The Birth of the Spirit

Behold, the morning dawned

And all was new in my sight

I beheld the True beginning of all things

Of all things that truly were.

And lo, in front of me were two gates

Two gates in a field

I heard the call of the gates

Before they were as nothing,

For I had walked on a path

Not truly of my own will

And one of these gates was life

And the Light shone clearly therein

And one of these gates surely was destruction and death

And fog was there, giving way to darkness.

Two paths lay behind the gates

One wide and curved, its way unclear

And I could see a little along the path

(A little, for this knowledge was granted to me

by the one who had created my dawn

the dawn of this morning, the dawn of a True life)

The path indeed had all manners of vegetation

There were vines and weeds and wildflowers

They all had great beauty, but I perceived

(again, not of myself, but the one who made the dawn)

I perceived that such beauty was vain.

And behold, I also saw no fruit, and this mystery perplexed me but for a moment.

And I turned mine eyes to the other gate, that other path.

And I beheld that path to be straight, but also narrow.

Few had trodden that path, and I desired to know why.

For I saw along the path

And along that path was order.

Vines, shrubs, and trees with no transient beauty.

And lo! I saw vines of silver and gold, entangling themselves with the trees

And I marveled in silence, my eyes seeking out other mysteries

But, on this path, there was fruit!

This, I did not understand, but to it to mean something.

And much of what I saw were mysteries, beyond my understanding.

And the gates spoke to me.

They each promised me life

But one said I would be happy, the other that I would be filled with joy.

The one said the earth and those of it would love me.

The other said the earth and those of it would hate me and despise me, and think

me a fool.

And I desired to know why all these things were.

And the gate, the keeper of that gate, spoke.

"You are born of spirit, and are in the world, but not of the world."

And the meaning of the dawn and the meaning of the gates became clear to me.

And the gates were silent, granting unto me a vision of spirit and of Truth.

And I watched as the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and all those in
the sea

I watched as all life came to the gates.

And many, even multitudes walked through the large gate

And traveled along the wide path

And all seemed happy.

But then I beheld those who chose the small gate.

I beheld they that walked along the strait path.

And I saw them as unicorns

Such beauty of spirit and kinship I had not beheld.

And they were golden, bright as the moon, their manes and

Tails molten silver, purified by fire.

And I understood what the vision was

That I saw the spirit only, and not the body.

And I set my mind, and I chose that gate

To walk along the strait path.

And, behold, when I stepped through that gate I was changed.

Changed, like those others into the likeness of a unicorn.

The meaning I could feel, and thus almost understand.

And as I walked down the road in the early morning, it became clear to me.

And I stopped, and ate of the fruit and touched those vines.

And I was granted truth.

Those vines of silver and gold were wisdom and understanding.

And the fruit, fruit of the spirit-love, joy, peace, long-suffering,

gentleness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

And I knew the mystery of the road.

And all these were mine because I walked down the road to The Life.

Noon came.

The sun rose high in the sky as I traveled along the road.

And the land around me changed to desert,

And the road more difficult to travel.

I stumbled, but did not fall,

I faltered, but still I ran,

I travailed, but still I traveled the path that was given me.

So I cried out to the One who had set the foundations of the road.

And, behold, before me was that other road, also winding through the desert.

But the road was dead-those on it traveled easier, but the mystery was before

Still I did not understand.

I beheld the road I walked on, and saw the fruit thereof.

And I set my face against that other road,

But traveled along the way I had been going.

I walked along the road of Truth

And then, was lifted up and carried to an oasis.

And, behold. I found others like me.

Our speech was different, the language diverse

But we all understood, having communication of the Spirit.

(And, thenceforth, we walked together

we rested in him that had delivered us,

with one accord praising him)

And I walked in the spirit with them,

On our journey, some went before me

And some departed early, going on to That Place

And, sorrowing, some were tricked off the path

(But we could not be dissuaded from it,

praying earnestly for our brethren)

And some the angels came, and took away.

And night came, and fell upon us

And the stars were visible on this path along.

And still we walked, the stars guiding us in Truth

The way became clear to us

Yet again, the paths came together

And we beheld that the stars were not visible on that other path.

And the stars guided not that path.

And even, we were joined by some who could see the stars.

And we walked on together.

And midnight came, rising before us.

We beheld the end of our path

And saw the True gate

The gate was made from twelve stones

And we paused for a moment,

Beholding the gate

And we walked through,

Passing into True life.

And shedding the shadows around us.

Then the morning dawned and did not depart

And would not depart forevermore

And we saw great wonders, a likeness to what we had beheld on the path.

And we understood that the fruit was a shadow, all, all, were as shadows, except


(Save one, that is the Way, the Truth, and the Life)

There was the Living water, and the Tree of Life

And there was The Light, in the center of the city.

Once called Urusalim, or Salem, city of peace

Where it now exists perfectly, not as a shadow

And we dwelt there, in that city

In the presence and in the house of God forever.