Chapter 1: Life As Usual

I was laying on my bed in my room on the second floor of my family's mansion, thinking of that night over one hundred years ago. I remember hystericly screaming when my twin, IsaBelle, and I found out we had fangs and panicking when I saw my sister laying there, not moving. Meeting Rosie and Cyrus was like meeted the real live Barbie and Ken dolls, exept their skin was pale, not never-going-to-happen-in-real-life tans. Well, only a few days over one hundred years, my sister, IsaBelle (or as my family and I call her most of the time, Isy) had just celebrated our one hundreth birthday.

I looked at my seventeen year old face in my bedroom mirror, the edges of which was covered in pictures of my family. I was pale, the effect of having no blood of my own. I had full lips, long, thick lashes and a beautiful voice that made you think wow. I was the envy of every girl in my school. I had the face that made the boys drool. I had the beautiful, shiny hair that you usually only see on TV models. I had the perfectly thin body and long, thin fingers with long, healthy nails. I had the wonderful laugh that made you smile. I looked like a fantasy princess come to life out of a fairy book. I looked this way by no fault of my own, the reason I looked this way was because I was a vampire. All vampires looked wonderful.

Not only had my physical apperence change, I changed internaly, too. I could sing wonderfully, I could walk with grace, I had exellent balance. All parts of being a vampire.

My sister Isy was the same way as I was, exept I thought she fit this face better than I did. I was the one who should go with the face that always looked brooding and worried. Isy was one of those always happy people that could make you feel better in thirty seconds.

We had also changed simple things about ourselves to fit the present. Such as I had no middle name as a human, but added the middle names Ariel Dawn when it became more common to have a middle name, or, as my case may be, names. Isy and I picked out our middle names together. We have been told how lucky we are to have names we like. We would say we were just lucky that way, giving each other knowing glances, smiling inside.

We only kept out first names because we weren't names by our parents. We were named by a priestess. She, like some people when naming twins or triplets and so on, named us with similar names. I've heard of the names of twins being Brittney and Brianna or Edwin and Edward or Mary and Marie. Believe me, it's not cute. It was just more difficult when it went from Mary and Marie to Larry, Gary, and Jerry.

We had also changed our last names, certain details such as birthdays or even sometimes our first names because they go out of style. Such as the name Alaric had to be changed to Alex. Laverne had to be changed to Laya. Imagene to Ima. I was just lucky that the names AnnaBelle, Ariel, and Dawn are still in style. The name Dawn very unpopular when I picked them out. Most people thought it was stupid to name a person after a time of day. Ariel was a decent enough name by then. AnnaBelle was respectable, even though most wondwered why the B was capitaled, believe me, I was just named that way.

I got up, walked across my large room, and pulled the old album of photos labeled My Birthdays out of the top left drawer of my dresser and mirror set. I looked at each of the pictures. The ones in the begining were black and white, then the pictures as I flipped through, the pictures were old and the colors changing from what they once were from age, then came the newer ones, their photos much more clear and definete, pictures growing better as the cameras we used became more advanced. Every photo background was different, but, in a way, the pictures were exactly the same. Two identical girls with strait, dark brown hair and blue-green eyes were in the center in every picture and were holding the same pose. One sat on a chair with her hands folded on her lap and a big smile on her face while the other was standing to the left with her arms on the back of the chair, smiling in the same manner. They were both five-seven and they were both smiling hugely. The standing one was me and the sitting one was Isy. We took one picture like this every year, now totaling one hundred. I sighed. Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating our first birthday.

I put that album away and got out another, thicker album. This one was labeled My Family I flipped through the pages with a smile. In the first bunch of pictures were of me, Isy and Rosie, and of my brother, Cyrus. As I flipped further through, another boy showed in the pictures. This boy, in real life, not black and white photos, had medium blonde hair with joking hazel eyes and went by the name of Cameron, or as I call him, Isy Fan Number One. Our family didn't grow after Cameron came into the pictures. Carlie and Andrew never saved anyone after us and I had never found a mate. The rest of my family had found their mates, but I was the only one still alone.

I went and put that album away and then stroked my hand across the bindings of the others. They were named My Birthdays, Isy and I, My Family, Dance Offs, and School. There was room for a few more photos albums. Carlie had taken most of the pictures, but I arranged them by date and subject in the albums.

Carlie and Andrew had quit tracking vampires because of a close call that happened while Isy and I were changing: Andrew and Carlie were tracking down Memory and her mate, De Veerin. Andrew took on De Veerin and Carlie fought Memory. Instead of fighting Carlie, Memory just erased all of her memories. Memory called to De Veerin and they made their excape. Andrew seeing Carlie standing there with a dazed expretion. Andrew realised, with a turn of his stomach, what had happened. Carlie's eyes came back into focus and then she asked Andrew, "Who are you? Who am I?" "Carlie, don't you remember me?" "Carlie... that name seems familiar." she told him. "You are Carlie. I am your mate Andrew. Remember, Car, honey?" He said, using her nickname from him. "We track other vampires and stop them from changing people into vampires. Remember how you love to decorate our house and take pictures? Remember Minnie and Jackary and Rosie and Cyrus and the twins?" Carlie's eyes became focused and then she started crying and hugging him. "Yes. I do now. It was Memory. She make me forget everything. Even my human memories." Andrew hugged her tightly. "We can't do this anymore Car, we have to stop this. You could have never have regained your memories. We can't. We have to quit." And that settled it. They quit and went on with their lives. Now they were full time parents to us. Well, Carlie was, Andrew had to go to work.

I had long lost the common lingo that was used back then but when I get irritated or upset you can hear it clearly. I used to never say "Hi!" or "What's up?", I would say "Hello." or "How are you doing today?"

I remembered the night my transformation very clearly, it was almost my sister's, and my, eighteenth birthday, and I would be free of my horrible parents. Free of my horrible teacher Miss. Phillions. Free of the life I hated. It was almost in my grasp, just inches away, to close to just give up. All of it was gone. And I never looked back.

The thing is, I found something a thousand times better. Carlie found me and my sister and took us back to her home. This would be my new home and my new family. My new life with these caring people and their adopted son and daughter, Rosie and Cyrus. Cameron came into the picture only seven years later. The best thing was that I would haver have to give it up. There was no time when my family would pass on. Can I please get a round of applause for my family being immortal?

A side effect of being immortal was that we were nearly indestructable. The only way that we could die was to have another vampire bite through our skin and force enough venom threw our system to over power our own vampire cells. When vampires bite a human, the change into a vampire. When a vampire bites another vampire and the vampire that got bit gets too much venom in their body for their cells to fight off, they die. Well, there was another way we could die, but it was very unlikely that it would ever happen. We could starve to death if we didn't have enough blood to keep us going. Without any blood, our cells couldn't get the energy to make our muscles move. It was a circle if you thought of it. If you couldn't move, you couldn't drink more blood, and if you didn't have any blood you couldn't move. But being immortal was definatly had good sides, too.

I would never age, never grow old or tired. My heart didn't beat and my hair didn't grow or my nails. I was completely frozen in time. I would stay seventeen forever. If I cut my hair, it would stay that way forever. Well, if I could cut my hair; it was as indestructable as the rest of my body.

Some humans craved immortality and searched every corner of every country for it, but I had never gave it a thought when I was human. Some people saw immortality as a curse, but I didn't, I was happier now than I had ever been when I was human. But when I was changed I thought I had done so many things bad and I was to stay in that blankness forever for it. I didn't make fun of people and I was nice to them, even if the kindness was not mutual. I was good in school and never talked back, even if I was miserable there. Back then I found no reasons for me to suffer like that.

But I wouldn't change my life for anything or anyone now. I am happy with this life and everyone in it. Sure, I wish a few things were different, but it didn't make me miserable. Even if I have to drink blood and would stay seventeen until the world ended.

Thinking of blood caused my throught to became parched and my fangs start to form from two of my teeth. When I wasn't thinking about blood, mad, excited, really happy, or upset, my teeth looked like a human's. When I thought of blood, two of my teeth became pointed and then extended to an inch long. There was a very small, thin cavity that ran from the very tips of my fangs to they begining of them and continued threw my gums that held my venom. The venom held the cells that contained vampire DNA and a poison that causes you to be disconnected from your senses. When I wasn't upset, or mad, or thinking of blood, I could run my tongue over the teeth my fangs formed out of there was no cavity and they were not sharp at all.

In all the vampire movies, we drink human blood, which is absolutely true for most of my kind, for there are only a few of us that choose to feed off of animal blood, but we are out there. The wonderful thing about resiting human blood was that it was really easy. Everyone would think it would take a bunch of years to even begin to resist human blood but if your really, really comitted to it, then it is not so hard. Only my family, including my eldest siblings, drank animal blood. Well, that we knew of.

And thinking of my eldest siblings made me mad. Minna especially made me mad. She had joined the very people her adopted mother and father fought for years. Minna did sometimes call, but it was always threats from the Keori's leader, Christelby.

Minna was part of Christelby's empire, the Keori. Minna and her mate, Civic, were both forever twenty-three and followed under the orders of a twelve year old. Given, Christelby was very intelegent for a young girl, but still. Christelby was only twelve when she was changed, so the was younger then every one of her minions. No one even knew if her soldiers chose to serve her or not. She, probly because she was so controling, had the ability, or Gift as we call it, to control minds. It fit her personality well.

Christelby, like Isy or Carlie, had a Gift. She could control the minds of anyone who came within a mile of her. Carlie had met her only about twenty-seven years after she was created. Christelby had tracked Carlie down and ordered two of her minions, Klux and his mate, Taren to go and bring Carlie back to her island empire, the three Keori islands. The islands names were Arizee, the main island where Christelby and her soldiers stayed, Itarish, where they kept the human captives stayed until the Keori drank their blood, and Calana, where the vampire prisoners stayed because they had displeased Christelby, until their executions. Carlie described Christelby as slightly detached and always irritated. Carlie admitted later that she was probly more irratated than nessasary when they met, but I thought she had good reason to be mad.

Taren and her mate, Keenon went and kidnapped Carlie from where she was staying at the time in Paris. But she would not go without a fight. Andrew and Carlie both tried to fight off Taren and Keenon, but they were trained in battle and Carlie and Andrew were not. Carlie was forced to stay at Calana for three days, but on the third day, Christelby met with her. Keenon and Taren dragged her to a large room with a rounded ceiling. Paintings of the same beautiful girl lined the walls. The chair Christelby sat in was facing the large window.

When she spun the chair around to face Carlie, Carlie relaxed. She thought it was Christelby's adopted daughter that sat in the chair, not Christelby. The girl was the same one from the paintings. She l had strait black hair and beautiful features and she wore a dark blue velvet dress with dark blue velvet shoes with bows on top. She looked like a ghostly angel. "You can go now, Keenon. You and Taren have served me well. Go to the feeding chamber to relax after your long trip." Her voice as high and pleasent, out of place with her athorative tone. She looked toward the man by the door. "Firon, could you make sure she does not excape? Be careful, Taren said she can put up a good fight when she wants to." The girl had in a smooth voice that matched her apperence. Keenon looked at me with hate. "I would be careful if I were you, Firon. She and her mate gave Taren and I fifteen new scars." Carlie hissed at him and then said, "Sucks for you, doesn't it?" "Shut up!" he demanded. "Go die!" Carlie hissed in an icy tone. "Why you...!" He said furiously as he stalked toward her. "Taren! De Veerin!" Taren grabbed his arm and another one of the Keori, De Veerin, grabbed his other arm. "Keenon! Control yourself! I do not want to use my Gift on you, but I will if I have to!" He looked at her and then stopped trying to lunge at Carlie and pulled his mate along with him as he left furiously. His mate hissed at Carlie as they left and Carlie made a certain hand gesture at Taren, she jerked against Keenon's hold on her wrist, and he held tighter as he dragged her away.

"Taren, control yourself." Cristelby said, and then looked at me. "Hello. It is nice to finally meet you, Carlieen." Carlie laughed bitterly. "It's Carlie, not Carlieen. Who are you, girl? Sorry for being rude, but I don't like being draged away from my mate and my home." Carlie said with an irritated and furious false smile, still trying to excape Firon's restraining arms. "I am Christelby." the girl said. Carlie burst into laughter and the girl grew irritated.

Christelby ran to Carlie and had her hand on Carlie's throught and was lifting her a few inches into the air. Carlie stopped laughing and stared in fear at the girl. The girl put her down and returned to her post at the chair. "I am more irritated than usual. Because of you, I had to cancel three executions." the girl told her. "Executions? Your what? Thirteen?" Carlie said, disbelivingly. "No, I am twelve." The girl said. "How do you rule an empire if you are twelve? How do you even know how?" "I was always royal. I am Arema and Johnathan Kelt's daughter." She said with a discusted frown, like she resented any conection to them. "Kelt... Your parents were murdered, right? They were the rulers of that kingdom that fell after the only desendant left went missing. I remember the saying and the poem that went along with it. As thou family of Kelt tis cursed, family passing one by one until thou parents lie ill and weak until thou, too, lay dead was the saying. Do you know who murdered your parents?" "Never connect me in any way to them!" She yelled, abruptly furious. "But, yes, they were murdered. My old kingdom fell after I disapered a week after I started ruling." "Do you know who killed the queen and king? Everyone had no clue." Carlie told her. "Of course I know. No one would ask me, though. They all thought I was completly oblivious to anything that connected me to their death."

"Who killed them, then?" Carlie asked her. "I did." she replied "You are only twelve! How could you kill two people?" Carlie said with plain disbelieve. "Kill two? Who said anything about two? I had already killed both my sisters and my brother! I killed my oldest sister, Lilyth, first, then my brother Eric, and next was Anhelica. They all displeased me in some way. Lilyth was always so superior. It grated on my nerves. Eric was so self abzorbed. Anhelica never spent time with me. And worse, they all got attention from my parents. I admit, I was selfish. I wanted all the attention. I wanted all the villagers eyes to follow me, not them. Lilyth was pretty and had the most extravigant blonde hair. Eric had skin that was tan and perfect. Anhelica had the most friends and admirers. But no one cared about me. I was black haired and not tan in the least. I was paler than most people I ever knew. I had no friends or admirers. Then again, who would want them? They are usually a waste of time." She asked retoricly.

Then she broke of and looked toward the door at a guard. His expretion was strangly blank and unaware. "Fenen, could you bring me a human, please? I am thirsty. Oh, and could you tell Memory to erase the captives memories. It's annoying to have then keep yelling when I go in there to kill them." After Fenen had returned with a human and Christelby had drained him of his blood she looked toward Carlie again.

"When you are going in there to kill some of them, does it not accur to you that they might yell?" Carlie asked Christelby. "I like to hear then scream when I kill them, but usually they will yell things about how I killed their friend or mate or something of that sort." "Why did your parents not notice that your a psyco maniac?" Carlie asked her. Christelby smiled. "Only when I pulled out the knife to stab them to death." After about three minutes, a woman came in. She had brown hair and the bright blue eyes that were identical to Christelby's. The woman, who Carlie took to be Memory, told Christelby that she had done what she had wanted her to do while her scent filled the air. "Thank you, Memory. You are of much help to me." "It was no problem. I am happy to serve you. Who is this, Christelby?" Memory went and circled Carlie. "This is the woman I had Keenon and Taren go get. They said she put up quite the fight." Then Carlie spoke. "They new have seven new bite marks from me and nine from my husband. I told you I don't like being dragged away from my home and my mate. And who do you care, wacko?" The woman left after smiling speriorly at Carlie.

"Who is the annoying one? And you start choking me and then you go and thank someone. Explaination, please?" Carlie asked. "The 'annoying one' is Memory. Her real name is Keynna, but we call her Memory because she can erase human and vampiric memories. Her gift is flawed though; if you have a stong enough reminder, like a name, or past experience, your memories come back. I usually have nick-names for my soldiers. Much like you would for pets. Well, they sort of are my pets."

"But to get back at the matter at hand. I have things to do and people to see." She said after glancing at a text message on her phone, "I had Keenon and Taren kidnap you because I wanted to ask you personally if you would join me. Your Gift would help me and you could learn how to control it better. There are only two others with your Gift, Elijah and Areia. I would let you and Andrew stay here with me. We could protect you from everyone. I promise I will not use my Gift of mind control to influence your decition." "I don't want to come live here. I have my family already." Carlie said and then fled the building and never returned.

Being eternaly seventeen meant I would have to go to school. . . again and again. I spent the first year as a vampire getting used to being a vampire and learning to act human. I had been through high school so much that I didn't bother to pay attention to the teacher besides when they ask me a question.

I wish I could simply just skip school. If I didn't go the police would come to my house and with a vampire family that would be very difficult, especialy for Cyrus, since he has a very hard time being a vegetarian like the other six of us Veaina's, even though he is older than both me and Isy. He had tasted human blood before but, unlike my oldest sister, still stayed comitted to our way of life. But we could see the difference; he is always so careful to stay away from temptation. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. I bet Rosie would force him to stay home and not go to school if it wasn't for the police. Even then, Rosie fought yearly to keep him at home. She didn't care about any law when it came to her precious Cyrus.

We can't just not go to school. It's for the officer's safety, not ours. They would come to investigate why we weren't in school and find out that they should never yell at Rosie's precious Cyrus. If any cop yelled at Cyrus, my sister Rosie would compleatly flip, like when a snottie girl in school had just insulted him.

The four of us- Cameron, Cyrus, Isy, and I- had to restrain Rosie and get her to calm down. I only got her attention off the human because I called to her using a name she hated. "Rosielynn!" I yelled. Then Rosie was so mad, she started speaking Spanish. She keep telling us to let go and threatening us, in English and Spanish. "Let me go, AnnaBelleisia! Suéltame! Suéltame, o así me lo haré! Let GO! IsaBelleina, get off! Suéltame!" I let go of her and Cameron took over for me quickly, while Cyrus stood stunned. My arm came across Isy's stomach as she luched toward Rosie, ready to attack her, and I pulled her away from Rosie. Isy reacted even fiercer than me when she was called by her full name. "Don't ever call me that." IsaBelle hissed, fighting me furiously. I cussed out loud. "Rosie! You know how she reacts to that!" I said, then cussed again. Cryus stepped into Rosie's face, still restraining her shoulders; his face displayed no fear, then again, even as mad as she was, Rosie would never hurt her love. "Calmati, Rosie. Va tutto bene. Non male la ragazza." He said, looking into her eyes, talking to her in Italian because no one besides my family would understand what Cyrus was saying. Our school then didn't offer Italian classes, only Spanish. She stopped resisting, but Cameron was still holding on to her. She looked at Isy. "Mi dispiace, IsaBelle. Vi prego di perdonarmi per chiamare dal vostro nome completo." She apologized, still speaking Italian, saying she was sorry for using her full name, and then she turned to me. "Mi dispiace, AnnaBelle. Vi prego di perdonarmi per chiamare dal vostro nome completo, anche." She apologized to me.

I called Andrew and he came and took us out of school. Rosie kept her head just enough to know to keep her mouth shut so no one could see her fangs and only opened her mouth when she was facing us and no one could see them. From then on, everyone avoided us even more and cringed when Rosie or any of us came close and it was better that way.

For one, we could live in peace and I did not have to have boys asking me out on dates every day. I must have said no at least three hundred times. And second, we are dangerous to humans, they shy away from us for a reason they could not explain to their selfs. They think we are weird and are usually always jealous of us and our looks. School was still not one of my favorite places.

School was very annoying to go to. Not to mention the major migraine we vampires get from being in the sun for more than thirty minutes. And we also had to do strange things when it came to certain subjects and projects. One day, while Isy and I walked to Science, we sighed. Today they were having everyone check if their blood sugar was too low or too high and Isy and I were going to have to act out to protect our family from being exposed. As we entered the room, we sat at our lable and looked as if it was any other day. Mr. Cunner told us what we were doing and Isy and I pretended to ignore him. We looked at him after a few minutes, when her was holding the small tool that stabbed your skin to check your blood sugar levels.

When he showed our side of the room, we fell out of our seats on purpose, but made it look like an accident, and kept our eyes locked on the needle-like object with expretions of horror on our faces. Mr. Cunner was looking at us, confused. We scooted backward as fast as we could and still look human and stopped when we hit the wall. We were breathing rapidly and still staring at the needle. It was all an act and we played it many times before. When he came toward us with the needle thing still in his hand. We got up and continued to back away from him. "IsaBelle? AnnaBelle? Is everything okay?" he said, trying to figure out what was wrong with us.

"Stay away from us!" Isy rashed out, sounding terrified.

IsaBelle pushed a button on her watch. The button called Andrew and Carlie. After about thirty seconds, there was a squeal of brakes outside, and then Carlie and Andrew burst threw the door, Carlie scanning for us, Andrew looking for the source of the call. Carlie and Andrew were also acting. She looked at the needle and then at us, backed into the wall. Andrew went and repeatedly told to put the needle away and that it was why we were acting this way. Carlie ran over to us when she saw us on the floor. Andrew said "They were physicly and emotionally abused by their parents." He gestured to us furiously, still cringing in terror on the floor, "Can you guess now what their parents favorite method of abuse was? Needles, that's what! Now their both belonephobic! Now put that away! Do you know how much therapy they had to go through, to even trust anyone besides each other? Three years! They spent three years locked in that stupid recovering prison! Doctors were amazed that they even recovered that far!" Andrew yelled. "It's okay. Relax. He won't hurt you. Relax. Come on. Follow me. Come on, Isy. Follow me, Annie. No one will ever hurt you ever again." Carlie told us. I was cluching at her shirt and IsaBelle was cluching me. Carlie dragged us out and Andrew helped her. We clung to Carlie and Andrew hard, still staring at Mr. Cunner like he was theatening to kill us. When we were outside and the door was shut, Carie told us that we did good and that it was very believable. "Same for you, Mom." Isy and I told her together. "We should be good-" IsaBelle said. "-We have had tons of practice." I finished for her. They smiled. "You know the drill. We will pull you guys out for the rest of the week, and then you act all-" Then we finshed her together. "-Jumpy and paniced. We have done this about thirty million times already." We both answered. When we got home, my family was already there.

My family is very weird, Rosie is with Cyrus and IsaBelle was with the annoying Cameron, though only IsaBelle and I are actually related. Another weird thing: My parents had never freaked out over having Isy and Rosie have mates.

None of us, beside IsaBelle and I, were even created by the same vampire. IsaBelle and I were created by an unknown man, Rosie was created by Keynna, or as the Keori call her, Memory, Cyrus was created by Firon, and Cameron was created by Klux.

We come from very different backgrounds, even. Isy and I are British, Cameron is English, Cyrus is Irish,- even though his hair was not red at all- and Rosie is from Columbia. My parents were English like Cameron.

All Cameron talks about is Isy, Isy this and Isy that, it gets really annoying after about ninety years. IsaBelle loves all the attention so I put up with it for her. He even followed her every second at school. Well, he did when he saw her.

Usually when vampires get together they will rip each others throats out, so my family of seven is one of the largest in existance. The only other vampires we knew of that had more than seven people was the Keori.

I was laying on the grass outside next to Isy. She turned toward me.

"Do you want to-" She started to ask me, and then I finished.

"Go hunting? Sure. North Forest?" I asked.

"Cool. We could go swimming later, if you want to." I suggested. The water was cold already because it was late September, but as the heat and cold did not affect vampires, it was a plausable idea to go swimming in water that was sixty degrees.

"Keiraa River? You remember, the one where Rosie was found? Rosie's full name is pretty, though. I don't know why she doesn't like it. Rosielynn Keiraa Veaina." Isy thought about that for a second.

"That river is why her middle name is Keiraa. You remember the story? She spoke Spanish when Carlie found her. She had accidently boarding a ship and then-" Isy said.

"-She remembers waking up by the Keiraa river. She told Carlie the name of the boat and it was from Columbia. We should go to the Keiraa because we can acually swim there without being noticed." I finished with a smile. IsaBelle rolled her eyes. Then she smiled at the sky.

That was the thing with my sister, she was always so perky and always so happy, never a glum day, never a problem, always a smile on her face. To other people it was kind of weird, for how could anyone be that perky and happy in this cruel, heartless world that we live in today? To me this is the usual Isy attitude. I sometimes called her Miss. Vampire-Happy-Pill, or just Energy for short. She sometimes called me Miss. No-Smiles, or just Downer. The only thing that would make Isy not smile is if one of our family members got hurt or if she was not near me for over five minutes at a time. Her temper was more easily set off than mine, and she had a more happy outlook on life.

It was six already, and we decided to go to the forest North of my house outside of Anderson, California.

The North Forest was a lush green that only the previous rains could have brought, I could see everything, the tiny droplets of water on the bright, heathy, green leaves to the molicule sized dust mites dancing gracefully in the bright light. The sun was shining through the clouds giving the forest a fairy-tale sort of look and feel to it. Everything smelled like plants and fresh rain water. I had to focus on the smell of animals like I did when I was a month old newborn to be able to find a lone bear without so many distractions. One was by the thin river to the west, an easy target for me to handle. I came up from behind the dark brown bear in order to avoid the claws that would definetly claw my loose blue jeans and favorite grass-green shirt to shreds. I waited for him to turn away and focus on hunting fish to spring at him, it was easy. I pinned him down on his stomach and bit his neck, where the blood flowed the thickest, cutting through the fat and muscle, the blood felt warm, warm and delicious. Almost addictive, in a way. It was hot and metalic and sort of rusty. It warmed my insides like hot chocolate I had when I was human, exept the heat did not touch my stomach, but ran more towards my arms and legs. It had only taken me about ten seconds to kill my prey, it would only take me another fifty seconds to drain it. Isy screeched my name.

"Annie!" To any person that did not know us would think somebody was dying for someone to screech like that.

"I'm coming, just calm down, Isy." I answered when I had fully drained my kill. I was shaking, an immediate reaction to being apart from my sister for too long. Even if too long was a mere few minutes.

It was only too easy for me to follow my scent back to my Hummer. When I reached my car, Isy gave me a hug that would have killed the strongest human alive. She was shaking badly, this would have almost been a separation breakdown in less than thirty seconds if I hadn't arrived. I realized I was shaking badly too. We can never be apart for too long.

Isy and I were so much alike and even like colors that go very well with each other. I would die if she did. Or at least I would find a way to. Our foster mother called us "Inceperable" and "Two of a kind." It was true, we are inceprable. Our biological mother just said we were "annoying" and a waste of her precious time. We are not two halves, we are one. This disturbed me for some reason I could not grasp.

Tommarow was school and we had a quiz, we had one every Monday and Wednesday. Carlie had gone to the office to talk to the principal about rearanging our scedules to where we were in every class together. I still remember what she said, the day was cold and it was raining. The red-haired assistant looked up from her work and Carlie smiled.

"I am here to speak to the principal." She innformed the assisant.

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes. It will be under Veanina."

"Of course."The assistant smiled warmly. "Of course. Only a rich Veanina could look like that. I bet they have all had tons of plastic surgery. Perfect kids with perfect records. Those kids are good for nothing wastes of space, I think." She said so quietly that a human would not have been able to make it out. Carlie's eyes turned to slits and I knew she was having trouble with controling her fury. No one should ever insult us in front of Carlie. After her fury was under control, she met with principal Henks.

"Hello, I'm Carlie. I am here to discuss IsaBelle's and AnnaBelle's schedule."

"Of course. It's nice to meet you, Carlie."

"My daughters have problems with their schedules. AnnaBelle and IsaBelle have seperation issues, so they need to take every class together and also sit by each other."

"I am afraid I don't understand why they need to be together." Principal Henks told her. Carlie sighed.

"When IsaBelle and AnnaBelle were with their real parents, they were abused. More or less tourtuered, really. During that time they became each others only protection so that lead to extreme seperation issues. They completly go into a panic attack when they are away from each other. They are two of a kind that's for sure." Carlie smiled and used a persuasive tone to get him to do what she wanted.

"I will see what I can do for you. Although, there is another problem with them."

"And what is that?"

"I have of their tests with me and it seems to appear that they are cheating off one another." He showed Carlie some of our tests.

"They don't cheat. They think very alike. We had the same problem at our old school. The teachers put them in sepperate rooms and made them take a test with one hundred problems. They answered each question the same."

"I see. The teachers at Anderson Union High School have never had this problem before."

"You have never delt with twins that depend on each other for everything. Thank you for what you have done for me. I truly appriciate it. I have get back to my house now. You would not know how messy it can get with five teens in the house. I hated to see my eldest kids go, but it made the house a whole lot cleaner."

"Goodbye, then." He said.

Without another word, Carlie left Mr. Henks trying to organize his thoughts.

In the morning, I as usual drove my green Hummer with the blue racing stripes to school and IsaBelle sat in the passenger seat. Rosie took her hot pink Volvo. She usualy took her white and hot pink striped Ford truck, using the Volvo quite rare for her. She was probly in a bad mood. Mental note: stay AWAY from Rosie today. Rosie mad is dangerous. In the morning we went to Biology first. We all took out our pencils and cleared off our desks. After the quiz on bacteria, we watched a video on how bacteria grow. Most of the class ignored the video and talked quietly to their neighbors. I just read, I love to read, reading can take you to different places and let you explore different worlds. It is somewhat magical. The rest of my day went by fast, not even a test on Hamlet today. When I got home Carlie and Andrew were dancing the Walts, Carlie and Andrew love to dance to classic music. They were always so graceful and emitted serenity. Rosie came in the room holding hands with Cyrus.

"Hi, Rosie. What's the latest prank, Cyrus?" I said. Everyone always asked what the latest prank was when we talked to Cameron or Cyrus.

"Watch and find out." Cyrus said. This is what they usually replyed.

"Dance off, Mom?"

"You bet, Rosielynn."

"It's on, Mom, and you know I don't like being called Rosielynn, it's so . . . so weird." Rosie scrunched up her nose.

"Fine, Rosie."

First they danced the Tango and then the Walts again. Eventually Mom won.

"Again Rosie?"

"You have a contest."
"Sure, Rosielynn."
"I think your full name is pretty, Rosie."
"I don't!"
"Should we Mumbo or continue our disscusion?"

"Bring it on, Mom!"

By the time I got to my room there was Mumbo music going on downstairs.

Apperently, Rosie took the Volvo because she wanted to see how it felt to drive a car off a cliff and her white and hot pink Truck went the fastest. Since vampires can't get killed any other way than poisoning us with another vampire's venom, it didn't hurt her. Rosie says it was "So awesome!" and that she is going to get a new Chevrolet tommorow. Great. Another car to run off a cliff. For the fifth time.

We each can have three cars, if we had any more our gigantic garage would break, we kids have fifteen cars all together, while Mom & Dad only have two each. So in our garage we have nineteen cars. I just have a Hummer, a Ford, and a Chevrolet. All my cars are green with two blue racing stripes down the middle, while Isy's cars are all blue with two green racing stripes down the middle. Rosie, being the best girly-girl possible, all her cars have hot pink on most of the body. Cyrus had all his cars painted pitch black to match his hair with his name wrote in silver on the hood. Cameron's cars are all painted white with ocean blue stripes across the sides for Isy, he is so the most annoying Isy-consumed person I will ever know. My mother's cars are royal purple and my dad's are red.

It was morning before they postponed the dance off, at least until after school. Rosie promised she would not give in until she won a match. It was just so . . . Rosie to battle until she won. My sister's personality was something else. Super girlie, violent, and protective were her main qualites. What surprised me the most was when she found a mate who could adapt to her personality and live with her and not go mad. I loved my sister dearly, but she was always confusing me.

The thing was Cyrus and Rosie were perfect for each other even though they are opposites in some cases, identical in others. Rosie is violent and Cyrus is calm. Rosie is girlie and is always talking about her clothes, her hair, and her nails and it doesn't bother Cyrus at all. They both like weapons and they both love to dance like everyone in my family. They are both protective, though; never will I see the day when Rosie or Cyrus will get insulted and the human not pay the price for their huge mistake. The human wouldn't get killed if we got to Rosie or Cyrus fast enough. Hopefully.

Also Isy and Cameron were different from each other. Isy was mature and not very into video games, while Cameron can't live without his video games. Cameron talks about games all day and Isy spends her day helping me clean the house. Isy was always happy and helping people and Cameron was always playing games too much to pay attention to anything.

In Biology, as usual, we read another boring chapter on how the Bacteria live on surfaces for days and what they eat. The door opened and he walked in. I very nearly fainted. Which is impossible, vampires don't sleep, or faint. He was wearing white leather shoes and loose blue jeans with a green and white striped shirt with a collar. He looked like a male angel. I couldn't look away. He was definetly a vampire, no human could be that paper-pale or have the face of an angel so divine.