Azeir stood in awe at the thousands of men, women and children, garbed in black and red, kneeling in front of soldiers in silver armor. These soldiers bore the Knight's Battalion insignia, and were the most feared soldiers of the Order and led the battle against the Fallen and had fought side by side with the revered White Knight. The soldiers stood with their right hands gripping the hilts of their sheathed swords waiting for their orders. Azeir along with his battalion had provided cover for the Knight's Battalion during the battle and it was Azeir who killed the Sorcerer who was sneaking up on the White Knight. Azeir was invited to meet with the White Knight as reward but when he arrived at the main camp the Knight was nowhere to be seen so his aid directed Azeir to wait on the hill. Across the field Azeir saw something coming over the horizon, it was a man in bright white armor and a large white horse. The White Knight. Azeir became rigid at the sight of the towering man who leaned over to hear what the aid next to him had to say. The Knight nodded and strode down the isle of soldiers to the top of the hill and stopped next to Azeir. The Knight looked down at Azeir and although his visor was down Azeir knew the Knight was staring at him. The Knight nodded at him and spun his large steed around and faced the line of soldiers.

"Men, you have fought bravely against these traitorous people and for that you will be greatly rewarded. The people you see before you are those lucky enough to survive the battle but unlucky enough to have not escaped while they could." The Knight said in a deep, austere voice. Azeir stared up at the Knight as he spoke.

"Many people have died because of this rebellion! Many innocent people, so in retribution you all will die." As soon as he had finished some of the people kneeling began to sob and some sat there accepting their fate. The soldiers all drew their swords in unison and prepared to strike down the people in front of them. Azeir stood in horror as the White Knight raised his armor clad hand in the air. The Knight waited a few seconds and then closed his hand into a fist as the soldiers struck down the prisoners in front of them, some screamed others just grunted as the cold steel of a blade entered through their chest and exited out of their back.

Azeir stumbled back as the ground began to flow red with the blood of a thousand or so dead prisoners. He dropped his bow and fell to his knees in horror.

"You killed them." He muttered as the White Knight slowly rode back down the hill. "You sick bastard, you killed them all."

"Excuse me?" said the deep voice.

"You heard me! You killed them in cold blood! You son of a—" Azeir was cut off as a white gauntlet stuck his face, sending him flying backwards onto his back. As he tried to sit up a metal boot kicked him back down and rested upon his upper chest. Azeir looked up and saw the White Knight standing over him, A spot of blood on the on the knuckles of his right gauntlet.

"Cold blood? These people are the Forgotten, those who would see the Order of the First Born, of which you are a member, destroyed and you say we kill them in cold blood." The knight said as he pushed harder on Azeir's chest. "They would have done the same to us, had we given them the chance!" The knight removed his foot from Azeir's chest. "See him returned to his outfit." He said as to of the soldiers pulled Azeir to his feet.