Hello. For my fictionpress debut, I decided to write a short one shot. So with only the pronunciation of my main character's name to tell you, lets get started.

Anya- On-ya'

"Anya, did you here about Ethan and Johnny?" I hear a preppy girl squeal.

"Um... no what happened?" I turn and see Bea Montgomery, a short girl who I had known since I was in forth grade. I usually strayed away from the people she hung out with, but she and I got along fine.

"Sorry, can't tell you one of them will have too! Bye!" and with that she was off. I guess now would be the time to explain who both of them were to me.

Ethan was, well, my boyfriend of two days, nine hours, and fifteen seconds... not that I am counting or anything.. Ha ha yeahhh . Him and I had only been talking slash dating for a few weeks, so our relationship was a little fast paced. Don't get me wrong, we had been great friends since we met in seventh grade and I was the one assigned to show him around the school, but we only started to really see each other this past year, which just so happened to be our senior year.

Johnny on the other hand was a completely different story. First of all, his name is really Nicholas, and I am the only one who calls him that, along with his full name - Nicholas Anthony Johnson. We met in kindergarten when he came up to me on the playground and pulled the head off of the Barbie I was playing with. I hated him from that moment on. But it seem faith stepped in and we have been stuck together ever since. Every school year we had the same homeroom, and because we were both intellectually gifted, we had similar schedules throughout high school

So, flash forward to where I am now, walking frantically down the halls of my High school. For its size it was taking a little while. It was kind of difficult when all I was doing was trying to find my boyfriend or the spawn of Satan, which ever one I saw first. I turn my head for a split second only to see the hair of one of the boys. The one I didn't want to see. He was sitting there and waiting for the principal to come and speak to him. I cut through the hall and walked in to the office. If looks could kill, Johnny would be Lizzie Borden's father.

"Okay, why are people stopping me and telling me you did something to my boyfriend,who I can not find anywhere. So can you explain to me what is going on. Cause I am so fucking confused right now, and you know that I don't like being out of the circle, especially one that I belong in. So you better speak within a millisecond after I am done or..." then I was cut off by the assistant principal calling him into the office. Uh fuck her. As I walk out I see his mom and dad. What ever that boy did it must be bad.

I step back into the hall just waiting for someone to explain to me what happened so I can just get this over and done with and return to my less frantic life. Incase you were wondering we don't have classes this hour because of some teacher thing that 'no one understands' when we all know they just sit around and drink coffee. So everyone was pretty much roaming the halls or sitting in the cafeteria. Which is stupid because... I was so caught up in my thoughts that I ran right into someone.

"Oh my goodness I am so sorry," I apologized before I realized who I was talking to. Cassie Smith, Johnny's girlfriend. Thank god. Finally someone who could give me some answers.

"So, I guess you heard what happened right?" She said in an unpleasant mood. So unlike Cassie, she was like me - the epitome of happiness and optimism. So to see her in this mood meant that the something had to be big.

"NO!" I scream. Everyone is used to my literal loud mouth by now, so nobody turned their head. "No one will tell me what the hell is going on and when I saw him in the office and - it being me - confronted him, he just sat there with the face of guilt, can you tell me, please?" I say super fast, one of my horrible habits that happen when I get nervous.

" Yeah come on, we need to talk about it in private" Cassie took me by the elbow and dragged me to the one place we could talk and not worry about others hearing - the library. When we got in to the room it was just how I anticipated - empty. The librarian was also in the meeting and her right hand person was asleep with a key board jamming into her skull. We walked to the far right corner table and sat down. "Okay so here's what went down..." Cassie started. I wasn't even sitting yet. So shit must be good.

"You know how Johnny and Ethan have gym together right?" Actually I didn't but I didn't, Ethan and I didn't talk about school, one of our deals. But I motioned to her to go on. "Well, it was in the locker room when they were changing and supposedly Johnny went up to Ethan and started talking," she continued on about how they had a small conversation, then things got a little out of hand. I was really trying hard to follow the tale but Cassie wasn't talking like she normal was so it was a little depressing.

"So, Johnny casually asked Ethan how his love life was, I mean it wasn't as if he didn't know you two were going out,maybe he didn't now that I think about it he had a lacrosse tourney this weekend, but I guess that he could have just needed from the horses mouth or what ever. So, Ethan explained about you two and apparently Johnny didn't like what he was hearing and he got straight up in Ethan's face and said 'If you hurt her in anyway, shape, or form I will personally knock you into you grave. You got that!' and he grabbed him by Ethan by his shirt collar and smacked his head into the lockers. Apparently Ethan hit a lock right on the combo scroll and he cracked his head open," I gasped. Why in hell would Johnny ever do that?

I started trying to list reasons but I came up empty. Johnny was a nice guy for the most part, only me and a few others really didn't like him, and even I could stand the guy. And besides, Johnny and Ethan were friends, they always had been. And Johnny's parents didn't tolerate violence from their two boys. "Why would he do that?" I accidentally mumbled aloud.

"For as smart as you and others claim you are you are pretty stupid." Cassie said smirking. "It is so obvious even I know the reason, I have since before me and Johnny started dating, he has always been open about it to me. How can you not know? Then again they say that love is blind and all but I never knew..." She laughed through her nose, and smiled.

"What!" I said as loud as I could in the empty room. I could not wrap my head around what ever Cassie was trying to tell me. Johnny was not in love with me. It was ridiculous to even think that he did.

"He. Is. In. Love. With. You." she said every word as though it was its own sentence. It took me a second to absorb her words. Then, I started laughing like a moron. How can someone even begin to think that

"That..." I stated trying to say in between giggles, "is.. the most...absurd thing I have ever heard!" I continued laughing.

"Really? Anya are you fucking stupid. He.." she said but the last bell rang and I had to catch the bus, because my car was in the shop. Cassie knew this because she was my next door neighbor. So she didn't protest when I started to leave.

"He doesn't have practice tonight, right?" She just nodded while I was leaving the room. I was still laughing at her words in my head. It was just so preposterous that it couldn't be true.

I walked onto the bus and sat in the middle behind my favorite sophomore. I loved this kid he was like me, but younger. I had a feeling I wouldn't like the words that were going to come out of his mouth. And I didn't. "So you just found out that Johnson is in love with you right?" Um.. never mind I hated this child.

"Nicholas doesn't FUCKING love me," I exaggerate every word. He just smiled and shook his head. Why does everyone think that he loves me, sure they say boys pick on the girls they like, but they don't date other girls when they love someone else. I took my iPod out of the front pocket of my bag, turning it up to full blast as Mayday Parade screams When I get home you are so dead into my ears. After about 5 songs, and a dead brain I was finally home. I decided I would get on Facebook, worst mistake ever.I should have seen this coming. I see a red 37 on the Earth on the dash at the top and a 5 on the message symbol. There was only one thing to do in the instance of replying to all of this. And it was my dirty little secret.

" I WANNA KISS A GIRL! I WANNA HOLD HER TIGHT! MAYBE MAKE A LITTLE MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT," I sing at the top of my lungs, singing Keith Urban was the cure to any bad day. I had answered half the wall post and was now working on the messages, all from my closest friends. The five randomly turned to six, when Ethan messaged me. He asked if I had heard. And said that maybe we shouldn't date... I was a little upset. He and I were a decent couple for the most part, I was hoping that we would last the rest of senior year.

I got done after one hour, I wasn't as happy as I was when I started, only because 80 percent of the notifications were just about if I knew or Johnny's love for me. Only three asked how I was and Ethan was only brought up in one. I finally decided to get on Johnny's profile, first thing I notice is the thing that had my heart aching. In a Relationship, with no name where Cassias was only yesterday. Fuck I had just ruined a relationship. I read through his wall post, he hadn't replied to anyone, I guessed that he was grounded. I knew his mom and she was a strict, but nice woman. I took a deep breath, walked out of my room, and asked my mom for the keys to her SUV. I had to oppose my internal instincts and talk to him.

I pulled up to Johnny's drive wasn't even 2 minutes long, but walking would have taken at least half and hour and I didn't want to wait. I wanted to talk to him more that I did Ethan, only because he was the only one who had all the answers. I walked up to the door, I heard yelling in the background, but against my better judgment, I knocked anyway. His angry father answered the door, his face eased as he saw me. It was like he knew.

"Mr.. Johnson, I know you want to continue to continue your discussion with your son, but I need answers, and I can't get them with your son six feet under so..." I say uber fast. I was my brain stopped working in that sentence. Mr.. Johnson's faced eased to an easy neutral and he told Johnny that they would resume this later but for the moment, he needed to speak to me. Johnny avoided my face, but walked out doors to the trampoline in his backyard. I giggled a bit, only because this is the location that I had my first kiss in fifth grade, at Johnny's party while we were playing truth or dare ( the boy's name was Kyle if you were wondering.) Now that I think about it, Johnny didn't watch us kiss.

Johnny was about to speak when I grew some balls and put my hand up. "Nicholas you better have a fine ass explanation for this or I just might have to kill you," I say shaking, nevermind about my sudden genitalia. Don't ask me why, he was Johnny to my mind and Nicholas to my voice box.

"Anya," he started taking a deep breath. " He isn't good enough for you," he stated.

"WHAT THE FUCK! Nicholas Anthony Johnson, where do you get off telling me who is good for me? I can't believe this! I'm it's wasn't thanks to you! You're the most idiotic person in the world if you even begin to think that I..." I was stopped by Johnny's hand covering my mouth.

"Yeah, I am the idiot," He looked in my eyes, hand still covering my mouth. "I love pissing you off, you're cute when you're angry." I bit his hand. "BITCH!" but he didn't move it. "Now let me explain," again not moving his hand. "You are as stupid as a freaking Neanderthal for never realizing that I loved you. Really it was painfully obvious," he moved his hand and before he could speak again I stepped in. No body called me dumb! Ever! (Cassie is the exception because she was joking, but Johnny was serious.)

"Really, no. You made me hate you, I mean I liked you for like 3 years, but that was just a phase,in middle school, hormones or something. Now you want me to dump my boyfriend, who did that for me earlier, because you suddenly want me when I am finally happy with someone. I am not you, do you not get that! I don't have people swooning at my feet, Nicholas. Actually, Ethan is the first guy to even ask me out, EVER! And now I probably won't have another boyfriend until I am 65!"

"You are so stupid when it comes to guys. You scare them, and don't interrupt me. Yes you heard correctly, you scare them, you are the perfect girl: Smart, pretty, funny, charming, happy, and only god knows why, but you are so fucking adorable. You giggle and the world melts at your feet!" he takes a deep breath so I cut in.

"And this is where you are wrong. God I don't get you. And even if you do like me it is too late, I'm happy now. I want to date Ethan, he didn't need me getting with another guy before he told me he liked me, so I'm going to go see if he will take me back after this mess YOU created," and with that I left. I didn't turn around or even look in the rear view mirror.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ten Years Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Megan Hope wake up," I here my two year old yell at my five year old. I laughed a little, but turned back to the pancakes I was making. My husbands walked in and nuzzled his forehead into my neck before kissing me in that same spot. He snaked his arms around my waist, even though that was a tough task seeing how I was 8 months plus with our third and (hopefully) final child. I fixed him and the kids plates before, turning the stove off. I went upstairs to tell my kids that breakfast was done. The girl - Megan - was a clone of me, with her father's attitude. The boy - Benjamin - was his dad, but he had my attitude, at two all the girls in day care wanted to be his "girlfriend." I was worried for his future. I watched as my family devoured there pancakes it was funny to watch.

So, you're probably wondering, what is your husband's name? Well that's up to your imagination. I'll give you a hint it starts with an E.

The End

Just kidding... now back to the feature programming- (I didn't leave)

"Really Anya? Ethan only asked you out because..." Johnny started to fumble over his words. He realized that Ethan and I did like each other after all and couldn't find and explanation for this one. He huffed out the breath (I hadn't noticed) he was holding. "Look, I get it," he said this a softer voice. "and if he makes you happy, then I am happy, I'll just wait until you guys break up or get married, I waited thirteen years for you, I can wait another fifty if that is what it takes," he sadly smiled. Tears were forming in my did like he loved me. Now, I had a choice to make. Did I go with the guy who had loved me forever or the one who had guts? I looked into Johnny's eyes and it wasn't even a contest. Suddenly little things popped into my mind - I was five, I fell off my bike Johnny saw, and ran over to help, he even kissed my bleeding knee... I was ten and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my science homework in class and he helped me... I was 12 on the first day of Junior High and I dropped my math books infront of the whole school, he was the one to run to my side. It was the little things that meant the most. So I did what I needed to do, I re-grew my figurative balls and kissed him. I smiled bigger than I ever had.

So maybe I was an exception.

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