Chapter 2 (Because I was bored lol) Hope you guys like it :D New and improved as well :D hehe xx

My eyes cracked open as I sat up only to find that this was not my bed and either was the room. I looked around and found a wooden table with a lamp on it and a glass of water. It was then that I realized how thirsty I was. I reached for the glass and gulped it all down as fast as I could.

I looked around for a door so I could find out where the hell I was. My vision was still very fuzzy but I managed to crawl around the walls of the room until I found a door. I yanked on it hard but it wouldn't come free. I banged on the door until the door itself flew open sending me stumbling out of it.

Strong arms caught me and I struggled in them, trying to wriggle out of the hold. I was spun around and dragged backwards down a long and wide hallway. I could see enough now, other than just seeing the shapes.

I tried to scream but a hand was over my mouth by the time I opened it. The hallway had metal floor and surrounding it were many doors, the walls were plain grey wallpaper. We came through some double doors that lead into a larger room, this room wasn't as prison like, and it was long and had many other people in it.

Where was I? I gave up struggling and slumped into the guy's arms. He seemed relieved, so I took this to my advantage and quickly dashed out of his arms and to the doors.

I had no idea where I was going, there was so many doors, so I picked the ones that weren't unlocked. I didn't pay much attention to the rooms as I ran. I came to an open door and could hear voices as I crept closer.

"Has she woken up yet?" A woman's voice asked.

"No, not that I've heard," a man's voice replied.

"I could find out though for you," he added.

I peeked around the corner to get a look, only to find the woman that had taken me and the man that I heard when I was drugged. Seeing that I was still very un-coordinated I tripped on my own foot trying to get a better look. I caught myself but I was now exposed to two very surprised looking people.

"Mam," the man said as I froze into place.

"Yes Kyle?" the woman asked smiling and still watching me.

"I think she's awake."

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