Mum stood up and walked over to the sink to wash the dishes from the lovely mother's day dinner we had just eaten; I stood as well and walked the rest of the seasonings and sauces to the cupboard.

"Thanks for the yummy dinner Mum," I said smiling and hugging her for at least the eighteenth time today.

"Well either my phone is going off or my butt's vibrating," I said pulling my phone out of my back pocket.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone, going towards the bedroom for better reception.

"Stop celebrating with her! I'm your real mother," A strange female voice said.

"What? Who is this?" I asked confused.

"I told you who I am, your real mother!" She said as if out of breath.

"Now do as I say and get out of the house. Then you will"- I cut her off before even more craziness used up my credit.

"No! Why should I trust some random that called my phone and seemed to know that I'm with my mother!" I whispered so my Mum wouldn't hear me.

"She isn't you mother!" She waited for a response but I couldn't speak.

"I am. Now please listen. After you're out of the house you need to run as fast as you can down the street and to the bus stop on the main road, believe me your supposed mother is a fast runner, at the bus stop there will be a woman. Do everything she does, get off at the same stop and sit directly opposite her. Have you got it?" She finished, taking a deep breath.

"How can I trust you?" I asked kind of breathless myself.

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins in fast and hard throbs.

"Trust the truth or the lies Natalie, it's all your choice," She said calming me down by 0.000000000001%, which did not help at all!

"What if you lying? What if you're some sort of child catcher or something? What if she really is my Mum?" I asked, I was full of questions but I knew I would be able to think of them later.

"Then… You would have probably have gained her running skills. If you stay there with her you will likely die,"

I gasped and dropped the phone. She was behind me I knew it, I decided to act dumb. It got most people out of bad things right?

"Natalie is everything alright?" Mum asked from behind me.

I spun and dropped to the floor, she came down with me, attempting to shake me out of my fake shock.

"There was a woman on the phone, she said you weren't my mother and that she was," I whispered.

"Oh dear! People these days, they'll do anything won't they!" she said standing up and walking to her bookshelf.

I saw something glint in her hand; I stood up and started to back into the wall behind me. She turned around to reveal the sharp real knife in her hand. I started to scream as loud as humanly possible. Then there was a crash at the door and the figure of a woman busted in.

"Miss me?" The woman said.

She looked exactly like me! Same brown hair and eyes, same figure and face, just a few years older. My supposed non mother which I completely believe now! Lunged backwards and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me up so I was on my feet. She had the knife at my throat and her nails were digging into my scalp. I screamed again, so she pushed the knife harder.

"Your choice Emily," She said whilst pulling a cloth out of her pocket.

She started dragging me backwards, Emily stayed still with her hands in the air. The freak with the knife yanked the drawer out with her foot and pulled a bottle out. I started struggling; she wasn't going to drug me was she? I looked at Emily for help, she considered staking a step but then she was given a look by the kidnapper holding me. She pulled her arms around my waist tight so she could put the liquid onto the cloth. I kicked out trying to find the wall, once I had found it I pushed onto it sending us both flying to the bed. I flopped down and she landed on top of me. I tried to roll off the bed but she had already place the cloth over my mouth. I tried to hold my breath but failed and breathed in the sickly scent.

My head was already spinning and my legs and arms flailing limply beside me. Everything went black slowly, but it must have been really fast in reality. The two women had started to fight again and I finally heard someone fall to the floor. There was talking then, a lot of it. There were more than just three people in the room now; somehow I had been moved, without really noticing I groaned aloud.

"Is she hurt?"

Was all I heard before completely blacking out.

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