Not By Blood

By: ilikedaisychains

Chapter One: Meeting Satan's Assistants

Somehow, my protests were futile and the next few months flew by. Before I knew it, I was standing on the doorstep of my new roomies... otherwise referred to as Jason and Lucas, who I refused to meet beforehand. I wonder if Lucas knew what his father had been up to, or if he's pleased about me and my disappointment of a mother moving in. My views on the whole matter certainly haven't been swayed in only two and a half months.

My mom had tried to make me go and see the house and meet Satan's assistants before today, but I refused, being my normal stubborn self. I guess I hoped she'd realise how much I didn't want to leave my house to go somewhere half an hour away (insert gasp from the imaginary audience in my head here) and then change her mind, I mean seriously! Was the woman crazy? Okay, so it was only half an hour, but for a seventeen year old that can't drive, that's a long way to go on the bus to see my friends! Not that I particularly enjoyed meeting up with my 'friends'. The one exception to that, however, was the one and only Felicity Barker - my best friend since the mature age of three and a half years and the only person who somehow or another manages to put up with me and my good old friend sarcasm.

I looked down at the large cardboard box that I was holding and then back up to see my mother's back with a sour expression on my face. She knocked on the door with a giddy expression on her face. I mentally gagged.

"Er, mom, could you do me a favour and hold this for a second?" I asked sweetly.

She looked at me suspiciously, and I could tell she was debating this. Eventually, she nodded and I wasted no time in practically throwing the box full of my most prized possessions at her and running straight back to the car, gripping the frame of the open car door easily because the window was open. My fingers curled tightly over the metal of the car and I squeezed my eyes shut childishly.

"I'm not leaving, you can't make me!" I yelled immaturely.

"Astrid, do you have any idea how immature you look?" I heard my mother reply in a bored tone, but I could tell that she was slightly amused.

"I shall not, I shall not be moved!" I began singing in an off tune voice that I was proud of. I opened my eyes to see her reaction and I was stunned to see that the door had opened, and my mom was standing in front of the open door with her arms crossed over her chest and an expression that looked like she was for some reason actually proud to call me her daughter. A man around my mother's age was standing behind her watching me and laughing, he was probably around six foot, with greying brown hair and what looked like blue eyes from where I was standing. However, my attention was not drawn to them, but mainly to the very attractive boy (who was even taller than his dad) who was standing next to his father and staring at me with his mouth wide open. He turned to look at his father as if checking that they were both seeing the same thing, and then his expression turned to one of pleading, as if he was wondering if they were really going to allow such a crazy girl who acted like she was on drugs into their home.

I grinned at them all but didn't release my grip on the car.

"You must be Astrid!" The older man, who I assumed was Jason, called over to me.

"And you must be Tony!" I shouted back, smiling.

"Umm, it's Jason, actually." The man–whose name I knew–replied curiously.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that's what I meant! Tony was mom's date from last night." I shook my head sarcastically like I couldn't believe I'd gotten it wrong.

"Sorry about her, she speaks fluent sarcasm." My mom explained, and I gripped the skin covering my heart in mock adoration.

"You know me so well, dear mother."

"Astrid, you can let go of the car now, we're not going home." My mom stated simply.

A puppy dog expression crept onto my face as I let go of the car door, sulking. I stomped up to the steps and grabbed my box back from my mother, squeezing past both Jason and his son and into their house. I knew it was rude, but so was I, so they'd have to get used to that at some point.

I briefly looked at my surroundings as I stomped to the stairs, and I had to hand it to them, they have a nice house. I could feel their astonished gazes on me as I stood in front of the stairs.

"Your room is the third on the left." I heard Jason mutter behind me.

"Cheerio, dear sir," I mumbled before heading straight up the stairs. The staircase was one of those fancy ones that swirled around the corner, and that got me all excited for some reason, not that I'd let anyone else see that, of course.

I got to the top of the stairs and walked down the hallway, counting the doors on the left until I spotted the third one. I pushed down the handle with my elbow and then shoved the actual door open with my back.

I stumbled a bit before turning around and eyeing up the room. It was actually a very nice room, shockingly enough. There was a double bed against the wall on the right hand side, a standing mirror beside it and a large window with a cushioned window seat beneath it. I smiled; I always wanted one of those! A fairly large television was opposite the bed on the wall, and in the corner was a built in wardrobe. It was bigger than my last bedroom, at least.

For a moment I felt bad for not even saying a proper hello to the people who were by some miracle allowing me to live in their home. I mean, not many people can put up with me; so really, I admire them for taking on the challenge.

I walked slowly over to the bed before dumping the box down on the floor beside it and hurrying over to the window seat. It was fairly large, with a bunch of blue cushions on it; I looked out the window and saw my mother and Jason unpacking the car. I wonder where Lucas went, I bet he had enough. For some reason, I was kind of hoping that Lucas didn't like me or my mom or want us to stay with them so that it wouldn't be a one sided thing. At least then I could whine to my mom about how it wasn't just me.

I reached up and twisted the handle on the window before pushing it open. It swung open effortlessly and I looked down to see quite a large ledge a little way underneath my window that must have been the top of the porch. I positioned myself differently before putting one leg out of the window, stretching it down to reach the ledge, and then the other leg followed. I pushed myself up slightly and before I knew it, I was sitting on the ledge. Well that could be handy. Just to make sure, I stretched up and pushed shut the window a bit so that it didn't look suspicious.

I couldn't help but grin. I looked over the ledge slightly to see how far the drop was, and when it was confirmed that it wasn't that high up, I sat on the edge of the ledge and once again, pushed myself up and down. I landed easily on my feet and then I dusted myself off dramatically.

"Well done Astrid." I congratulated myself with a smile.

My mom turned around then, with Jason following suit, and she was shocked to see me there all of a sudden.

"Oh, where did you come from? I didn't think we'd be able to get you out of your room for at least a few more days." My mom said easily.

"Mother, I'm offended that you think so little of me." I scoffed and shook my head.

I went to turn around but stopped when Jason's voice appeared, "Do you like your room?"

I looked him up and down briefly before nodding slowly.

"Surprisingly... yes." I confirmed.

"Great, now that's all sorted, here's your stuff." My mom struggled, but eventually she shoved two large suitcases by my feet. See, my mom can definitely be a pain, but so could I. That's why we generally got on okay (excluding our frequent arguments about anything we can argue about), because we both had our moments and were both as bad as each other, although she'd probably argue to say I was much worse, but anyway: we knew how to deal with each other.

"Sure, I'll go and murder my back to lug these heavy bags all the way up the stairs." I shook my head in mock disgrace before reaching down and gripping the handle of the suitcase on the left.

I put all my strength into lifting it... but it didn't budge.

"On second thoughts, I'll just call up the zoo and get the elephant to do it." I laughed nervously. I couldn't believe that I couldn't lift it. I mean, I know I'm not exactly King Kong, but I at least would have been happy if it even budged in the slightest, but it didn't move an inch!

I could hear laughter erupting from Jason and my mom and I sent them both dirty looks.

I then heard a grunt from behind me. "If you're calling the zoo, while you're at it tell them that there's a crazy person here that needs locking up." A deep, husky voice muttered.

"Lucas! Help Astrid take her things upstairs, will you?" Jason asked his son politely.

Another grunt, "If I have to."

Who was he to call me a crazy person? I'll lock myself up in a cage willingly before I take an insult without sending a comeback.

"Aw, it's so nice of you to hand yourself in to the zoo." I gripped my heart mockingly (I swear, I was going to run out of comebacks living with these people) as I cooed Lucas.

"Shut up."

"Great comeback," I retorted.

"Do you want me to take your things upstairs or chuck them in the garbage?" He stated sardonically.


With that over and done with, he stepped forward, picked up both of my bags effortlessly and headed inside, carrying them both with little effort.

This was going to be interesting.

Exactly four hours later I had everything unpacked and I was feeling rather proud of myself for some strange reason. I walked over to the window seat and sat down, already bored. I hadn't really even had a proper introduction to the peoples' whose house I was now living in. Yes, I know that it was my fault, but hey ho.

Suddenly, someone knocked on my door.

"'Sup." I called.

"It's me!" My mother's voice said through the door.

"What's the password, you muggle." I said back.

"Do we really have to do this?"

"What do you think?" I stated blankly. She knew the answer.

"Fine: pig's snout!" She said exhaustedly. I think it's safe to say that I read too much Harry Potter.

I couldn't hold in my laughter as she opened the door.

"Okay, the whole Harry Potter password thing was cute when you were eight, now it's just annoying." I knew she didn't really think that, though... well, I hope she didn't, or else I've been reading her wrong for all these years.

"Speak for yourself!" I sang out.

She sighed. "I just came up to tell you that dinner's ready, so come. Now."

I looked at her in amusement. "You? Cook? Is it poisonous?"

"Ha ha, very funny Astrid, I'll have you know that Jason made the dinner." She retorted.

"Woo, my taste buds can finally broaden their knowledge of food!" I yelled loudly, hurrying out of the room and down the stairs, with my mom following eagerly behind me, as if she was just as excited to eat Jason's food.

By the time I got to the large kitchen, I was in fits of laughter. Jason and Lucas were already in the room, Lucas standing a little in front of me, by the table, and Jason over by the stove. I stopped suddenly, but then got shoved forward as my mom barged into me, obviously not expecting me to just stop like that. I tripped forward but luckily caught myself in time.

When Jason realized that we were both in the kitchen now, he tapped Lucas' shoulder to get his attention and then stepped closer to me.

Jason stretched out his hand. "I don't believe we've been properly introduced, it's so good to finally meet you." A friendly smile graced his lips.

I scoffed. "It's not possible for meeting me to be good, but thanks for trying anyway," I shrugged. I caught my mom's eye and she looked like she was silently telling me to be polite. "I'm Astrid, and I'll probably get on your nerves quite a lot." I smiled reassuringly as I eagerly shook his hand. I finally let go when I thought his hand would drop off if I wasn't careful.

Jason looked to his son, but Lucas just stood looking at me (or rather, glaring) with his hands over his chest. His dad coughed nervously, as if signalling for his son to introduce himself.

Lucas sighed before grumbling, "Look, I didn't even know about this before a few days ago and I'm not exactly thrilled about it either, but anyway, I'm Lucas." He growled out.

Both of our parents looked slightly taken aback, but I just smiled challengingly. He turned around, walked over to the table and sat down, without introducing himself to my mother. I just gathered that I was the enemy here and he didn't really have anything against my mom, kind of like how I was starting to feel about Jason.

I was about to walk up to the table, but Jason caught my arm. "Sorry about him," he explained, "he doesn't take well to changes."

"It's fine, I don't either."

I hurried back over to the table, and not long after that the food was placed in front of me. I hate to say it, but that was one damn good lasagne.

A/N: So, here's the first chapter, I don't know if it's a bit too much or whatever, but I just thought I'd update it anyway and see what you guys think to Astrid's meeting with Satan's Assistants, so... yep, there's much more to come!

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