Chap 2 Mysteries of Darkelves

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"I'm definitely a practical hands on type." I declared without hesitation.

He inscribed that. Watching the serenity of his disposition, I mentioned, "Please don't get into my head. I…am not comfortable."

Algrim frowned. Ice froze me. I thought he was mad now. "But it is so loud, even a deaf man will be able to receive those thoughts. Close your eyes." I felt him holding my hands up and a tickle curled somewhere from my face to my mind. So sleepy.

Oh what's going on?

I've placed a wall so it won't sound so loud. At the moment, your voice Reslin is like a beacon to any elf. Hopefully I won't hear and get everything now. Is that all right?

His voice in my head resonated as a chime…

"Yea cool. Thanks."

Algrim woke me up calling my name. Then he leaned back giving us some personal space. "Welcome. You may consult me for any concerns, do not worry about anything. I really enjoy interactions with young people," he added quite enthusiastically. His voice sounded brighter than he had the whole time.

I responded with my best forced grin. Score for making my positive mark! "Ah okay. Where do I find more paper? May need to write home." I looked around. Algrim went to a drawer and showed me where the stationery was and two books, one blank and one with lines.

The drow's fingers pressed to his nose bridge. "Anything else I forgot, oh. The documentation of progress is done every 4 weeks."

I frowned. "Meaning whether I pass or fail?" So not looking forward to that part! The parties and fun and cute guys came first. Hehe.

He remained silent, and his brows were drawn. I changed the way I put things. The doubt cleared. "I am sorry, this is a new style of speech. In a manner of speaking this pass and fail. I am sure it will be fine. I would be positive. Did you have trouble finding your way here? I was worried." I analyzed his tone if Algrim meant to care or was he bluffing?

"I got lost."

"I see." So he opened the door and waved his hand, whispering. The dark hallway glowed. "Look, there's always the purple lights which you are fond of. It is my study. I keep it dark so it doesn't hurt my eyes." Oh yea that could be why Algrim left when he made it brighter for me. I nodded, wow! They seemed to dance around us. He was so talented! His genuine concern reflected.

"I mean, um I couldn't come out from this big library." I admitted. "I didn't want to make a fuss and all, so I stumbled around and finally got out." The elf listened patiently and invited me to sit down.

"Which one?" I described the vastness and the sleepy woman but omitted reading about his race's horrors and all that.. "Ah you do like to read."

I wondered how much time had passed, but the only source of it was my cellphone. And he would confiscate this time, if I used it to check. I did like him, he was eccentric, shadowy but kind and patient. Then he walked to another table with an hourglass thingie. The sand ran out and he turned it over. I used to love things like that. "I want to understand you more, since we will spend a fair bit of time together. There's a lot of time left."

What? I had been all ready to run out to freedom. The sunshine and fresh air would be great. It would seem abrupt and rude if I did that so I came back to sit at the sofa. I tuned back to what he was conveying…

"In a bigger class, I will be strict. The fact is, because some can be rowdy and undisciplined. Would you like to have a snack?"

Super formal, I wanted to chill but elves have a knack for making things process based. Maybe I could reason that- hey it was cool to make it short. Ahha.

Then I imagined a beef dripping with blood. "Er, no." I felt queasy.

Algrim stopped. He had been looking for something. "I thought I have made clear. Why are you afraid?" his tone was bruised and almost sad. I winced. "I am not going to hurt you. I am a vegetarian, it's irrational to think of raw meat. Where did you find that from?" He sighed.

I couldn't and didn't dare to answer. I felt bad, he had shown kindness to me. Why did I think of rubbish like that? I looked at his lovely ears and thought, I'm sorry. I'm a silly dolt ok. Pray he didn't insist where I obtained the information.

He took a square box and opened it, in front of me. Some sort of pralines, dairy, dark choc and of many shapes.

"Don't be shy. Take more. I cannot finish them all." Algrim said gently.

He chewed one piece. Comfortable silence. I did want to take a few more as the box was open still. But I had been in a different type of place. "I'm not scared of you. Sorry that it seems that way. I don't know why my mind is like this." I went on, carefully. "That's why I'm clumsy ya know. The adults back home will be shouting at me. Hehe." I smiled.

Algrim watched me quietly. There was no judgment in his expression. He took out a pitcher and poured a cup for me. "I won't raise my voice. Be free to do what you like. The only two things I requested just now are fair enough. You have made friends?"

I drank the cup. I didn't know if I wanted to go there about personal stuff. Mira was worried about me. Where to hide myself so I could… "I need to relieve myself. Where's the bathroom?" I stood up. He told me to turn right. Naturally he adjusted the light brighter. I closed the door.

Wrote: no I'm fine. He's cool, and not bad. He's nice. I'm asked what I want. Hehe.

I took my time. The bathroom was clean and modern, a small mirror, washing lotions, cleansing bottles, general fragrance.

When I came out, Algrim didn't try to engage me again. He was reading a file of something else. Time was going to move damn slowly. I touched his shoulder.

He was pleased I wanted to talk and paid attention. "Oh yea you taught boys? Isn't this place for girls as well?"

"Ah yes mostly males study here. The women used to attend another place. There has been a change of plans." He waited.

I was doing well, yay!

"So what is the difference teaching me and a boy?" He went quite still, I supposed that was a trait I had to take note of.

"Oh, almost everything. Boys are active and want to make things happen. Mostly they like to fight and get into combat. Thor and Loki for example, having different characters meant a lot of conflicts. Frankly they can be tiring to manage. Well, at least I won't have that sort of problem anymore now."

He was making a joke! How old could Algrim be? Decades or centuries? But my maths sucked so I decided it was okay.

Hopefully there would be powerpoint. Later I'd be able to find out how the others conducted lessons. I did hope to attend some Lightelves' lessons. Hallien was funny.

"I want to know, um are my grades too suck to learn magic?"

He processed it with a stressed look. I changed it to did I pass? "Hm not too bad. I always believe people can improve, and potential is there. I like the essay you did. What is suck?"

I rubbed my chin. Defining the word without vulgarity was tough. "Hehe, I mean really bad. Extremely poor. Sorry."

He nodded. "Ah. A bizarre term. You have a huge family?" Algrim queried. I almost

Noticed his pointies twitching. The hourglass dropped its last. He wrote on something and changed the full sand to the top again. Why didn't he just have a normal clock?

"Yea I do. It's annoying. (he smiled) How long is this private session?"

The dark elf averted his gaze to somewhere behind me. I had the instinct that I had been

Tactless again. Moving his fingers, one had a bandage. "Oh dear what happened?"

"An accident. Wait, I wish to give you these. Then you can write letters." He gave me more stationery. "I will see you later at the main class, six of you. Goodbye." Algrim was monotonous again and the icicles were back. I nodded ok. Funny he felt hurt at my wish to leave, and yet he changed so quickly.

I could avoid the questions for another day!

"Hey where've you been?" Mira hugged me. "I thought you got killed." Now was common breaktime before the big class. Some days we would have outdoor activities.

We got a chance to see all the handsome pale races eating too. They all looked the same.

"No I wouldn't die. Algrim was quiet, mysterious, nice though. He's not fearsome."

I chuckled.

"Faradei is lovely! He talks so eloquently about animals and passion, I love him!" Abigail, her new pal. I smiled. Normally I would fall silent if another person came into our circle. I didn't feel that I could have her to myself. Sigh. They pointed him out, only thing distinguishing was a golden bow and his hair was wetter. Faradei spoke Elvish, mostly he'd teach tracking skills and range combat. His only studying stuff was toolmaking. Ah.

They got engrossed with Algrim again and quizzed me what I did. "Oh yea, we… talked. I got a short paper thingie, and it was not bad. Though it's dark and stuff, I felt okay."

"Wow so brave!" Haha. Come to think of it, my teacher had the burning intensity and depth that these light elves lacked. I could not condemn him after that special time and how he had forgiven my rudeness. Mira would come with me to the class later, Sciences. "Oh nooo I will die! Cept that I love maths."

Abby was going to Juviel. She had written unknown so that was where they sent them. "Don't worry. Algrim is… not cruel. He is more like serious and quiet." I liked the chocolates. Usually I told her everything, but I kept it secret. "Ah we can't use cellphones, I tried to answer you early but he heard me and was irritated I used it. Be careful."

Mira moaned.

She hated rules. Being rich she was used to having her way.

We got there early. Nothing much to do. Four of us so far, the other 2 MIA. Wondered if the drow would explode. He mentioned his difference of being stricter in classrooms and bigger lectures.

Punctually Algrim stepped in like a ninja. The others gasped. Skin dark as coal, he wore a meridian long robe with lots of buttons, his hair was loose. He wore a chain, or maybe I hadn't noticed it on his throat before. He arranged the books on the desk. Our other pals were a boyfriend with his girl. They were chittering. He cleared his throat and said in conversational tone, "I trust this is the right place for physics and chemistry. Good day to all of you. I know I look quite different from most of my colleagues. My name is Algrim."

Sigh, no slideshows or weaving magical stuff. No remote either. Some murmurs of assent while I remained silent. Algrim let his gaze pass over each of us briefly. As I had known, he put forward his expectations and wishes of not whispering among ourselves while he was teaching, that we could and should feel free to ask if we were in doubt.

I glanced at my mates: Mira looked as if she'd pee her pants and she was clutching the table. Her thoughts buzzed, no no no, don't pick on me. Please please please. Oh I doubt the no interruption rule didn't apply to inside right? I sent her reassurances.

The drow opened a file, leaning back on the desk. "Rather than checking against the list, I wish to attribute each person to memory. Shall we begin by telling us about yourself? Anyone can start first." Then he smiled faintly. Waiting patiently for ages was their strong point.

The boy ploughed ahead. "I'm Julian, I like physics especially for the miracle of technology and how important it is to everyday life. I'm 18 and from Terciel. I have one brother and 2 sisters. Since I like the special realm of this place, I wanted to come. Elves are wiser than people."

Wow so confident! I doubted I could sound so chatty and stable.

"I see. Thank you, Julian. Terciel is a vast Realm with all the beautiful systems and precious stones. We try our best, having been through several long lifetimes. Joy and sorrow often complement one another."

Julian grinned. The drow glanced at me and I thought he'd ask me to go next. Then he suggested, " How about Mirabel? How do I pronounce your surname?" I could read the immense curiosity and richness of Algrim's tone. This was his favorite topic. He had wanted to know about mine too.