My life is a road. So many twist and turns that you forget where the straight lines are. The happy parts. By the time you're ready to enjoy them, they've already past, and you're back to being miserable again. I relied on hope. And it consumed, and ruined me. I hoped that everything would turn out alright; I hoped that I would never make mistakes and look where that got me. At the dead end part of life. Now I'm stuck, hoping to find a way out. I'm hoping that doing what got me in to this mess is going to get me out. But I know it won't. My life has hit a dead end. I have no one to help me, no faith to turn to. All I have is hope. And hope is the thing that ruined me.

When riding on life's road, you want to have a safe driver on the wheel. If you don't it can be very dangerous, and every crash is another thing taking you apart. One crash is divorce, another is bankruptcy and foreclosure, and another could be a loss of a family member. Hope starts out as a good driver, but when it gets full control, that's when the crashes start.

I'm not saying it's not good to hope. Hope can be good at times, it helps you cope and sometimes it can actually happen. But when you turn hope into a gambling game that is when you start losing the bets. Over and over and over again. Now that you know, I have a question no one wants to answer. Have you let hope consume you?

Written for the Review Game's Writing Challenge Contest. This is actually an edited excerpt from a future story of mine, so if you see this in another story, that is where I got it from.

EDIT: I edited it to make it longer, and I changed the name, but it is still the same story.