She entered through the heavy door, sighing. Detention again. She looked around the familiar faces, as some nodded responding to her presence and the others just looked as a way of greeting. She sighed again letting her shoulders sag slightly, at the comforting familiarity and took her seat, feeling the watchful gaze of the teacher. She took her usual seat; back row, middle, flinging her jacket on the back of her seat and her bag on the table. Resting her head on her folded arms in front of her, she attempted to get the sleep she missed out on during the night. The door opened and a bunch of girls entered, staring apprehensively at the faces they recognised as the outcasts. She rolled her eyes, thinking cuttingly to herself,

'Of course tornado like wind is perfect weather for miniskirts and shorts'. She scoffed ever so quietly to herself, the sound bouncing off the tension from the new comers, refusing to break the thick yet fragile silence. 'And at school really?' Her thought carried on.

Then, her pink lips pulled up at the corners, before it disappeared, making the teacher doubt if it had actually happened. She looked out the window, and remembered her renaming of the school, Institution of Torment. She sighed again, at the truth to those words, or rather, thoughts.

She rested her head as the new comers took a seat, their giggles giving her a headache, fed off of aggravation. She ached to scream at them, but resisted, knowing not to attract attention. She had only just got used to being seen as the loner. She didn't want to be seen at all.

The door opened again, but she ignored it, not caring. She felt warmth walking past her, bringing a cold wheeze after it, before she smelt the aftershave. She recognised it, briefly or recognised where it should come from. She looked to the presence and anger instantly flared into her eyes. He was here, in her domain, which outraged her. She looked away from his gaze, and rested her head again, in an attempt to ignore him. To ignore everything. She heard the teacher's heavy footsteps, walking around, checking for exposed electronics. She ignored it. That is until he took her hat. Her head shot up, a piercingly disturbing glare directed at the teacher.

'Get it at the end' He responded, ignoring the discomfort that the look brought on. She watched as he walked off to the others.

'Douchebag' she muttered, unaware that the boy she had been trying to ignore only moments ago had heard her. A chuckle escaped his lips that most of the girls in this school craved for. Her head whipped, as a glare was shot at him, and immediately shut herself away, in caution. She looked away hating the way he brutally tore through her perfectly executed walls, and barriers. What was worse, he didn't even realise what he did.

He, on the other hand, saw her frustration - to put it lightly- at the superficial girls. He watched as she cursed, marvelling at how something so obscene, could come from something so delicate, and sound so appeasing. He chuckled, realising, that was the only time he heard her speak; when she cursed. A little too late, he noticed she had heard him, and yet again, wondered of the look she gave him. She looked away and gave up trying to nap. He also looked away to his homework, but didn't see it. He was busy watching, out the corner of his eye, as she started to sketch something. She was concentrated, but not oblivious. She intrigued him immensely, so much that he often thought of her when he laid on his bed, preparing for his slumber. He shook those thoughts away, feeling obsessed. But whether he was willing to admit it, he was.

The teacher left and it didn't take to long for her to go to his desk and retrieve her hat. She leisurely took her time back to her seat, not caring if she got caught.

'Eww, why do you even wear that thing anyways?' One of the new comers commented, wrinkling her nose. She took no notice; the verbal daggers weren't much anymore, at least not here.

'Bite me' She simply responded, sitting on her seat again. He fought another chuckle that threatened to burst from his lips. She noticed and ignored him.

'Is it impossible for you to even oh I don't know, act like a girl?' The newbie attempted to attack again, frustrated at the lack of pain it gave her. He disagreed intensely, mentally of course, at this comment. He loved the way she dressed, acted, and was.

'Is it impossible for you to, oh I don't know, shut the hell up and not act like a stuck up cow?' She imitated, satisfied at the agitated expression on her face.

'Bitch' The new comer intelligently retaliated. A jolt of anger flew through him, as his eyes narrowed at her, but before anyone else could intervene.

'Hey, turn back around, shut up and leave her alone. Or you're going to regret it' One of the familiar faces said. She breathed out, as her temper settled. She looked over at her defender and nodded, in appreciation. He nodded back. They more or less stuck up for each other, once being with in the same group of bad influences. Although they don't talk, and haven't really in the past.

The teacher came back in, stopping any further conversations. He looked at her, and saw the fire die down, or rather shoved away. She stared back at him, not bothering to look away. Feeling defiant towards keeping to herself, to not allowing herself to even look where she wants to. This time, she wanted to see him, give him the same discomfort she feels. But as they continued to stare at each other, silently, a frown grew on her face. She looked away, realising that she wasn't going to break down anything. There was nothing to break down. She immediately felt the urge to run out, but furiously fought it back, hiding all emotions. She looked back at him, her eyes expressionless, and looked away; feeling satisfied that she wasn't showing anything. He was taken aback, at the sudden lack of anything in her eyes. He looked away a while after she had, mulling over the sudden change. For the rest of the hour, his thoughts were filled with her, and he made no attempt to stop them. Where as she on the other hand, stopped every thought of him, when they became more than just a flicker of a face or name.

When the hour was over, she tore out of the room, earning a sigh from him. He didn't expect anything less, but still had hoped. At an average pace, he left the room and made his way home. As he walked, the usual way, wishing he had his car today, he saw the figure he wanted to see a couple of the yards in front of him. He kept at the same pace, wondering why he never saw her walking before, and found his answer. She's always in detention. He subconciously started to quicken his pace, till he was a couple of steps behind her. His steps broke into her concentration, and she started to slow down, and turned around. He stopped too, when seeing that she had turned around. She just watched him, as he watched back at first, and then started to shuffle awkwardly.

'Hey' He said, scratching the back of his head nervously. He spoke softly, but it broke the silence, making her flinch slightly. She didn't respond, not wanting to, and not knowing what to say. She turned around, abruptly to the side of the pavement to cross the road. She didn't see the car that had just turned the corner, her main thought on putting space between them. He on the other hand, watched, horrified as the car neared her. She looked up at the sound of the honking car, and froze. He jumped the steps to where she was, and threw his arms around her, bringing her back to the pavement. The car passed them, as they saw the driver rambling to himself. They stayed like that for a few moments, and he realised his arms were still around her waist, but he didn't move them.

'Are you crazy?' He asked, the receeding panic shining in his voice.

'Leave me alone' She said, breaking out of his grip and starting to walk away. He spun her around to face him.

'Are you okay?' He asked, concerned. She snapped a look at him, her mind frozen. The concern making her doubt the bad she imagined in him. She said nothing, oblivious to the cold that her body was shaking because of. He brought her into a hug, and she hugged back, making his mind soar in surprise and happiness. They stayed like this till she pulled away.

'Come on, I'll take you home' He said, softly his liquid brown eyes melting at the sight of her unguarded green ones. She nodded, as they started to walk, both in unclear waters, both feeling completely safe, in each others presence, knowing they have no possibilty of breaking away from each other, nor, did they want to.