Alexis On Fire

2020, this was the year that an influential infamous power began to rise. It was a well know rumor among humans that the government or rather the 'people' deceiving our race of higher mammals started to change their idea of peace. Peace this word in the dictionary is defined as a state of mutual agreement. The only agreement our so-called leaders had, had been to give up. They had an image in their heads, an image of carnage their words had one meaning, and they were better to end this nation before it started to fail.

Some thought to escape others thought to stay. Though's that thought they could escape were wrong. I mean where would they escape? The seven seas? This idea was impossible and vain, better to leave then help. No, the seas once said to be lively and fresh, were now polluted and flat waiting for a excuse to ripple at any movement miles or centimeters away. So most people stayed in their homes until the pests began to form and the tragedies started to happen, little things like walking into a knife or falling off the roof but things started to grow stronger. People were being possessed and most thought it was a was to send the message of urgency across it's time to die and get on with the circle of life this is our time and now we must leave only to be berried in hollow graves. Children called them monsters while most had learned to deal. So now streets were packed with dying starving people. People trying to survive, but little did they know. This mission of destruction would take hundreds of years.

All these events of course had not started on this cloudy day of January 9th, but the idea had been brought to attention.

Little did these people know a little girl had just been born in an alley. The mother herself did not survive and little do we know of who found her moments after, her name was Alexis because of the necklace around her mothers necks which clearly read the same name. Now in the year 3057 we clearly see her as a toy. They call her Alexis on Fire, I think of her as Alexis on ice. Because she is considered a free show for amusement. She has been manipulated and tormented like this planet. To her it feels like she and this world are connected every blow she resieves turns up on earths surface. She is a puppet she is an amusement to though's who know of her abilities we've all heard of the monsters in this realm she just happens to be the ring leader.

Short story by shattered!