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5 Clues That A Guy Likes You

The 5 Clues

Like every other girl in the world, I too wonder if the guy I'm crushing on likes me in the same way. Instead of asking one of his friends, or asking one of your own friends to ask him for you, I came up with a better plan.

There are ways a guy acts around you when he's interested, and when he's not. (That's a story for another day.) But this is a guide to determine whether the guy you like is worth your trouble and time.

I'm not saying this is real for every single guy out there, but from experience I can tell you this is what I think. I'm not saying it's my own personal experience. That, my dears, you'll have to figure out yourself.

Before I bore you to death with this experience, let me tell you. If you find that a guy is acting around you this way, don't be afraid and just go with it. If you don't, you'll end like me. Never knowing if the guy I crushed on liked me back, and I'll never know as we've gone our separate ways after grade nine graduation.

BTW, this experience as you may call it, is set in Canada. I'm not saying exactly where, but think of the major cities in Canada and you'll find yourself wondering. I don't have to set the illusion now do I? I mean, I'm already sharing my sacred guide to teenage romance.

In Canada, well my area that is. Education is divided into three. There's elementary, junior, and high. If you think high school is crazy, imagine junior high. It's where everyone changes, for the good and for the bad, and I'm not just talking mentally either. If you catch my drift.

This story starts in kindergarten and ends with grade nine, as we leave our lives and start adulthood.

Finally, after all my ramblings, here are the clues that you have a secret admirer from a far.







Pretty cryptic, huh? As I tell my tale of my experience, you will understand how I came to these clues. I may or may not know if this guy likes me, but maybe you can help me determine if this guy likes me or not.

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