It hugs you and cuddles you; kisses you and warms you. It drowns you in its fierce intensity. It has the power to move you from hopelessly sad to deliriously happy, from absolutely miserable to on top of the world, in mere seconds. It can, given the concentration and amount, lead you to do things you never dreamed you would ever do, not for a million dollars. Not for a billion dollars. Not for all the money, all the riches, all the power in the universe.

But you would do it for this.

You would do it, and then you would realize something.

You would realize that it hugs you...

...and then chokes you to death, giving you only a cubic millimeter of breath to live on so you can continue your miserable little existence in the worst pain imaginable.

It cuddles you...

...before pushing you - no, shoving you, with the force of a betrayal - to the harsh, cold, and unforgiving pavement.

It kisses you...

...and sucks away the very essence of your soul, the very reason you choose to live, leaving you emptier than a ghost town.

It warms you...

...and eventually burns you with its fire, giving you life-long scars as a terrible reminder of your foolishness and your utter stupidity.

And you would realize that it's not worth anything, not the piece of chewed up gum you found on the bottom of your left shoe last Tuesday, let alone any quantity of gold.

But yet, after all that, it would be too late, far too late, because you would be ruined.

It heals.

It kills.

It's -

- love.

A/N: This may or may not show up in a later chapter of Endings; I'll fit in it as appropriate. For right now, this stands alone. I'm not sure where this came from. But I'm quite proud of it. :)