She was the best I wanted have

staring at her window

dreaming of her silhouette

hoping she would be suspenseful

with her body soaked and wet

oh my dear flutterby

wont you come out to play

there's just no need to hide inside

In my heart you'll always stay

On these days I don't pray for rain

it would only shutter my window pain

Clever metaphors, analogies, and all these lovely puns.

all are my ammunition baby to make you the one

Idolizing you're exterior outline

With a heart inside that's so defined

We could just sit back and wine and dine

and make loves happiness be our crime

you can be my jail time for life

baby i'll do my time

criminal intent intoxifys my mind

Cause love like this can only be a crime

forever intertwined

baby please be mine.