Homewreckers and Spiders.

She glared at Father from across the café. He glared right back. That was until his gay lover sighed, instantly replacing the tension with awkwardness. The father and daughter didn't relent on the withering look, and the intensity remained in their emerald eyes. She didn't get Her 'Glare of Death' from just anyone. Of course not, She inherited it from Her father, the one who was fucking abandoning them all. The change of fucking everything made Her arm itch to the closest sharp object. Or someone's throat, Her own, Her father's, it didn't matter.

"Why exactly did you drag me here, exactly?" She asked scathingly. Her father shot Her a warning look.

"When you act with maturity, then we can have a mature conversation" Father Dearest returned, and his Boyfriend shot him a reproachful look.

"She's just adjusting" He murmured, and Father gave him a 'who you kidding?' look. She scowled at Father's greying brown hair, and looked at his new boy-toy. As much as She absolutely despised what this new man – was it offensive for a gay man to be called man, or did they prefer something more feminine? Who gave a fuck?! – She sighed and ignored Father Dearest completely.

"So, how old are you?" She asked, and Mr Homewrecker looked at Her for a moment, light brown eyes coming to a decision. Light brown eyes that had nothing absolutely fucking nothing on Her boy-toy. She almost smiled at the thought, and then realised that She was going to have to come across intimidating. Putting Mr Homewrecker to the test. That's if Father dearest was going remain Daddy Dearest. Speaking of, he didn't seem to appreciate being ignored, least of all by his own daughter. She couldn't give less of a shit.

"I'm 31" She raised an eyebrow, and then proceeded to nod slowly.

"Cute" Mr Homewrecker's turn to look at Her with a raised eyebrow.

"Can you please exert some of the manners that we taught you? You're giving off the impression that I have helped in the raising of a barbaric youth" She leaned forward at the couple, and with Her most polite voice and casual face, mustered a calm,

"Is that why you're abandoning me and your other daughter, father?" He always pressed to be called 'father' in public and right now, She was more inclined for a different 'f' word. But keeping word to Her Older Sister, She was forced to keep calm.

"That's neither here nor there" Father Dearest replied in an off handed manner, and She could just feel all of Her irritation that engulfed Her morph into frustration.

"I don't think-" Mr Homewrecker started, before he was interrupted by Her own retort.

"If 'that's neither here nor there', then why the fuck am I here?" Father glared venom at Her and She didn't hesitate to send him to hell and further with Her own scowl.

"Where did you learn that atrocious language?" She shrugged, more than pleased when Father Dearest leaked his agitation into his tone. Sucker.

"That's neither here nor there" She mimicked, leaning back in Her chair and looking around the café casually.

"You're here, because your father and I decided to talk to you personally, and discuss any… queries you have" She wanted to scream but found that Her anger made it difficult to breath at the current moment in time. When She eventually looked back at the pair – Glaring father, cautious Homewrecker – and took a deep breath.

"There are no queries. You" She said, glaring full forced at Her father. "Are abandoning us, for a boy-toy." She looked back at Mr Homewrecker who had the expression of forced calm.

"No offence" She continued he shrugged. She decided that She hated his shrug, as it was most likely the cause for Her problems right now. She wanted to scream again, and chose a deep breath instead.

"None taken" Her father took quite a bit of offence, if his red face was anything to go by. She revelled in the anger, and was disappointed when he didn't start yelling completely. Fucking buzz kill.

"Have some respect-!"

"Make me" She hissed, interrupting whatever Father Dearest was going to say.

"You will not speak to me like that" He demanded, his eyes burning into Her. She felt like a child and wished someone would tell Her that they would take care of what was keeping Her up at night. Especially not Father Dearest, who never really scolded Her when She came home late, or skipped dinner, like Her Mother had hoped.

"If you cannot have a mature discussion, then we will have to reschedule" She looked at Her hands and resisted the urge to throw Her fork into his fucking eye. He always managed to make Her feel so… insignificant when he did manage to tell Her off. When he wasn't working, She chanced a glance at the Homewrecking homosexual, who was watching Her and realised that 'late work nights' actually meant 'banging my secretary, suck it'. She wanted to hate him, because it was effectively his fault that She was going to have to be the sane one in the house. It was his fault that Older Sister wasn't going to be a daddy's girl anymore. Because it was his fault that Father Dearest was leaving them to fuck knows where. She wanted to hit him, She realised when his facial expression softened as Father Dearest was still laying it thick on Her and Her fucking conscience. He was just fucking lucky that She had a soft spot for blonde hair and brown eyes. And gay people… She really liked gay people. Lucky fucking... dick fucker. Pun intended.

"No. We won't reschedule." She interrupted suddenly, staring intently at the Homewrecker, and trying to automatically adjust Herself to this new change. She really did fucking hate change. She turned Her intense gaze to Father's, who was watching Her with an exhausted caution. Well, he won't have to subject himself to Her teenage angst anymore. Dear God, She was turning into a fucking prissy bitch just in the presence of these two gay people.

"Don't worry, you don't have to concern yourself with any queries or the like. You can forget all about us and fuck off to wherever. Bye, dad" With that, She stood up grabbing Her bag and rushing out of the café. As soon as She got out of there, She held Her breath. The freedom gave Her the impression that She could let go. She wasn't going to fall for any false fucking pretence. It was the wind that made Her eyes water. Fucking wind. She was feeling so edgy the prospect of going home made Her physically gag. No that wasn't an option. She stopped walking and tried a deep breath. It got stuck in Her throat and She coughed to dislodge whatever nuisance it was that restricted Her breathing. Her fucking logic was going out of the fucking door –quite like Her father – with every passing second that She couldn't get a fucking grip over Herself. She rolled Her eyes as they started to itch with moisture. It was the wind. It was the fucking wind, She told Herself, and gritted Her teeth to prevent any embarrassing moments She would have. And then Her phone buzzed. She froze, and when realising it was only a text, She pulled out Her phone from Her bag. It was Him. She eased into a deep breath and read the text, fighting a quick smile. A corny joke was all it took from Him and She was smiling… fuck it all, She was such a fucking teenager. She quickly typed back telling Him to meet Her, and set off to the destination. As She passed the bus, She shot a disgusted look at the suffocating bus and continued walking towards the park. She got there early, and a quick scope of the grassy area told Her that He wasn't there. So She sat. And She waited. He didn't take long, obviously, but She was left there with nothing to do but twiddle Her fucking thumbs and watch the happy people with disdain. Because She was a fucking snob like that.

When He eventually he did show up, the bastard, he was trailed by a Labrador that quickly found new entertainment in chasing and sniffing the asses of other dogs. Fair enough She thought, before they both stopped in front of each other. She stared at the scuff marks on Her sandals, that She had to fucking share with the other two females in her house. Dear Lord, how the fuck was She supposed to manage with all of that fucking oestrogen? She could barely handle Her own fucking oestrogen.

"Hi" She looked up at Him, baring her teeth in a relative, good-efuckingnough-grin. He did the same, in a more –gag- charming way. The bastard.

"Hey" She looked back at a spider trying to crawl into shelter. Little did the fucker know, was that it was probably going to die, any second. No wonder they spawn off so many other fuckers.

"So I take it went shit then" Her head snapped back up, as it always did when He cursed, because, frankly it was adorable. But, frankly, She'd rather go and apologise to Daddy Dearest then tell Him that.

"Sure" Was Her delightful fucking answer. He took one look at Her and was dragging Her towards the ice cream truck down the footpath.

"Come on, I'll get you a witches hat, and you can bitch all about it." She was pretty sure Her heart was clogging up Her fucking throat, which might've made eating Her ice-cream difficult. But not impossible. Of course Her condition didn't stop Her from pinching Him, right where His kidney was, and rolling Her eyes at His yelp. Pussy.

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