Verve & Weakness

I wonder how many times

I need to cut out my eyes to keep myself from crying

Each and every time I die with you

Still I sigh

How to make me put up, get up

Put out, get out of my head

Kinda I want to stand before you

Hold your hand and guide it through

This mess of a torn out heart for you

My knees are cracked and bleeding

But I don't care

What sort of misery comes out of thin air

Tight enough to choke out the thoughts I had about you

Somehow lost

And isn't it nice to see you're pained by me

Pick it up dust it off lace it closer

Kiss the blood streaks

Apologizing with an iron soaked tongue

That's already rusted with your words

A smile that has crusted through

Never will I hold something to be true

The clots fall into the snow

Each one you'd never know how it was to need

Those small warm spots inside

But it spoiled

Slid out of control from beneath

These sheets on the bed

The ones I wrap around your pale sweet head

Kiss you tender, eyes so bare

Wish me well darling, with your stare

Soon enough is over & you aren't there

And isn't is nice that I finally can't care

(Fall 2001 ta)