Need, want, desire, obsession. Obsession lives in all of us, but for some, it control them and overpowers them, Obsession lives in all of us and has the potential to destroy us all. It has the power to consume us.

Beauty, narcissism, pretension, pride, vanity. Caring about what others think of you, how the world views you is human nature. Everyone cares, no mater how much they try to deny it. But, like obsession, it is greater in others. Vanity can consume a person; destroy them. Mirrors do nothing but perpetuate vanity.

First impressions had become a bit of an art form for her. She could convince anyone she was the kindest, most grace young woman who ever lived in one meeting. Those who were always around her saw past the glorious fa├žade; her servants' saw the princess for who she truly was: a beautiful woman with vain soul. She didn't even see it. All she saw a beautiful face reflected in polished glass.

Prolouge, sort of, to a story I'm writing. Any idea what it is about? Obsession, cannily, mirrors, and a princess?