Not By Blood

By: ilikedaisychains


'For love will still be lord of all'

- Loreena McKennitt (The English Ladye and the Knight)

"Mom, no." I stated with finality.

"Oh come on Astrid, it's not going to be that bad!" My mother begged, sounding rather a lot like a little kid.

"It will be torture." I pronounced each word clearly and my eyes never left hers.

In case you were wondering, my mother and I's latest dispute regarded the fact that I was the last to know that she's been dating a guy that is not my father (yeah, so they've been divorced for like five years now, but still) and as of two days ago, they're engaged. Oh, and her new make-out buddy wants us to move in with him and his son, when I wasn't even aware that she was mildly interested in dating men again. For all I knew, after divorcing my father, she could have decided to play for the other team!

But now, just like that she's decided to spill the beans and enlighten me with the bomb that is "Jason" and his eighteen year old son "Lucas". And yes, I will include quotation marks because of the fact that this is new information to me. I didn't know there was a Jason. Or that Jason had a son! I felt incredibly misinformed. Seriously, I would have preferred to hear that Chicken Little was right and the sky was falling down.

My mom and I were fine on our own, perfectly fine! But apparently that wasn't enough for her, so she went out and got engaged, never mind the fact that they'd been dating for almost a year in secret. How do you keep that from someone? Especially your own daughter! To be honest, I was quite flabbergasted that I hadn't realised it, I mean how dense can you get? Thinking back on it now, I can't believe I actually thought that her stories (involving a lot of shopping where it "wasn't necessary" for me to go, and seeing her friends a lot more often) were true. Minus ten points for me on the common sense scale. Jeez, and I was called the smart one in the family.

After having me when she was only eighteen, and then running off to marry my father a year later, I suppose everyone expected that they'd divorce eventually and then come running home to their parents. I, personally, have no idea why they took them back. I mean of course I'm grateful that they did, or I probably would have grown up on the streets, but if they were my kids, I most likely wouldn't have. Call me mean, but that is just the honest truth.

"Oh, it won't be that bad." My mom tried to lighten the mood by lightly fist-bumping my arm.

My facial expression stayed straight as I stared grimly at her.

"If you make me do this, I will never forgive you," I said carefully, before quickly adding, "and I will make "Jason" and his son's life a living hell." So what? I knew I was overreacting, but that's what I was known for. Astrid Pierce does not do subtle. It's not my thing. The way I see it, if you're going to go out of your way to complain about something, you might as well do it to the extreme and be damn sure you get your point across.

Maybe my slight anger problems were why I'd never had a proper boyfriend that lasted over a week.

Who needs men? They just stink up the house and forget to put the toilet seat down, and I guessed it was just my luck that I would soon be moving into a house with two of them.

Kill me now.

A/N: So, this is my new story, well the prologue at least. Hopefully it's going to be quite entertaining...

So, care to tell me what you think so far? :-D

(Credit to Nalledia for giving me the quote idea at the beginning) :-)


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