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The Beginning

It all started when he called me Carlos instead of Kimberly.

And, I assure you. It wasn't a mistake.

I've known Blake Sosa since kindergarten, but we didn't hang out with each other. We were just classmate friends or Facebook friends. The people you see in school, but wouldn't willingly spend your day with.

I've noticed him in other memories, but it had to be when he screwed up my name that I thought of him as something else.

The earliest memory I had when unexpected feelings appeared would in fourth grade.

My friends and I were sitting in the shade when they showed up. It was nearly the end of the school year, so we tried to have as much fun as possible. Until Blake showed up with his posse of friends. To tell you the truth, they were smart, but idiots at the same time.

"Hey guys. Mind if we sit with you?"

I didn't say anything. Most of my friends liked Blake. I just didn't like him because he was an idiot. Seems idiots are the type to be friends with him.

My traitorous friends all agreed that they could sit with us, while I just nodded. Might as well act nice so Blake won't annoy me.

"Hey, Kimberly? You know Trevor right?"

I nodded. Everyone knew Trevor. He was loud, annoying, dumb at times… The prime example of the class clown. As I like to call it, class dunce.

"Well," Blake started. "It's the end of the school year so it won't matter, but Trevor likes you."

His friends instantly started to provide stupid evidence that it was the truth. My friends started to come to my help by saying that it wasn't funny and that it was just gross. I couldn't agree more.

Before I could hit Blake for being dumb, the bell rang signaling that we had to get back to class. I couldn't let Blake get the last word. I motioned to my friend that we should push him as he started walking away. She quickly agreed and before anyone knew it we were running away as Blake went head first into the grass.

555 ~ 555

Another vivid memory of Blake would be the trip to Ottawa.

It was sixth grade and near the end of the school year again. I haven't realized that these adventures happen near the end. Every year the teachers choose the top ten students to go on a trip to Ottawa. It was a great honour to be recognized by the entire staff at our school. It wasn't just academics, but also how involved you are with the school. Which meant sports and clubs. Our area had great soccer teams, so being apart of the teams was really something.

The trip to Ottawa was very eventful. On the bus we had a great game of punching each other when we saw a VW Bug. Blake and Trevor sucked at the game, apparently never heard of it. So the other kids on the trip had fun punching them.

The hotel was another story, one way too long to explain. Let's just say that there were lots of prank calls and scolding from our supervisor.

It was after that trip that everything changed for me and Blake. We were buddy buddy there, so why couldn't we be back home?

555 ~ 555

It was during a co-ed soccer practice where I got hit in the chest by a soccer ball. One of my friends was screaming at Trevor for aiming there, considering that we were girls after all.

I was rubbing the tender area, making sure that it wasn't severely hurt. My ego sure was, but that didn't stop me from having my revenge.

I kicked the ball aiming for Trevor's equally sensitive area, but I missed by a few centimeters and ended up hitting his stomach. I was embarrassed that I missed, but I pulled it off as a warning.

"Kim, no need to get feisty! You don't want damaged goods, do you?"

All the girls around him blushed, that was just gross on so many levels. I was just so annoyed at Trevor right now, and it didn't help that it was seven in the morning. I was a night owl, not an early bird.

I noticed another ball to my left and walked over to it while Trevor went on and on about how good he was. For God's sake! He was only twelve! I don't even want to know how he learned how to talk like that. Must be a guy thing or he's got an older brother.

Before I could get to the ball, I got hit on my thigh. It was hard and because I was wearing shorts there wasn't anything to protect me from the blow. I yelped and started rubbing my thigh to soothe the burning. I looked over to where Blake was laughing his head off along with Trevor. He looked kind of red, but when I got through with them they'll be shades of purple.

One of the other girls started throwing balls at duo to shut them up. The coach asked if I was okay from multiple hits to the body. I was okay, I sort of liked bruises anyway.

"Kim! Even though you're a good friend, you should have seen your face!" Trevor kept laughing his head off. If he wasn't going to turn blue from lack of oxygen then I'll have to help by strangling him.

"¡Oh Dios! Carlos, that was hilarious! You should have seen your face!"

"I know being from another country has its pros, but you must need some help because you just called me a guy's name!"

Blake stopped laughing, realizing what he just said. Trevor stopped laughing and noticed that Blake called me a guy's name too.

"Hey, Kim. We all know you're a girl, and when we're older hopefully you'd like to prove it." Trevor raised an eyebrow and smirked at me when I started to blush.

I stalked over to where they stood. I kicked all the balls out towards the field. It seems that all the girls were trying to help me pound these morons. Thank you girl friends.

I picked up the last ball and was about to leave before Blake's voice stopped me.

"See ya later, Carlos."

I couldn't believe that he gave me that stupid name. Before I could stop myself, I slapped both Blake and Trevor. Blake for the stupid name and how he started all of this. Trevor and his stupid suggestive comments.

I ran back to where practice was and glanced back to see both boys holding their now red cheeks.

My teammates congratulated me for the slaps to their pretty faces and egos. On the outside I was furious to the start of this bad day. On the inside though I was flustered that Blake kept using that nickname until graduation.

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