" Damien…?" I said sitting down beside him on the bleachers.

"Hey…" he answered weakly.

"Are you not having fun at the dance…?"

I took a better look at him. His suit jacket was haphazardly hung a ways from him on the bleacher and his tie was thrown down by his feet. I swear his back muscles were bunched into tight twist and the veins in his arms were pulsating under his skin. He shifted uncomfortably and tugged his fingers through his messy brown hair.

"Damien, what's…"

"Do you like him?" he asked abruptly, sounding rasping and strangled.

"Who…? Bradley?"

"Yeah…him" he replied in a quiet whisper.

"Damien, look at me"

He swung his legs around, eyes meeting mine. I scooted closer to him on the bleacher, causing his muscles to constrict, and his breathing to become louder. I studied him briefly and then met his eyes. They were greener than any field I'd ever had the opportunity to lay in. I could never really say they were sparkling. Damien wasn't that type of person. He was better described with a glisten, a deep intelligence and an air of absence. Although, tonight they looked more somber than I'd seen them in a long time. He looked like he was in real pain.

Suddenly, his eyes fell and his hands were tight against the metal bench.

"I was going to ask you to the dance, Ginny"

I blinked a few times, while my head titled to the right like a dog.

"You…why didn't you" I sputtered.

He shrugged.

"Bradley beat me too it. You seemed happy. I didn't want to interfere."

My eyebrows lifted. Interfere, was he delusional.

"Damien, you're an idiot" I stated plainly.

I couldn't believe that he actually thought that I could care more about some kid than my best friend, was ludicrous.

"I mean, you think you'd know better by now, Damien."

He looked at me with confusion. I didn't bother saying anything more. Instead, I closed the distance between the two of us and lightly laid my lips on his. Instantly, I felt Damien's body shudder and practically hear his mind moving at rapids speeds. Then he was pushing me against the hard metal and pulling away from me to speak.


A soft whisper.


I lurched forward, resulting in loud screech from my metal springs. I blinked furiously, Damien warmth burning through my skin, and his scent filling my nose. I looked around slowly and the recognition of my bedroom beginning to sink in.

A dream.

I had been dreaming of me and Damien, since the day he left. Dreaming of our first kiss, our first date, the night we… It was like watching a movie of the last three years on my life on the back of my eye lids.

"GIIIIIINNNNNNYYYY" my Mom yelled again.

She had finally reached my room and began her relentless pounding on my poor wooden door.

I winced at the pounding. My head felt like a balloon being sat on by a fat kid. I was having that headache you get when you've slept too much and cried even more. I was a miserable and seriously considering going right back to sleep.

I reached for one of my many pillows and fell back against the bed. I pressed the pillow against my ear, my eyes squeezing shut, and my mind willing itself back to sleep. She pounded again, making it sound like a warning. Then, instead of a hard pounding, there was a soft click. Of course, I was a fool to think my Mother, Ethel Bennett, would let me ignore her calls.

I silently prepared myself for the sun and my growing headache to peak

" Ginny, your Aunt is on the phone" she announced.

A phone suddenly appeared, while my pillow landed silently onto the floor. I looked wearily up at my Mom. She just stared back, arm outstretched, phone in hand. I relinquished and pressed the phone against my ear.

"Hey, Aunt Leslie" I mumbled into the phone.

"Hey baby" she responded sorrowfully, "I heard about the boy. I'm sorry, Ginny"

"Thanks" I croaked.

I still couldn't swallow my emotions, whenever someone mentioned Damien, even if it was something so simple. I'm sure I appeared pathetic, but I really couldn't help myself. The moment I thought of Damien, my eyes would begin to burn and my throat would close up.

" Oh Ginny! Don't worry, I have some news that will cheer you right up"

"Hmmm…" was all I could get out.

"You're going to come stay with me in France for the summer!"

My eyes snapped open. I pulled the phone away from my ear and stared at it. Had I heard that right? I looked at my Mom quizzically. She smiled, looking at me, then back at the phone. My mouth did that gaping fish routine for a second, while I thought about what was happening. Me. In France. Aunt Leslie. I knew she was trying to help and all…but I didn't want to leave home. I loved Kentucky. I loved my life here. I loved…I couldn't go to France.

"Ginny" a voice buzzed "Are you there?"

I pressed the phone back against my ear.

"Ummm, Aunt Leslie" I started unsure of what I was going to say " I'm not sure that I…"

"Ginny, it's all settle already! You're going to meet me and your cousin ,Amy, in JFK the day after next. Then we are off to the beautiful French countryside!"

"T..wo, two days" I stuttered finding myself staring at my Mom in desperation.

She smoothed my hair over my head and smiled.

"It will be good for you, Ginny" she whispered quietly and then lifted the phone away from me.

She moved swiftly out of my room, remembering to close the door behind her. I heard the door click and the soft puttering of her shoes going down the stairs. I flopped onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. I was going to France in two days…I hadn't gotten out of bed in two days. How did they expect me to just get up and go to France? And…what if he came back?