Chapter nineteen: Sex and Babies

During her lunch period, Robyn had gone to the drug store to buy a pregnancy test. She'd been scared senseless the rest of the day – afraid that someone would find the items in her purse. But now it all seemed ridiculous – she had a whole new set of fears washing over her. What if she truly was pregnant? She felt so alone right now, with no one to turn to...

It took her an entire minute to build up the courage to look at the little screen. Her heart was beating fast into her chest.

What if she truly was pregnant...

One... two... three... She was holding in her breath at that point, her hands trembling. She needed to do this.

And so she looked down at the symbol that would define the rest of her life.

"Oh my god." she finally let herself breathe. "I'm not pregnant." she said. Negative. She was safe. It was as though her entire world was spinning again. She wasn't about to become a teenaged mother at sixteen. She was safe.

"I'm not pregnant." she repeated, letting the words sink in before a smile crept on her face. She stuffed the used pregnancy test into her purse, deciding that she would throw it away at school so as to not risk having her parents or Presley finding it. With a lighter step than before, she went downstairs and made herself cheesy nachos.

Hey! She wasn't pregnant – she could enjoy some fatty delight without a care in the world! Robyn grinned to herself at the thought.

It wasn't until an hour later when Robyn was plopped on the sofa watching a boring re-run of Pretty Little Liars that Presley arrived home, Ryan being led by the hand.

"Are you seriously watching that crap?" Presley inquired. To be honest she'd never even seen a minute of an episode so she couldn't really comment – but just how those bitches dressed told the skater that it was a bitchy slut fest filled with overrated drama.

Robyn ignored the question and instead went with her own.

"Where were you two lovebirds at?" she asked with that trademark bitchy smirk of hers. Ryan looked uncertain but when Presley grinned he realized this wasn't Robyn being mean.

"Who do you think you are, slut? David?" Presley retorted as she pulled Ryan closer. Robyn pretended to gag before shutting off the television.

"Who are you calling a slut, bitch?" Robyn asked.

"Whatever. We'll be upstairs." Presley chuckled as she began dragging Ryan up.

"Wear a condom!" Robyn chanted. "And do not do it in my bed or I'll tare off pretty boy's man parts." she added scornfully. Presley rolled her eyes but didn't say a word.

Because everybody who was around Ryan and Presley lately would know they were in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Of course they were smart enough to use protection and the idea of doing it in Robyn's bed was just... disturbing.

"How many guys do you think she slept with in that bed?" Presley asked Ryan once they had closed the door to the bedroom. Ryan kissed Presley before lightly pushing her down onto the air mattress.

"I really couldn't care less. Now shut up so we can fuck." he said. Presley laughed and shoved him. To be honest she didn't really want to know either. Considering she still had to bunk in the same room for who knows how long... God, maybe she should just get over herself and agree to take the extra room her father had promised her when she'd first arrived at Hamden a month and a half ago. He would do it, Presley didn't doubt that, but she was angry with him and asking him for her room would require her to address him.

That was probably why he hadn't gone and done it by himself yet. He was waiting for her to talk to him. Fucking lawyers and their smartness.

Two days later the avoidable suddenly became inevitable. Robyn caught Presley and Ryan having sex in the bedroom and completely flipped out.

"Fuck! Seriously guys, you should put a sock on the door or something! Urgh! I'm scarred for life!" she screeched as she covered her eyes with perfectly manicured hands. Ryan and Presley, naked and tangled up together, didn't know if they should be laughing their asses off or be embarrassed as hell. They ended up going with both.

Half an hour later Ryan was gone. Presley on the other hand was fully dressed and rushing downstairs, Robyn following suit.

"David we have a problem." Presley said. She was angry at herself for speaking to him – she hadn't done so for three whole weeks damn it – but after being startled having sex with your boyfriend by your twin sister, sometimes desperate measures had to be taken.

"Like legit." Robyn added. "Presley so needs her own room. 'Cause I can't live like this anymore." she added. Presley stared at Robyn quizzically. She couldn't live like this anymore? Of course she had to make it all about herself.

"Um." David said, partially stunned by the sudden onslaught. "Sure... There's not much that needs to be done though." he added as he placed the novel he'd been reading onto his lap. He took off his reading glasses, blue eyes scanning his daughters' faces. He could tell something was wrong but with everything that had happened recently, he didn't feel as though he had the right to ask right now. The last thing he wanted was to push them back into silence for another three weeks.

"Can you do it now?" Robyn asked.

"Please?" Presley added.

"Sure." David said with a tiny smile. "Just let me finish this chapter." he added.

Katherine Davenport was at work – like most Saturdays – when two familiar faces came in holding hands. They were Presley Monroe's friends: Sam what's-her-face and her new beau Josh Nelson. Katherine knew party boy Josh because his father owned this really successful record label.

"Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you guys?" she asked, plastering a fake smile on her face when they came to the counter. She was so sick of this job and having to seem perky all the time. She was stinking rich with three homes scattered around the country. For heaven's sake, she didn't even need this shit!

But ever since her father had taken away her credit cards over the summer she needed to make her own money and at least seem like a responsible young woman.

"I'll take the clover brewed coffee." Josh said, cutting through Kat's train of thought. He paused only to glance at his girlfriend. He didn't even have to ask her what she wanted and quite frankly, Kat already knew what she was going to order anyway. Josh and Sam had been coming in once a day ever since they'd started dating. "And a strawberries and crème frappuccino for my lady." he added. Sam giggled at being called 'my lady' which earned an eye-roll on Kat's part.

She went ahead and made their drinks before watching them go to a nearby table for two. They looked cute and as much as it pained Katherine to think about it, she couldn't help but be a little jealous. She loved her boyfriend. Austin was the greatest, but with football season in full swing he was mostly busy. And given he was a senior, he also had college to deal with. She couldn't believe he would be leaving next year – she loved him and wanted everything for him but at the same time she didn't want him to move away.

Being a year younger really sucked. Just as much as this job did.

She was just about to turn around and head to the backroom to take a little break when her boss started screaming at her.

"Don't just stand there, Davenport! There's a line-up of customers. Help Cassidy – she can't keep pulling all of your dead weight." Katherine cursed under her breath. Sleazy dirtbag.

"Scoot over baby mama. Apparently I need to help you out." Katherine spat at Cassidy Evangale. God. The girl could be a real pain in the ass. Timid and self-conscious – she was constantly letting everyone walk all over her and it was really annoying. No wonder Heath had ditched her the moment he'd found out she was pregnant with his kid.

Wordlessly Cassidy moved a few inches to her left and let Katherine have her customer. She hated Kat and wanted nothing more than to put her back in her place. As she wriggled her hands together she eyed the customers scattered around the shop. She could feel tears forming behind her eyelids but the last thing she was going to do was cry. She did not want to give Kat the satisfaction.

She got home an hour and a half later with sigh of relief – she had been able to keep her cool until the end of her shift but now she just wanted to collapse in front of the television and do nothing until she was ready for bed.

"Cassie! Good, you're home. Wyatt needs a diaper change!" Mrs. Evangale, Hamden High School's principal, screamed from the kitchen.

"Can't you do it?" Cassidy whined. She could already feel her mood deflating. She loved her son more than anything in the world but sometimes she just wanted to be a lazy fifteen year-old and not have to care about babies and diapers and baby food and toys...

"Cassie, change your son. Right now." Mrs. Evangale said sternly.

This was the tone Cassidy's mother used when she'd had a long day, so she didn't hesitate any longer. She went into the kitchen and found Wyatt in his high chair, a toothy smile appearing on his baby face as soon as he saw her enter. Unable to help herself, Cassie smiled back. She loved him more than anything in the world – even if he looked like the spitting image of his deadbeat father.

"Hey baby boy! How are you doing? Mama missed you..." she cooed as she slipped the five month-old out of the high chair and tickled him all the way upstairs to the nursery.

As her daughter left the kitchen with baby Wyatt, Mrs. Evangale couldn't help but frown. At barely five feet tall, Cassie still looked like a little girl with her naturally bright blonde hair and pixie-like features. She did not look like a girl who had given birth to a nine and a half pound baby back in late June.

"Cassie what am I going to do with you?" Mrs. Evangale whispered as she turned to her counter again and continued chopping vegetables for the salad she was making.

As Cassidy was about to finish changing her overly-excitable son, she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. She grinned, assuming it was one of the twins calling her. While last year Cassie had lost most of her group of friends, Lindsay and Craig Daniels had stayed true to her through thick and thin and were now her only friends. It was a depressing thought, but it was better to know that she had them then to know she had no one at all.

With one hand keeping her baby steady, Cassie grabbed her cell phone and was surprised to read the name on the caller I.D. She wasn't even aware she had her in her contacts.

"Hey...?" she said warily.

"Cassidy... If you repeat this to anyone. I'm going to personally ruin your miserable existence." The voice could only belong to one person and that person was something that scared Cassie even more than she hated Katherine.

"Wh– what do you want Robyn?" she stammered as she used her free hand to button the front of Wyatt's pants.

"How did you find out you were pregnant?" Robyn asked, which took Cassie by surprise. She stared at Wyatt for the longest of times. "Are you there?" Robyn added.

"Y– yeah. Are you– are you pregnant?" Cassie asked timidly, knowing she should not be asking that. She knew Robyn's reply even before the Queen of Mean said the words.

"That's none of your business, baby mama." she spat.

Cassidy steadied the cell phone between her left ear and her shoulder before taking Wyatt in her arms and rocking him gently.

"I took a bunch of pregnancy tests... There are some at the drug store or at the free clinic at New Haven Memorial Hospital... it's a fifteen minute drive but–"

"I don't need a fucking pregnancy test. What else did you do?" Robyn snapped.

"Well Destiny Wilson was my OB/GYN specialist. She's really great and–"

"As in Luke Wilson's mother?" Again Robyn cut Cassie off.

"Yeah she has a clinic here in town just a couple blocks from–"

"No way. I can't– okay. Never mind, this was a bad idea. If you tell anyone... I swear I'll rip your throat out." she threatened before hanging up. Cassidy hugged her son closer to her as she let herself fall onto her bed. She rocked Wyatt back and fourth, her mind deep in thought. Could Robyn Thompson be pregnant?

Okay so maybe it wasn't much of a surprise, considering how big of a slut she was known as around school but still – teenage pregnancy wasn't something Cassie would wish on anyone. Not even her biggest enemy. And in this case her biggest enemy was the Queen of Mean herself. She had made her life a living hell at school once rumors of her pregnancy had started to surface.

"Are you sleepy little guy?" Cassie cooed softly. Her son was yawning, his eyes drooping somewhat. She was a fifteen year-old mother, pregnant at fourteen. It wasn't ideal but as she looked at those sleepy brown eyes she couldn't feel hatred towards her situation. She absolutely loved Wyatt – even if half his genes belonged to a guy she hated.

Robyn sighed as she dropped her cell phone onto the bathroom counter. Calling Cassidy had been a really bad idea. Two days ago she had taken a pregnancy test but just moments ago her dinner had made a reappearance into the porcelain toilet. It wasn't the first time she got sick though – yesterday morning she'd thrown up. Plus her boobs were sore and although Robyn was no expert on pregnancy and babies, she knew that wasn't normal.

But could a pregnancy text be wrong? She had heard of false positives – Bee had gotten a false positive just two years ago – but false negatives?

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." she hissed. She had her audition for the part of Maria on Monday. She couldn't possibly deal with this shit! It would screw her entire performance and that redheaded bitch Sam was going to get her part.

Still thinking about West Side Story, Robyn brushed her teeth twice before grabbing her phone and leaving the bathroom. This couldn't be happening. She went into her room and sat on her bed, blue eyes fixed on the glowing screen of her I-phone.

As though her mind wasn't registering any of her body's movements, Robyn went to her lap top and opened up a Google tab.

Wilson Clinic of Obstetrics and gynecology, Hamden, CT, she typed absently. It took another few clicks and she got the clinic's phone number. All she could do now was hope that Doctor Wilson didn't make the connection that her son could be the potential baby daddy.

But why should she? Luke surely didn't tell his mother about his sex life, right? But as Robyn sat there, she couldn't help but wonder. What if? It seemed as though her life was made up of nothing but what if's these days.

Before she could chicken out, Robyn dialed.

"Hello, Wilson Clinic of OB/GYN. My name is Sheila, how can I help you?" the stern voice of a woman replied on the other end. Considering it was eight o'clock on a Saturday night, Robyn was surprised someone had even replied.

"Hi... I'm – I'd like to schedule an appointment." Robyn stammered.

"Ok, just a moment." Sheila said. The sound of fingers typing rapidly on a keyboard could be heard and then the woman cleared her throat. "Name?" she asked.

"Robyn – Robyn Thompson." the terrified teenager replied.

Wait. Would her parents find out if she told her real name? Oh no. They would surely get the bill – right? Oh no, oh no, oh no...

"Are you a first time patient?" asked the receptionist.

"Yes." Robyn said with a nod. Her voice appeared way more steady than she was feeling right now. A whole lot more confident too. She was a mess inside.

"Good. And we will need a method of contact – a home phone number will work." the receptionist said. Her words were a little robotic, as though she was used to setting up appointments on a daily basis.

"No!" Robyn said abruptly. "I mean – it's a lot easier to reach me on my cell phone. It's practically another limb." she added. She gave her number to the woman.

A few other questions were asked but none really stuck to Robyn's mind. She stated that she didn't know how far along she was – that she didn't even know if she was pregnant.

"And... would Monday work for you? At four o'clock?" It was the final question and Robyn was looking forward to this conversation's end. She was anxious that somebody would come in.

"Oh... um. I can't Monday." she admitted. She had her audition on that day and she wasn't about to miss that – pregnant or not. And she was hoping that it was a 'not'.

"Tuesday?" the woman suggested.

"At four o'clock?" Robyn questioned.

"That works." And with that, the appointment was made. Without wasting one more second, Robyn hung up and let herself fall onto her bed. What had she gotten herself into? Was a tiny thing truly growing inside her or was this just her mind playing an awful trick on her? Scaring her into making a vow of celibacy?

She would do it. She would never have sex again if it meant she could be 100% not pregnant.

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