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Author's Note: I decided to take a mini-break from "Always" and go for what I specialize in..WWII. I hate first person, but I felt it necessary. It's taken from the POV of a Swedish Lapphund. What life was life for Danish Jews during the Holocaust. This was kind of based on a fanfiction, and that was based on Friedrich by Hans Peter Richter. Although I haven't read the book, it seems great!

December, 1937
Hands that smelled of dog food gently picked me up and held me tight. The smiling girl with shoulder-length brown hair and bright, blue eyes held me close with all the love in the world. She, the girl who most addressed as Emilie, led me to where a man with a top hat stood, also grinning at me. He wore a navy blue coat and had eyes that were as dark as tree-bark. Beside him was a woman who wore a flowery skirt with a bandana which pulled her black hair back. Both were covered in cold, white flakes.
"Thank you!" the man said, as the woman nodded her approval while tugging a scarf around her neck. I whimpered as the man took me, and the woman carefully put her right hand out and stroked my neck. Her soft and wool glove felt good to my neck. The trio idly talked for the boring minutes that seemed like hours.
After their chat, the man, whom was still holding me, walked out the door with the woman. As soon as he stepped outside, I understood why the woman wore the scarf. The white, flakey, and cold objects pierced my black fur as I continued to whimper and shiver for my mommy as a dumb old cat would.
The woman seemed to enjoy my laugh, for she said, "It's snow!"
They led me into a car; something Emilie had. I sat in the backseat, lazily throwing myself down on the woman's lap.
The man, who was driving, laughed. "Sarah, do we have ourselves a handful?"
The woman, Sarah, agreed and replied, "Kurt, Hashem gives no one more then they can bare!"
Kurt and Sarah; so that was what these strangers were named! Sarah picked me up so she looked directly into my brown eyes. "Do you think Annalise will like her?"
"Annalise will love her. She loves puppies." Kurt reassured as he halted to a stop in a cold garage.
The woman wrapped a blanket around me before getting out and placing me in a bright blue box. Kurt sat with me as Sarah walked inside where a little girl was bouncing at what was presumably her mother. Sarah returned, ushering us inside. The man picked my box up and headed indoors, while a young girl, maybe 7 or 8 in human years, was closing her eyes with a toothy grin.
"En, to, tre!" the man and woman said together; the Danish words for "One, two, three!"
The girl opened her eyes and jumped up and down. "A puppy! What's her name?"
"That would be up to you." Sarah said, thankful the little girl was joyful.
"Hanukkah." the girl said as her brown hair swirled in her face. With her papa's help, she pulled me out of the box and held me while she whispered in my ear, "Happy Hanukkah!"