Who are you, whom I know not?

I've loved and lost, searched and sought.

I gave my life, my heart, my all

And got set up for quite a fall.

The summer passes—joys do waste;

But should I seek with such an haste?

I know the truth: what wrong do I

If I should weed out every lie

And cut to quick and make the chase

And trust in my dear love's embrace?

The dark you left me in, O ghost,

Left no recourse to voice or post:

I starved of every good you helped me know

And doubted all the Lord to me did show.

And yet despite this loss, my face

Did not descend to sore disgrace,

But every good in me revived

Did live on full, though my heart died.

And with th'encouraging words of friends,

I thought no more it was the end,

And overcoming every hateful doubt,

I'll love you till you come about.

I ask you, love, build up your heart

And join me into life's true art,

For good and bad, I'll ne'er depart.