience him," I replied but Junos had already leaned at the window to talk to him in their dialect.

The blue guy gestured I could step right in. Ilkar was dressed in cream, and pants that stopped at the knees and he walked out from the bedroom. With one hand, the elf combed down his messy hair. He smiled and greeted me. "I'm sorry that you're unwell. How's your throat infection?" I asked.

He wrote on a notepad on the table. This time, I noticed most of his things were kept. Some volumes of tomes were open on the table. No computer, to the side the television was playing at a low volume. Ilkar showed me: (Much better, the antibiotics stopped pain. I can't speak much. Thank you, appreciate the fruits.)

"Ah welcome! Nice to watch tv. Can sleep more, isn't that nice? And Junos is helping with stuff."

(Yes he's helpful. I'm bored, actually. The amplifier spoilt and some boys were so noisy. I shouted too much. haha, I don't notice the shows. J wants to see something. I didn't have anything like that before. ) Then he pointed to the phone and tv. Ah no technology.

Junos hollered from outside, "Ilks, is that detective drama showing yet? Help me see!"

I smiled. Ilkar sighed heavily, gesturing I wait while he headed over to talk. He returned to press some buttons until a drama came on. Junos rushed in, hugging Ilkar from the back. "I want ya to watch with me, and comment, Ilks. Nah not this one, let me."

Ilkar coughed and sipped some water, then opened a packet of lozenges. They were large meant to be sucked. Junos looked sympathetic. "Ah yea forgot. Never mind can comment on the paper. Reslin you like to watch the Hawaii five-0? It's such a great series."

I beamed. "Yea I do. It's the best, I hate CSI. My other faves are Legend of the seeker and Merlin. It's only here I can watch series more often, cos my home didn't have tv too."

Junos smiled, then seemed crestfallen. Ilkar remarked softly, rubbing his wrist, "Hand hurts."

His friend begged, "Please! He's got the funniest sarcasm ever criticizing their acting."

Ilkar pulled a long suffering face and his pointed ears twitched. I answered, "Oh really? So cute! But yea he's a patient, we should not overstrain him. Can we talk privately? Sorry." Junos shrugged no problem and pulled a chair closer to the tv, toggling channels.

"Did Ren get the necklace yet? It's so beautiful." I meant the coral necklace we had chosen together.

His hazel eyes lit up. I expected him to scribble on the notepad but he answered, "Yes, you've got good taste. Not yet, I don't know how to send it."

I offered to show him. For mail here, when we needed to post something, we just had to fill up a simple form of the addresses and submit to the Central divison Post. They were really speedy, within three days people would receive.

He beamed and touched my hand. (Oh I should tell you, if there's homework don't forget to do them. Algrim reminded you didn't he?) Oh dear, it meant they had some kind of consultation meeting before Algrim left. I didn't have the mood for homework now. I made a pleading expression. "Ah, about that, yea. I'm done with one book. Sometimes I need help, hehe. What does Junos teach?"

Ilkar penned: (Svart√°lfar physics. I'm fine with maths and science. They're basics in Lore magic. Don't look sad, it will benefit us to do some productive things while we spend time together.)He had this serious, studious expression. It reminded me of Hallien when he focused on a big spell.

I let my shoulders droop. "I'm trying not to be, that obvious? I intend to have a nice time with you, Ilkar."

(Ah no problem but first, this boy needs to be decent.)Ilkar poked him in the side and leaned close to his ear. I caught the words- clothes! The fair mage scowled when Junos laughed.

"Don't be uptight. You'll just hurt your larynx again! I'll put on some clothes. Sorry, mi'lady." The blue elf bowed to me, kissing my hand and flounced off. Ilkar shrugged. Even if they are not that aged, they are so adorable, atypical of wise beings and dignity. Haha!

Suddenly I envisioned Hallien and Ilkar in rockstar leather garb, pierced ears gloves, playing electric guitar*! That gave me a case of the giggles.

Of course I am still intrigued by how immortal the Fey are. "Do you think an elf is like a Fey, or fae?" I wrote it down. The mage nodded vigorously.

Then Junos whistled, he had returned wearing a bath towel! Ilkar blocked me and admonished him much to the other's amusement. "How can this be, don't have even a set of pants? Use mine then!"

I stayed till they prepared to leave for dinner-out. Neither could cook well. Ilkar pointed to the tomes, meaning I had to bring along my homework and we would see each other again! As time passed, his voice gradually strengthened, when healers came to do checkups, they cautioned he must not shout again. Another colleague would manage the noisy people and possibly drive them out. I came over frequently, losing my shyness. The Julatsan did not chatter as much as the Alfheim people, but he had a warm personality not needed to be conveyed by words. From his brief infection, Ilkar proved one of my theories right- that instead of talking incessantly like insecure people, it is more important to be stable and calm. Ilkar always radiated calmness.

Casually, he remarked, "I don't have a sister actually. You do not mind? I'm practically a grandfather."

I stopped highlighting my page. "Cool! No no I still think you're my age or something, Ilks!" He helped me with a sum, ticking the pencil. For most of the sums, Ilkar could roughly gauge how to do them with the textbook. Lore, the use of weaving spells, were closely interlinked with maths so he could teach me. For one sum, he managed to solve it.

"Sorry I can't explain how I derived the solutions. Try to see if you get why I did step 4 like that." He got up to refill the drinks.

I copied and tried to think through the problem. Why were numbers invented other than to count? These theorists had too much time to play with their minds or something.

"Any luck, Res? These are some snacks my brother sent, try them." They were a dried kind of mixed fruits. I smiled.

"Eh no. It's ok. When Algrim comes home, he can help me. I'm clueless at this kind of stuff."

"Oh. Why don't you choose subjects that you like?" Ilkar wondered.

"I am good with nature already so no sense picking that. Not much interest in languages, for sciences there're more options and my family's expectations too. Do you like the arts Ilkar ?" I pulled out a literature text about ancient cultures. Yuck.

He browsed through it. "I do enjoy reading nonfiction. As a scholar, I had to get used to the heavy amounts of research. Most are thicker than these. I heard of Mesopotamia."

"Wow. I'm impressed." It is compatible for me to have influential company of Ilkar to help.