Marie arrived at the hotel and noticed that Zach didn't pull into the circular driveway out front but to a less visible one in the back of it. He parked and both men got out of the car, with Dirk opening her door and telling her to get out.

She thought about refusing but figured they'd just drag her out and then they'd be even more pissed off at her while taking her back to Gunthor.

The thought of his name made her want to spit. She had no intentions of being his good little whore and getting up on the block to be sold off to one of his associates. But with Milan…her breath caught…she'd seen the car he'd been getting into just explode in front of her. It must have killed him or at least seriously injured him. Although she was sure he had a host of enemies, she knew that it had to be Gunthor who planted the bomb.

"You think I have time for one last quickie with her?"

Dirk said that laughing but Zach looked serious.

"Don't even joke about it. She's Gunthor's to do what he wants with and he wants to sell her and make a tidy profit back on his investment."

Dirk shook his head.

"I'd kept her myself, put more mileage into her."

Zach smirked.

"Better get any such thoughts out of your head," he said, "We had a job to do and if we got any fringe benefits out of it…then we were well compensated for our work."

"Still…you can always sell a woman like that after you're done enjoying her…"

Zach shrugged.

"To each his own…I'd rather sell fresher merchandise and get more money up front," he said, "but then running a business like this is tougher than it looks."

"I don't doubt that. You think a man like Gunthor made it without having to break some rules along the way?"

"Clearly he can live with it."

Marie listened to the two men talk without really paying attention to it. Her mind focused on what she'd do next to avoid being trussed up and paraded on display on that auction block. Unseen men behind tinted windows would be sizing her and her assets up before placing bids. Any of which could start a war driving the final price for her up.

She didn't have much time to think what she might do and without anyone to help her…with Milan…well he must certainly have died in that explosion. The man had been ruthless and even cruel the way he treated her but he'd helped her escape from Gunthor. Even if his motives had hardly been pure…if only she hadn't tried to escape him. Trusting him might have been out of the question but doing as he ordered might have prevented her recapture.

"Are you ready for what's to come bitch?"

She blinked her eyes and looked at Dirk who appraised her with a smirk. She just looked at him, her face neutral.

"I'm about as ready as I'll ever be," she said, "I've never been put up for sale before…"

He laughed at that.

"I bet you've never been fucked every which way but…not that you're not worth the time spent."

"You hardly complained," she said, "In fact you kept crying out how much you wanted it, how much you wanted me if I recall."

He paused, surprised at her boldness.

"I…don't remember," he said, "The boss said we had that one night with you before handing you over and I'm not one to pass up a good fuck."

She digested that and kept walking as they approached the elevator which went to the lower levels that didn't appear on any hotel schematic.

"We'll be there in a minute," Zach said, "I'm sure Gunthor will be most happy to see his whore returned to him."

The three of them waited for the elevator.

Gunthor looked at Stavros.

"She's on her way down," he said, "We'll have to get her ready."

Stavros smiled.

"I'll do that. It'll be the last thing I'll be able to do for her."

Gunthor arched his brow.

"You're not getting fond of her are you? Of course your type of affection is more dangerous."

Stavros shook his head.

"I don't get sentimental about her or any of them," he said, "It's all about business and I'll put my share of what she brings in to good use."

Gunthor appraised his associate knowing that he believed what he said, but Gunthor couldn't ever be too sure about any of his partners. After all, look what had happened with Milan. The man had put in a lot of years working in the trafficking trade and had gone rogue, turned traitor and had helped Marie escape.

Not that it'd done any good. By now, Milan had learned what it meant to cross him. The two men bringing Marie had told him that he'd been killed in that explosion. His feelings at issuing that final order had been mixed…after all he'd known Milan a long time but he learned that when someone betrayed him, a firm message had to be sent to everyone else of the consequences.

Gunthor felt certain that everyone in his organization had gotten the message of how it would be handled loud and clear.

Milan hotwired the new car, a nondescript Sedan and drove towards the hotel. He created a plan of action inside his head, modifying it to capitalize on the realization that news of his "death" had probably spread to Gunthor and the rest of them.

That window of opportunity wouldn't last long but he had full intention of exploiting it. He had to get Marie out of there before they auctioned her off to a new owner. Once that party left the hotel with her, it'd be much more difficult to follow the trail to get her back.

So he had to act quickly, having only a few hours at best.

He shook his head wondering why he bothered. Marie had been a trouble making pain in the ass ever since he crossed paths with her. He enjoyed fucking her in all kinds of ways but he asked himself why he didn't just cut loose of her and continue on with his business. She'd be auctioned off to a brothel or private collection and he'd still be on good terms with Gunthor.

Still he knew he couldn't stop himself from finding her and getting her out of there. He'd take her back and then make arrangements for her to leave the city and go hide somewhere for a while until he figured out what to do with her.

In the meantime, he could take his highly prized resume to other businessmen in the industry. Several of which had expressed interest in using his services.

Some of who were bidding on the auction and were eagerly awaiting Marie's return to the block.

But first he had to go to the hotel and find her.