"Alpha-4, Alpha-4 do you read!"

"Maybe he didn't survive."

"No, No he's Alive. All units fall back to evac positions."

The radio cut out as Locke leaned himself against the wall of the crashed dropship he was riding in. Locke pulled off his helmet and looked around the interior of the transport. Four of the six other marines with him were dead and the two others were missing. He laid his head back and out a sigh, as he lay there he heard the snap of some twigs just outside of the ship. Locke grabbed the pistol sitting on the floor next to him. The footsteps were just outside the ship's blast door. Locke lifted the handgun and took the best aim he could with his left eye swollen shut. The footsteps stopped and heard the clicking of safeties outside the door, Locke's grip tightened on the gun. The door slid open and Locke open fire on his assailants, two of the men fell dead and 5 more came up behind them. Locke fired the last round of the magazine into the knee of a soldier before one of the soldiers put two rounds from his assault rifle into Locke's chest.

"Sir, we have located the downed dropship." Said one of the soldiers, his voice deep and distorted from the respirator in his helmet, the bright orange eyes of the helmet fading as locke drifted into the darkness. "No sir, no other survivors except the target." The soldier paused as the man on the other side talked over his communicator. "Yes sir, we've taken care the target. We are ready for extraction." The soldiers sat down on the various destroyed pieces of the dropship and a few minutes the sound of enemy dropships could be heard and the soldiers stood up and walked out of the rubble, making the worst decision of their lives, leaving behind Locke.