Author's Note: Hey there. I've been bitten by the writing bug again, and I decided to see where it would take me. After discussing it with my girlfriend, we decided that we both wanted to be involved in this project. So just to fill you all in, here's a small description.

Each short story will be anything that comes to mind. They probably will not be related to eachother in any way, aside from one key element. The last line of every story will be exactly the same. Check the title for that line. We also decided that we would give ourselves goals for each story, just to practice in areas we don't usually focus on and to add more of a challenge. At the top of each story, the goals will be listed as well as who wrote it: me (Sam) or my girlfriend (Katja). There might also be some collaborative efforts in the future.

Feel free to leave us reviews and let us know what you think! And, as always, enjoy. =]

Story #1

Written by: Sam

Goals: No use of first names, female point of view.

I can feel it.

But what? What was this feeling? She couldn't quite describe it. Somehow, it was everything all at once. Excitement, fear, butterflies.. oh, those butterflies. Those butterflies had fluttered in and out of her life so many times that she had long since lost track. They were there when she rode her first bike, and when she competed in her first Spelling Bee, and when she got her first kiss on the front porch from that neighbor boy with brown eyes and too many freckles.

Of course, who was she to talk? She was convinced for a long time that nobody would ever kiss her. Who kisses a girl with two front teeth that were almost bigger than those bug bites she covered up with the bra she had begged and begged her mom for, anyway?

The first day of school. She always had butterflies on the first day of school. Kindergarten, first grade, ninth grade, her first day of college. Eventually those butterflies had become almost like a friend. Walking into that classroom and not seeing anyone you know while everyone else seems to have been friends since birth. Sit down in the only desk left because your bus was half an hour late and of course it's front and center. Nobody to look at, nobody to talk to, what else do you have but that funny feeling?

She shook her head to clear her mind. That funny feeling. Now it was there even more. Shifting her eyes back to the mirror, she looked at her dimly-lit reflection for a long moment. Those buck teeth had been tamed by an extra long case of brace-face and she happily filled out the bra that was somewhere on the floor behind her. She pulled the blanket that was wrapped around her body a little tighter and crossed one leg over the other as she looked down at the items in front of her where she was sitting.

What a mess. She seriously needed to do some cleaning. Spring cleaning maybe, if it wasn't almost the end of summer and she hadn't held the freezer door open for an extra long time looking for what to cook for dinner that night, savoring the cloud of cool air it provided. Definitely not spring. Maybe if she didn't have so many hair bands. But was it really a crime to like ponytails? They were easy, cut her morning prep time in half, and she really didn't see the problem.

Hair clips, makeup, hair brushes, toothpaste, earrings, a piece of gum..? She decided, sadly, that the piece of gum might be the only contribution to this bathroom mess that didn't belong to her. And hey, maybe it did. She pulled the wrapper open quietly and suck the gum in her mouth. Cinnamon. Definitely not hers. She crumpled the wrapper into a ball between her fingers and tossed it back down in front of her and chewed. Might as well.

Taking a deep breath in and letting it out through her nose slowly, she looked in the mirror again. Did she look different? She didn't think so. But how would she be able to tell anyway? For the past 24 years she had somehow looked exactly the same every morning. Clothing, hairdo, and makeup styles had changed, sure. But she had always been the same brown-haired, blue-eyed girl.

Silently she stood up out of the uncomfortable wooden chair that she had promised herself to trade for something better countless times and kept her eyes on her reflection. She let go of her blanket and watched it fall from her bare figure into the chair and then onto the floor around her feet. She sighed and reached down to pick it up and placed it back on the chair before she resumed studying her body. With one hand on her hip she turned side to side slowly, the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth.

Damn, she had worked hard for that figure. And hard was an understatement, if she did say so herself. After years of putting whatever food/fuel/chocolate she needed to make it through those all-nighters into her mouth and stress eating before more sets of finals than she had fingers, she had become a little less than toned around her middle. Of course, one of the nights she was feeling particularly pudgy and had decided that her purple pajama pants and favorite hoodie had been perfectly acceptable attire for hanging out on a Tuesday was the night he popped the question.

She turned to look over her shoulder at him. Sprawled out across the mattress, he was taking up more than his share of everything on the bed and snoring just enough to let her know he was so deep in sleep that just about nothing could wake him up. She smiled. Even though she had looked awful that Tuesday night, she thanked God that he decided to make his decision based off of the three years they had spent together instead. And after the happy tears and hugs and kisses, and a few days of letting it sink in, she realized that at some point in the fairly near future she would be squeezing her drive-thru and junk food stuffed figure into a big white dress. That was just over two years and one wedding ago, and she was very pleased with the fact that her hard word had paid off and she felt just as beautiful now as she had on her big, "I do" day. Well, most of the time.

Turning back to the mirror, she was startled by a 'meooow' and blinked in the low light to see where the fluff ball was. It came as no surprise that he had settled himself down on her blanket in the chair. She rubbed her hand along his striped fur a few times and flicked her fingers to get the hair unstuck from them. He meowed again, and she shushed him as she glanced back at her husband. Who was she kidding? The cat could have been a chainsaw and he'd keep on catching Z's. She looked at his sleeping figure again before she pulled her gaze back to her reflection. After remaining still for a moment, she tried to move her hand, but a loose fist is all that she could manage at first. Then she found the strength and raised her hand to her stomach. The diamonds on her ring flicked a tiny bit of light into the mirror as her hand moved slowly down to cup her flat belly a little.

After they had been dating for about a year and a half, it became clear to both of them that this relationship they had was more serious than any other relationship either of them had been in before. Not long after that, with a bit of discussion and a bit of preparation, and one long weekend in late winter, they lost their virginity to eachother. It wasn't anything like she ever imagined, but in its own way it was better. They agreed to not make it a habit, though, and they held true to their promise.

Then came the summer before their last year of college, where the time they shared between the sheets had become more frequent and ventured into new places. His sofa, her kitchen counter. They discovered their favorite place was in the shower. But between the mix of graduation, final credits and exams, and everything else, something even more important had slipped her mind. Another discussion was had when she was under the weather and over a week late. Suddenly everything else was put on pause in her mind. Was she really? Were they really? Was he that guy in her life, forever? She didn't know. She just didn't know. A few home tests and a trip to the doctor later told her that, no, she wasn't, he wasn't, they weren't. Yet.

Now? She rubbed her thumb over her belly button slowly and turned more in the mirror and tilted her head a little. Now she was Mrs. Hensley, and if everything went like she hoped, she would be for the rest of her life. Back then they were only a couple of kids. Now they had legal papers and a house and a cat. Her eyes shifted to the purring mass on her blanket and suddenly a wave of emotions flooded her and a smile spread wide across her lips that she couldn't stop. Oh, those butterflies.

She left the cat alone in his spot and tip-toed across the carpet and swallowed her gum as she crawled into bed, sliding herself up against the sleeping man that she loved. She really did love him. Resting her cheek on the crook of his arm, she looked at his face in the faint light and rubbed her hand over his bare chest slowly. She placed a gentle kiss on his skin and closed her eyes, and smiled as she felt an arm wrap around her and hold her close, almost a reflex in his sleep these days. It was two months and a week since she had taken her last birth control pill. Her hand moved back to her stomach and she kept it there. Before she let her mind wander any more, and even though she wasn't sure if she was speaking to her husband or her butterflies, she whispered,

"Thanks for coming."