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Chapter One

"Unbelievable!" Ashley all but growled as she stomped down a dark alley in her two-inch heels, there was a cool breeze caressing her legs and causing smooth pale skin to break out into hideous goosebumps.

"What is?" asked a curious voice.

Ashley squealed, nearly jumping a foot in the air, her pretty blue eyes darting around suspiciously. She reached for her handbag, rummaging noisily until she found the small bottle of perfume - it may not be pepperspray but it was going to get the job done! Or else... she spared the perfume bottle a menacing glare, before turning her attention to the shadows.

"Who's there?" Ashley demanded, the slight squeak in her voice not at all helping the image she was trying to project.

"Only me." Answered the voice.

Ashley rolled her eyes. "I meant where are you?" Figures her murderer would have a smart mouth.

"Can't you see me?" asked the voice.

"If I could see you I wouldn't have asked where you where, would I?" Ashley said glaring into the dark corners and wondering why she was speaking with the voice rather than running screaming. Before she could consider her reasons much more the voice spoke.

"I'm the door."

Ashley was silent for a moment, eyes focusing immediately on the large door just to her left.

She blinked.

And blinked again.

"What?" she asked squinting at the shadows. Someone was obviously trying to mess with her head and when she found them… she tightened her hold on the small glass bottle in her hands.

"Are you deaf or stupid?" asked the voice

"Neither!" Ashley snapped eyes narrowing on the door and her stance shifting from defensive to offensive within a second.

"Then why do you ask questions that I've already answered?" asked the door. Ashley thought it might have tilted its head - had it had one.

"Because..." Ashley trailed off, not sure how to answer. She bit her lip before trying again. "Because doors cannot talk!" she stressed the final words.

"I'm not an ordinary door." the door said simply.

"Oh. Well, I actually kinda figured that, funny enough." Ashley said dropping her perfume back into her handbag, not feely overly threatened by a door. She doubted the perfume would be much good anyway.

"What's unbelievable?" the door asked.

"A talking door for one," Ashley muttered under her breath. Before scowling as the memory of her interrupted rant came rushing back.

"That jerk!" She snarled stomping her foot angrily.

"I can't believe that - that - argh! I can't even think of a word horrible enough to describe him!" She yelled at the sky, as though it gave a damn about her boyfriend troubles.

"Jerk?" the door suggested helpfully.

"Exactly! Thank you!" Ashley cried out in triumph, pointing at Door victoriously.

"He's the biggest two-faced, lying jerk I've ever had the misfortune to meet!" she huffed angrily, arms crossed tightly across her chest.

"Do you know, Door. That he was lying to me about himself the entire time we were dating?" Ashley yelled, waving her arms in wild gestures. "Everything he ever said - a lie. Not like you though, you haven't lied to me yet. I like you. In fact, I've decided you're going to be my new friend, you'll always be honest with me won't you? Of course you will!" Ashley's chest was heaving by this point and her breathing harsh and angry.

There was a long silence before Door spoke, almost timidly.

"Would you like to go inside - there are a lot of interesting, erm, beings in there for you to meet." When Ashley looked less than convinced Door continued. "There are plenty of strong, independent looking females who would no doubt be happy to listen to you, uh, talk about this jerk of yours."

Ashley considered Door for a moment, before beaming at it.

"You my friend, are a genius!" she declared before waltzing inside and giving Door an affectionate pat as she walked through it.

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