Chapter I: Ice of Blue

The girls had settled in. Night time approached, curfew was set as the girls gathered their belongs so as to not have a mess of beauty products on the floor. Brushing her teeth, Paige still couldn't get over the feeling of being followed. She thought she was the only one until she had shared her revelations with Arabellla, who too knew the feeling. However, they knew for a fact no other girls felt the same, and so only they and they alone talked amongst themselves in private. Yes, there were plenty more reasons to set the girls on edge, random hot breezes during draft-filled days, the smell of musk and cologne on their freshly washed pillows, but most couldn't related to the followings.

Not yet, anyway.

"Did you see that?" Priscila walked into the bathroom as Paige had just rinsed. The younger girl looked terrified.

"See what?"

"There. Right there, look!"

A pair of eyes—shocking ice of blue orbs stared straight towards them, one eye locking to one of the girl's own. They had never seen such beauty, and yet it was too captivating for they could not breathe. Their nerves told them to panic, their hearts told them to shut it and keep watching. Before they knew it, the orbs blinked, ceasing to exist.

And with that, the girls' eyes rolled and they dropped, passing out.

"Did you hear that?" Arabella looked towards the direction where the bathroom was, pass her own walls.

"Like a bang, ya?" Charn said, the two girls sitting crossed-leg on Arabella's bed.

"Mhmm," the girl stood, nearly half way out the door. "It's way too quite. I'm going to go take a peek."

Charn panicked. "An leave me in this creepy old house? No way! I'm coming too!"

Stepping out and walking to the room near the stairs, they found Rahie on her laptop, working on some self-independent project. She smiled to them.

"Hey guys. You alright?"

"Yeah, just curious if you've seen the other guys."

The oldest girl narrowed her eyes, listening. "It is quiet-"

"Exactly what I said."

"-well, I just saw Ducky took to writing outside. Paige said she'd brush her teeth."

"Yeah, Prissy too," Charn nodded.

As Rahie joined them to check where their fellow Eugenites were, they had barely opened the door when two bodies fell into the hallway. Paige and Priscila laid on the floor, stone cold. They were about to scream, oh yes, but a more horrifying shriek erupted outside.

ξ§*˜˙˚º•~ † ~•º˚˙˜*§ξ∞
∞...In ӂ the...
House of Eugene..˚ξ
We all follow§
˙*.Our King.*˙

~And to our rule,
with eyes of blue,
We'll do the salute of Vwabloosh

And So We Welcome You To…


~And the plot thickens as they say...~