An Unfitting Puzzle

If times are grim, who's reaping despair

When none remain hopeful?

How can collective chaos benefit with no source of power

And no reason for it all?

Our world follows a structure

Secretly wanting to be free.

Except to be completely independent is pain self-inflicted

And so we abuse those around us.

Preach the love when love is dead,

Hopefully it will rise.

Sing of peace, in of mind,

Declare war in its name.

Everyone blames, so everyone's the culprit

Yet no action is taken.

How grand a scheme is when no being becomes anything less than a scheme.

I sometimes wonder just how long this eternal drama will maintain itself.

The cast grows and shrinks with every season,

Truly unfortunate, that.

When all else fails, reach for immortality for fifteen minutes, no more.

A tragic way for them as it is for me.

I'm stuck in the front row seat, having to observe every gesture, tone and word.

Dreaming of a day when I can finally leave,

And get my refund!