The appeal just wasn't there for other guys. I couldn't understand it. Literally the moment she had entered my line of sight I had been mesmerised. Enraptured. Enchanted.

I had been away for a week. I hadn't expected my entire life to change in that time. And it hadn't. Until I arrived home. Then it was flipped upside down quicker then a weedy nerd with lunch money in his pockets.

There was a new girl in the neighbourhood

I had never felt such an instant connection. Her chunky curves called to me. It was an unconventional beauty, to be sure, but it was true beauty nonetheless. She was gorgeous. Glorious.

Luckily, my view point from the second story window of my bedroom allowed me to ogle her without fear of interruption. And ogle I did. The longer I stared, the more spellbound I became.

She was stunning. Sublime. Exquisite.

Guys these days were all about sleek curves and sexy bodies. But that was so easy to find, so common. I had always been one to appreciate subtle, understated beauty. Because when you found beauty in the most unexpected places, then it became so much more special.

I was consumed by a desire to caress her supple curves, attempt to tame that wild power that I was sure was hidden beneath the surface. To feel her come alive under the touch of my finger tips. I felt an overwhelming urge to be inside her.

I guess that's why I had never had a girlfriend before. People (especially girls) told me I had a tendency to obsess about things. To fall too far too fast.

And suddenly, I knew what they were talking about. Before, I had felt nothing, nothing, compared to this. I once was blind, but now I see. There was something about her that was just so right. I was determined, whatever the stakes, whatever the cost, to make her mine.

Then a devastating turn for the worse occurred. Roy, my dickwad of a neighbour, approached her. From his laidback attitude I could deduce familiarity. My heart faltered.

She was his.

I could see by his rough handling of her that he didn't appreciate her one iota. He didn't notice the way the soft afternoon light accented her thick black curves. The way she was just so utterly, heartbreakingly perfect.

Roy continued to disregard her. Soon he was yelling angrily but she remained mute. Frustrated by her lack of response, he want so far as to kick her. This I could not condone.

Fury like nothing I had ever felt before blazed through me. In less time then I thought possible I was down the stairs and across the street, profanities violent enough to make a sailor blush streaming from my enraged lips.

Roy looked at me as if I was crazy. Maybe I was.

Crazy in love, that is.

How DARE he? "How dare you?" I shrieked, rage making my normally deep, masculine voice shrill.

My blood boiling, I didn't even hear his reply. It didn't matter though, I wasn't done. Not by a long shot. He would pay.

"Don't you ever touch her like that again! What gives you the right to abuse others? You are APPALLING! You make me sick, you LIMP DICKED PILE OF MOULDY CHEESE!"

Roy let me finish my rant, which I managed to drag out for a good ten minutes before he was able to get a word in. When my raging widened to include insults such as a wiener-less cur with less dignity then a headless chicken, he stopped me.

I wanted to smash he face in with an anvil when he said in an infuriatingly calm voice, "Dude chill. Its not even your car. Its just a piece of shit Feroza I picked up at auction last Wednesday."