Chapter 15: One Word.

The next day, we left for a forest in Montana, hunting for antelope and other large game in the area. Cirrian and his family stayed home and only I knew the reason why: Cirrian wanted to discuss what he had told me in private with his family. They didn't want my family where we could hear. I tried to focus on my hunting trip.

I look down a deer and my mind was instantly into what I was doing. Blood had the amazing ability to focus vampires. Well, if someone had food in front of a human, and the human was very hungry and the food was delicious, they would focus on it, too. We stayed there a few days and had fun because it was supposed to be a three day vacation. I had fun and eventually forgot about my problems, although I gorged myself on the unfamiliar prey like a little human kid would do to chocolate cake. I wanted to make going this far pay off and I wanted to distract myself.

"Hey, Annie."

"Yeah, Isy?"

"Why are you so jumpy?" She asked, but I could tell it wasn't her original question.

"I don't know. I just got this feeling like somethings wrong. I don't know what it is, so I disided to ignore it."

"Anyway, my original question was, why do you think Sariia's family was acting so weird."


I felt like I was going to throw up-but it wasn't the same feeling. It was more that quick, disturbing feeling you get in your stomach where you something bad is or is going to happen. I dismissed the feeling as nerves from being away from my love. Heck, it was probly the same feeling Rosie was having being away from her clothes and make-up. As we ran back to our house, I kept feeling the strange, almost-but-not-pain tingle in my stomach. When I got close to home, I checked my messages. There were no messages at all, which was very unusual. Then a message popped up from Sariia. I read it quickly. It was only one word.

One word that completely altered my existance in that one angry, terrified moment. One little text message, simple black words in Arial font on a bright white background, surrounded by a green border that was the case of my L.G. phone, service through Verison. One word that made me book it for Cirrian's house like he was going to die. Which, I knew it deep in my heart, unless I did something real fast, he was. That message from Sariia was the name Christelby.