Operation: Hello the Kitty

Heart beating fast

Face quickly heating crimson

The words come out in one big rush

The moment has finally come.

What will his answer be?


The car keeps driving.

Was it all for nothing?

This nervousness yielding only sadness?


So simple and quietly spoken

Such a relief to finally hear it

This "dance" we've been doing is finally over.

The good byes are said quickly.

Skipping into the house.

Trying to avoid jumping for joy.

It's official.


24 hours later, the tears come quickly.

Why wouldn't it work?

Why is he so stupid?

Couldn't he see that we've always been together?

That nothing would change?

But he couldn't see.

It was ended before it ever really began.

"Official" was no more.

The following months are lonely.

There are no more friendly texts.

Texts have halted altogether.

Communication is gone completely.

Best friends have become strangers.

All because of a simple confession.

Words started the silence

Only words will end the silence.

Staring at the name on the phone

Wanting to press 'send'

Scared to press 'send'

Closing the phone.

Closing all hope.