Summary; Who could have induced Ravenwood's greatest 'jester' into holding abstruse feelings of love and admiration for someone? Summary is liable to change.

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.:RavenWood Jester:.

Some people- - -experts at moving, say moving to a new country is never easy. Leaving all you've ever known and loved behind, leaving the place where you we're born, as well as all your friend's behind leaving them heavy-hearted at the loss. Well, they now have my full belief. Packing is hard. Leaving? I'm not so sure in my case. I can't really describe my emotions towards the concept quiet yet. It's just a dull throb, yet spiked with a little, just a little, ecstatic mix. Sad, yet happy? I'm guessing so.

Now back to my case. I almost had no friends back in my old school in Kansas. Why? Irene Wittly, one of my friends, moved away before I did. Tristan Lenareces and Brody Zimmer both got into a fatal car accident a year after Irene moved. Both passed away quickly. Those three people I grew up with, my three best friends I've known since the begining of school we're now gone, blown away like sand. Irene calls me every once in a while, but that's as far as it goes.

At the moment, I'm riding in the back seat of my sisters cool air-conditioned jeep and watching as the scenery outside drifted by almost serenely. We we're just entering this little dreary, dank hick town in Idaho called RavenWood. It was now at the moment shrouded by dark purple rain clouds. That's got to be welcomeing, the first day I get to my new home - -for now, it rains. It's like this town is saying very clearly;

"Valencia, go away!"

I had to chuckle at my silly thoughts.

My sister stirred in the drivers seat in front of me. I had untimely broken the silence, I noticed. Darn.

She chuckled a litte faintly and started talking distractedly. "Those better be giggles of excitement, Valencia."

I rolled my blue-gray eyes good-naturedly. "Oh they are, you have nooo idea..." I said in the most sarcastic, humorous tone I could muster up. I didn't realize how loud I was, because the next minute my sister was hushing me.

"Shhh! Fool, I don't want you to wake Lance." I cringed a little and flicked my gaze momentarily to my sister's bearded boyfriend in the passengers seat, puffing out a soft snore every once in a while through his open mouth. One time I asked my sister while road-tripping here, having been in a very humorous mood;

"Melody, does Lance's beard tickle you when he kisses you?"

She replied with a mischievious smile, "Yes, but that's what makes it even better."

"Ha, sorry." I said sheepishly, snapping back to the present. I silently continued to look out the window that was now streaming with rain-drops. I was quickly lost in my thoughts again.

An hour and a half later, we finally arrived at my sisters humble abode, and I would say humble in every sense of the word. It took us a good ten minuets to drive down her curvy, long dirt driveway that was surrounded by conifer trees and oaks on each side. Once we turned another corner her house became visible, and let me just say I was astounded and was caught gawking for several minuets.

The house was built firmly with red chalky bricks, a quaint western stature. It was also bigger than I imagined it. The house had impressive front stone steps leading up onto the raised stone patio with lovely white rails boardering around it. On either side of the wide steps were two huge white granite pillars. I could also make out many glass windows high and low, noting how it had at least three stories.

I smiled widely.

I seriously didn't expect this from my sister. I knew she adored western things, but I have not seen her since she moved to Idaho with her boyfriend.

What I expected, sadly, was that she would be living in a small seasonal camper.

Melody parked the jeep and all three of us sat in silence, besides Lance's snoreing, which had become notably louder. The rain outside had stopped, my sister had also mentioned that it would usually rain once a week, give or take, and only last five minuets. Melody opened the door, and I did the same and stepped out into the open. immediately I was hit with a very strong scent of rain, sage-brush, and dust. Mixed.

"You'll get used to it." Melody chimed and whisked around to the trunk where my belongings we're stowed. I leaned against the jeep and watched her, amused.

"Oh, you're just going to love it here! We can hang out every day, I can braid your hair, we can go get ice-cream together. . ." She rambled on like that for three minuets while dragging my stuff out nonchalantly.

I coughed loudly to get her attention, and when she looked at me I chuckled wryly. "I'm not a little kid anymore, Melody."

She laughed and threw one of my larger suitcases at me, which I barely caught and stumbled with. "Alright then! You're a big kid! Now, what is the first thing this big kid- - -" she paused to pinch my cheek, "Should do first?"

I smiled faintly and mumbled from behind the suitcase in my arms. "Unpack?"

"That's a start! Now go, I'll wake Lance and he will help with the other things." She ushered me with a push towards her house and I silently complied.

Once all my stuff was inside the house, Lance moved everything - -being the gentleman that he was - - to my new room upstairs.

Melody turned to me with a more sober look, a sad look that I seen before. "You will not regret living here, I promise. I've got you enrolled already to RavenWood High School, mom and dad would be so proud of you for sticking to this and not complaining."

Then, she puffed up humorously. She was never one for sad moments. "And proud of me also, of course!"

We both shared a laugh, and hour later Melody and Lance made dinner, ate, then I headed upstairs and threw myself with a huff onto my new bed which was a little too small for me. Besides that, I fell asleep instantly, my thoughts turning into dreams. My favorite place? My dreams.