Chapter 1: Good Little Girl

SE·CRET noun\'sē-krət\

1 : something kept hidden or unexplained: MYSTERY

2 : something kept from the knowledge of others or shared only confidentially with a few

Everyone has secrets – some shallow and irrelevant, others dark, dirty and seductive. The latter ones would be those that you struggle the hardest to stay concealed.

I had no secrets. What was there to uncover? My life was an open book, as boring as boring went. I had a middle-class upbringing with a family who put the Brady Bunch to shame. High grades all throughout school and lucky enough to enter the top state university. After college, I got accepted into a large local corporation and worked my way up to become a training manager. I was now engaged to be married to my long-time boyfriend John. Even my long-sleeved sweaters and almost austere ponytail lent credibility to my perfectly normal, decent, if a bit dull, life.

I had no secrets. Or at least that's what I always said, perhaps even more than necessary. But like all good little girls, I lied. I did have one. One and only one secret.

His name was Luke.